What Effect Does The Embalming Process Have On Zombie Creation?

The Embalming Process is meant to preserve a deceased body for funeral display along with its casket ride into the eternal afterlife. It keeps viruses and bacteria that cause putrefaction, or rotting flesh, at bay. However, the supernatural zombie virus defies all embalming chemicals or even the fact that normal viruses can’t survive in a dead body. It can take up to three days for the living dead transformation to take place. Plausibly longer as the funerary chemicals can slow down the zombification process. It ultimately depends on the strength of the zombified viral strain and if magic is involved.

The Walking Dead Funeral

A person could be infected by a Zombie just before they die and then undergo embalming and make it through the funeral. Then not long after being buried, they would rise to walking dead status. Of course, there are reports of zombies animating during funeral ceremonies! Something covered up by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. When this happens it is often explained away as extreme irregularities in rigor mortis. They also throw in the old excuse of chemical reactions causing unusual gases and fluids to accumulate thereby initiating movement. If funeral-goers are bitten they promptly disappear into a top-secret governmental black hole never to be seen again! In the end, cremation guarantees you avoid all this perplexing paranormal pandemonium! Still, the ashes could be used in some unholy dark magic ritual…😮

The Embalmed Zombie

The average life expectancy of a well-fed zombie is 7 years while a starving member of the mindless dead can only survive for three. Weather conditions and the roughness of terrain can also affect their lifespan. An elegantly embalmed zombie could add a number of years onto their violent life. The paranormal zombie virus can develop a supernatural symbiosis with preservative fluids. The consuming of flesh strengthens the virus. This causes temporary cellular stasis and in extreme cases minor regeneration. When embalming chemicals are present the virus tends to shore up places where favorable fluids might leak out. As the zombie suffers inevitable rotting necrosis these liquids not only leak forth but also become contaminated over time. The embalmed zombie can last anywhere between 5 and 12 years!

The Immortal Zombie Of A Magical Mix

The first known zombie, not counting sapient zombie ghosts, was created by accident in approximately 4129 BC. This is when a new mystical embalming process was used on a prominent member of an ancient Sumerian village who was actually still alive! They didn’t have the medical knowledge to know he was actually in a deep coma falling near the edge of death. When enchanted embalming is at play by metaphysical morticians, wicked witches, or nefarious necromancers a zombie can last up to a century! Paranormal potions, vexing voodoo, and miraculous magic entering the arena can spell immortality for the voracious living dead munching machines! 🧟‍♂️Get The Peace Of Mind Planner So Relatives Know It’s Okay To Do Whatever Is Needed To Take Down Your Zombie Corpse!🧟‍♀️

Learn More About The Macabre Art Of Embalming

What Happens When A Demigod Dies?

The Birth Of Demigods

Demigods are the sons and daughters of Gods. The vast majority of the time we’re talking about Nature Deities. These deities mate with humans while in their biological bodies or in metaphysical form via the infamous Immaculate Conception. Although, the Immaculate method is extremely rare among the Earth Gods & Goddesses due to it being quite complicated to perform. There’s also the fact that such deities mate out of passion and therefore prefer to partake of the carnal acts. In the end, we gain a powerful God-Human Hybrid. An enchanted dual entity with the holy spirit of a God and the soul of a human.

The Death Of Demigods

Demigods are Immortal and extremely difficult to kill due to the holy connection to their parental Gods or Goddesses that also watch over them like Guardian Angels. Not even beheading or incineration in standard flames gets the job done most of the time. It is said only a God or another Demigod can kill one. In lieu of that, it is often necessary to utilize magical means or mystical weapons. When the untimely demise of a Demigod takes place one wonders what happens to a person who has a Godly spirit and the soul of a human all rolled into one?

The Afterlife Fate Of God-Human Hybrids

The Animal-God Hybrids known as Humans have had their souls strictly claimed by the Angels of Heaven for many thousands of years. Although, in the ancient past those who rabidly worshiped various Nature Gods would have their souls slated to be sent to that deities afterlife. When a Demigod dies they ideally ascend to full Godhood status in the higher dimensional realm of their parental God or Goddess. If it’s a Dark God or Death Deity then that means the Underworld. Although, even the offspring of non-dark Lords are often required to prove their worthiness by undergoing a series of challenges and trials in the blasphemous bowels of the Underworld. If successful their human soul is then harvested for its immense energy as a sacrifice to the parent. Often the soul is stored with others to create an enchanted energy reserve that is essential in battles against adversaries. Especially in the upcoming battles Of Armageddon.

The Hybrid Human Can Choose To Reject Their Dual Nature

Despite this Heaven leaves the door open to the human soul. Before ascension, the Demigod will see the white light portal to the higher dimensional afterlife most of us will enter upon death. If the Demigod enters then they forfeit their place as an Earthly God and become a complete human soul. The Godly spirit’s energy melds into the parental God strengthening them amid deep disappointment. This particular spiritual energy is not allowed entry into Heaven as it is considered unholy and Pagan in nature. Some Demigods who don’t get along with their parental God and also don’t want to be a human soul can be granted asylum in Goddess Gaia’s Mother Earth’s neutral Paradise Plane. This is an afterlife that exists all around us slightly out of phase with our reality. It’s a place where most non-pet animals and some supernatural beings go upon death. It is also a fantasy realm where Nymphs and Fairies frolic about with glee.

What Happens To The Human Parent Of A Demigod?

The Human Parent of a Demigod can have varying fates. If it’s a female then the paranormal pregnancy grants her the original lifespan seen in the first Alpha Humans. Usually in the 1000 year range! Upon death they can choose the Godly or Heavenly afterlife just like their Demigod child. A male human parent is given the same choice. However, their lifespan isn’t nearly as long. The magic of making love to a nature deity infuses their soul with a special energy that allows them to easily live to 150 years old. Some have lived up to 200 years! Of course, all of this depends on them staying in the good graces of the God or Goddess in question. If you suspect a potential lover is a deity then we suggest you vigorously pursue it!😇

What Is Quantum Immortality?

Have You Already Died But Simply Don’t Remember?

In the supernatural world we already know that Parallel Universes exist within our Multiverse. Certainly everything is possible in an infinite Universe. Still we don’t know the exact mechanism by which parallel Universes are created. We think the first Universes were the result of the Big Bang energy surge hitting the 5th dimension thereby shattering it into a plethora of individual four-dimensional realities. Our consciousness, and those of higher dimensional beings interact with the probability plane of the 5th dimension as well. In fact at every time increment we are constantly moving five dimensionally into near identical realities under the direction of our thoughts, and those of others as well. Somehow we split into other Universes that have differing future destinies we are unaware of on our current path in this life. However if our body dies here would our spiritual conscious then transfer to a new body in a Universe where we never died? Especially considering that everything exists in the same space only separated by the frequency at which it vibrates.

The Continuous Quantum Resurrection

Have you ever thought back on an event in your life, and believed you should have theoretically died but amazingly didn’t? Perhaps you were in an accident, had a serious health issue in a hospital, or some other close call. Do you feel like you actually died yet here you are reading this fully alive! What if our consciousness, or non-corporeal energy neural matrix, creates immortality by transferring to the closest parallel Universe counterpart? Or our death creates a consciousness release that acts as a personal big bang of probabilities. We awake in a Universe where the death was averted.  Even if our death was by some incurable disease or aging itself? In the new reality a miraculous experimental cure appears, or you inexplicably recover for reasons not seen by science of the time.  If it’s because of natural aging then you go to the reality where you live a bit longer, and on to another, until the cure for aging is found. In the distant past a person may have ended up in a Universe where they were immortal by genetic fluke. Or they could simply be born a few years later each time until they exist in a future where immortality exists for everyone. Another possibility is Reincarnation. Our consciousness leaps into what appears to be another person but in fact is us. We are reborn as a baby to start a new life. All because our sub-consciousness refuses to accept death as it’s end!

It’s conceivable we could have a continuous stream of parallel Universe consciousness to the ends of time. Or more likely until the point we end up in a society that ascends to higher dimensional Godhood. In essence creating their own afterlife. Perhaps when we walk into the light of death we are actually strolling back into life in another reality. Of course we could also end up in the traditional afterlife of Heaven simultaneously as well. There parallel Heavens exist. A perpetual playing out of all mathematical probabilities that radiate outward from our personal consciousness plane of reality! One thing is for sure. In an infinite Universe you will always exist without end in some form or another!

Quantum Immortality Ghost Phenomenon

Psychically sensitive individuals may spot their ghost from a Parallel Universe. This is dependent on how they died along with their unwillingness to walk into the Heavenly afterlife light. The ghost may appear for mere moments before their consciousness merges with their living parallel counterpart. Some mistakenly assume it’s a bad omen or vision of their own death.

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