What’s Paranormal About All Souls Day Of The Dead?

All Souls Day, aka Day Of The Dead, is the celebration of dearly departed souls that takes place on November 2nd. Depending on what part of the world you’re from it could range from parties commemorating the dead to solemn ceremonies of somber remembrance. Ultimately, it is a holiday for humans to come to terms with the concept of inevitable death. However, there is the hope of ascending to a far better place in the afterlife. Now a moment of silence for the over 100 billion people who have already died throughout human history!

The Supernatural All Soul’s Day

Day Of The Dead’s paranormal claim to fame is in fact the return of the dearly departed in various forms. Naturally, Halloween provides plenty of that via the veil between life and death being at its weakest. There is also the awesome energy of The Spirit Of Halloween. Enchanted energy required to fuel the return of the dead from the great beyond. However, that energy is first reserved for the living along with not being enough of an anchor to defy the bonds of Heaven, or even Hell, for the majority of the deceased who wish to return. The day after Halloween, All Saints Day (Hallowmas), provides an abundance of excess Angelic energy ripe for the dead to harvest. On that day the Saints descend from Heaven to clean up the evil metaphysical messes of Halloween.

Angelic Energy Reserves Fuel Heavenly Souls

The angelic energies aren’t available to the dead until after the Angels leave on All Souls Day. If deceased humans tried to return to Earth on Hallowmas then the Saints and Angels would detect them. Then they’d halt such things as it goes against the natural order. This is why Day Of The Dead is the biggest day for the defiance of death. It has the weakest barrier into our reality coupled with plenty of metaphysical energy reserves. Those who come back have unfinished business but never became a ghost or left before they had closure.

Surviving Loved Ones Provide Anchors For The Dearly Departed

It’s also a time for current ghosts to gain more power and inform people of their existence. If enough individuals celebrate the dead then this can compel a descent from the higher dimensional afterlife. The souls of the living act as a guide and anchor to return upon. Thankfully, the righteous energies repel demonic activity thus reassuring those making contact with the dead. Demons are notorious for imitating dead humans for various nefarious plans. Professional Mediums work overtime on Day Of The Dead with the highest accuracy. In addition, this is the only day an Ouija Board can be safely used to contact the dearly departed without the worry of raising some dark entity from the bowels of hell!

The Ghosts Of The Departed

There are varying degrees of death restoration dependent on one’s motivation, skill, anchors to this world, and enchanted energy available. Those summoned by Necromancers, Witches, and other magic masters will materialize here in a more substantial form. On the lowest end, we have those who come back as ghosts. Even if they are Angels in Heaven their crossing of the veil between realities causes their memories and powers to fade. It’s like waking up from a dream. They forget the afterlife and only remember this one Their Angelic form gives way to a ghostly one. This is something that only occurs with human angels. The original angels who leave Heaven without a pass fall from grace and become demons!

Making Contact With A Ghost Relative

These new ghosts might only respond to an Ouija Board, a Medium, or register as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). They could also cause standard haunting disturbances. These include electrical shorts, lights flickering, interference with communication devices, cold spots, small objects being moved, and unusual smells flowing forth. Actually appearing to the human eye takes more power and skill. Then there’s taking on a solid physical form that can be composed of light, or tightly packed photons to make a living dead hologram. They’re also a metaphysical matter form that is the direct translation of their soul into a pure physical matrix of a non-biological sort.

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The Instinct To Inhabit Ones Own Corpse

Many visiting dead try to possess their corpses in varying states of decay. They may also attempt to reanimate their cremated ashes!. If successful they can become a Sapient Zombie. Those who form from their ashes are quite rare as it takes mega power. If they are able to pull it off then they literally look like a human made of ash or dust of a gray color. Many miss the mark thus causing Zombies to rise from their graves due to the brief connection attempt. This is why All Souls Day is the biggest day for the walking dead and professional Zombie Hunters. Vengeful human spirits, Mummies, and zombies are usually the only paranormal threats on this day. There are also those ghosts who may attempt to possess weak-willed humans in order to live again. These almost always end by the next day as the ghost doesn’t have anywhere the same power as a possessing demon. It’s also beyond difficult for two human souls to inhabit the same body.

The Resurrection

The grand daddy of returns is the resurrection. Resurrections on All Soul’s Day are second only to Easter. Whether it be the amazing self-resurrection via sheer will or aid from Necromancy and other magic. When this occurs it might only be for one day or an eternity as an Immortal. It’s reliant on what energy source they’re dependent on. A true resurrection to life means no dependence on metaphysical energy except as it pertains to the underlying soul required by any human. The full restoration package usually includes complete healing of their ravaged body or the acquisition of a new one. Often with superhuman abilities.

The Temporary Status Of All Souls Day

When most of the former living return here it’s with the intent of a temporary visit. Unfortunately, once they forget the sweet paradise of the afterlife they think this is all there is. Their former life on Earth is beyond vivid again. So naturally, they fight to stay here. Luckily the majority of Day Of The Dead visitations and resurrections ends at the Witching Hour on November 3rd. On this first day of the Christmas Season, the last of the enchanted Angelic energies fade gracefully from the Earth or are absorbed by The Spirit Of Christmas. Without adequate energy, along with the living ending their mass celebrations, they rebound back into the light of Heaven. Many forget their time here as it fades like a dream. Although a fair number finally feel a sense of closure and have no wish to return on the next Day Of The Dead.

What Effect Does The Embalming Process Have On Zombie Creation?

The Embalming Process is meant to preserve a deceased body for funeral display along with its casket ride into the eternal afterlife. It keeps viruses and bacteria that cause putrefaction, or rotting flesh, at bay. However, the supernatural zombie virus defies all embalming chemicals or even the fact that normal viruses can’t survive in a dead body for too long. It can take up to three days for the living dead transformation to take place. Plausibly longer as the funerary chemicals can slow down the zombification process. It ultimately depends on the strength of the zombified viral strain and if magic is involved. Magic can override virtually anything!

The Walking Dead Funeral

A person could be infected by a Zombie just before they die and then undergo embalming. They would most likely make it through the funeral. Then not long after being buried, they would rise to walking dead status. Of course, there are reports of zombies animating during funeral ceremonies! Something covered up by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. When this happens it is often explained away as extreme irregularities in rigor mortis. They also throw in the old excuse of chemical reactions causing unusual gases and fluids to accumulate thereby initiating movement. If funeral-goers are bitten they promptly disappear into a top-secret governmental black hole never to be seen again! The secretive government agency is able to get to the funeral quickly due to a decades long campaign of planting surveillance equipment. Most funeral homes, morgues, and other places where dead bodies reside are monitored by the US Paranormal Defense Agency! Naturally, quite a few Morticians are aware of the supernatural world and the zombie threat.

Cremation Is The Solution

In the end, cremation guarantees you avoid all this perplexing paranormal pandemonium! It guarantees your body won’t become a mindless serial killing cannibal! Even if your soul is no longer connected to the zombie, it still destroys your legacy as it appears you’re committing these heinous acts. Still, the ashes could be used in some unholy dark magic ritual but that’s quite rare.😮 If you’re cryonically frozen then it’s a fair bet future doctors reviving you will have knowledge of zombies. The paranormal world will most likely be globally exposed by the 22nd century! If you donate your body to science then the doctors will be in for an unpleasant surprise as the government swoops in to clean up the metaphysical mess!

The Embalmed Zombie

The average life expectancy of a well-fed zombie is 7 years while a starving member of the mindless dead can only survive for three. Weather conditions and the roughness of terrain can also affect their lifespan. An elegantly embalmed zombie could add a number of years onto their violent life. The paranormal zombie virus can develop a supernatural symbiosis with preservative fluids. This compliments the consuming of flesh which strengthens the virus. It causes temporary cellular stasis and in extreme cases minor regeneration. When embalming chemicals are present the virus tends to shore up places where favorable fluids might leak out. As the zombie suffers inevitable rotting necrosis these liquids not only leak forth but also become contaminated over time. The embalmed zombie can last anywhere between 5 and 12 years!

The Immortal Zombie Of A Magical Mix

The first known zombie, not counting sapient zombie ghosts, was created by accident in approximately 4129 BC. This is when a new mystical embalming process was used on a prominent member of an ancient Sumerian village who was actually still alive! They didn’t have the medical knowledge to know he was in a deep coma falling near the edge of death. When enchanted embalming is at play by metaphysical morticians, wicked witches, or nefarious necromancers a zombie can last up to a century! Paranormal potions, vexing voodoo, and miraculous magic entering the arena can spell immortality for the voracious living dead munching machines! 🧟‍♂️Get The Peace Of Mind Planner So Relatives Know It’s Okay To Do Whatever Is Needed To Take Down Your Zombie Corpse!🧟‍♀️

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Why Have So Many Celebrities Died In 2020?

Have you ever noticed that a mass of well known celebrities seems to die every four years? Presidential election years in particular! It happened in 2016 when we originally wrote this article. Now 2020 is turning out to be another prolific year for the death of high profile celebrities. Many die from various health maladies with the new addition of COVID-19 for 2020. As of the last update of this article Chadwick Boseman, Marvel’s Black Panther, died of cancer after a secret four year battle. Indeed some are merely coincidence or products of old age. Unfortunately, there is a sinister reason for the drastic increase every four years!

The Seeds Of Death Lie In The Selling Of Souls

As you may know a number of celebrities sold their soul to a demon, or the Devil himself in order to acquire fame. In other cases they made a dark deal with a Clurichaun, aka evil Leprechaun. These denizens of darkness are often in league with The Illuminati. A secretive group of wealthy plutocratic elites said to pull the strings of our global society, and most governments, like puppet masters. All in an effort to forge a New World Order that will transform the world into their ideal vision of the future. A frighting future that sees them as immortal Gods through technology and magic. Meanwhile the rest of humankind would be disposable garbage utilized as servants and playthings for their amusement! These misguided megalomaniacs are deep into the malevolent magics and worship of dark demons and Underworld deities. In turn The Illuminati themselves are high level puppets of these evil higher dimensional entities. Although, they love it and enjoy manipulating celebrities who are under their control via demonic soul contracts. Celebrities they use to send forth their agenda to the greater global populace. Ultimately, if the Devil and his hounds of hell gain control of the Earth it is most likely that all humankind, including the Illuminati, will be burned to ash in the fantastical fires that will sweep the planet!

The Great Celebrity Culling

It seems the Illuminati’s plans for global domination haven’t gone according to plan nor moved quickly enough. Fortunately, humankind has resisted them even if most don’t believe they actually exist. These globalist plutocrats have been getting desperate as more people learn of their existence. This takes away the advantage of hiding in the shadows. So they conceived of a sacrificial ritual to stoke their power every four years. It was meant to coincide with Presidential elections due to the vast metaphysical energies it fuels in the human collective consciousness. All fed by human souls and their heightened emotional states as they wish for their candidate to win. Unfortunately, it generally doesn’t matter who wins as things stay mostly the same when it comes to people’s freedoms.

The Death Of Innocent and Illuminati Celebrities Alike

The Illuminati designated this evil sacrificial ritual as The Great Celebrity Culling. In correspondence with each other they will sometimes covertly call it the GCC. A year of eliminating a number of mature celebrities to make way for the bumper crop of younger ones who are extremely eager to sell their souls! They’re also callously disposing of celebrities who aren’t obeying them anymore or aren’t serving a substantial purpose. If a celebrity is close to death during the Culling year they will often push them the rest of the way even if they are useful. The power they absorb from the celebs soul can be worth a lot more! We won’t reveal those who sold their soul, or were innocent sacrifices, out of respect for the dearly departed. Presume the celebrity you loved attained fame, and riches through their talent, and charisma!

Sacrificial Celebrity Lambs

The Illuminati utilize stealthy means to eliminate various celebrities which acts as a demonic sacrifice. It’s rare they literally kidnap or lure one away for placement on an unholy altar. The key is to make it look natural or accidental so nobody delves too deep into the cause of death. A death by any means is considered a sacrifice if the person has sold their soul. Those who haven’t must be sacrificed in a special dark ritual that will take place near the deceased within hours of their demise. This sacrificing of souls gives demons the power to grant the Illuminati more metaphysical energy to partake of their diabolical plans. Such enchanted energy is magical fuel for evil Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches that work for them! In the case of dark Clurichaun deals bad luck befalls the victim thereby leading to death. This gives the Dark Leprechaun more power to spread bad luck in strategic ways for their Illuminati Master. This ends up benefiting the plutocrats. In essence giving them good luck by diverting dark luck to innocent victims! Thankfully, top flight psychics, seers and mystics have seen humankind partaking of a global revolution before the 22nd century that frees them from the New World Order Illuminati shackles forever!

2016 Celebrity Death’s