The Termination Of The Boarhog Moothy-San Monster’s Terror!

The Blasphemous Boarhog Moothy-San Monster!

The Boarhog Moothy-San is a legendary monster that lives in the horrified hearts of the Japanese people. You can read our full article on this disturbing creature here.  It’s spirit has been known to haunt the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. There it possesses animals, and people wreaking hellish havoc. If that wasn’t bad enough, every 100 years it is let loose in it’s human-hog hybrid form to terrorize locals! This monstrous mayhem has been going on for over 1000 years. Finally we have good news for Japan on this glorious day courtesy of brave supernatural warriors!

On May 31, 2017 private paranormal investigators captured, and contained the Boarhog Moothy-San! They now have possession of her bloated body for supernatural study! A joint expedition of Japanese, Indian, and British paranormal agents had been researching the Moothy-San Monster for four years before tips from local psychics sent them into action! They hiked deep into suspect caves near Mount Fuji, and yielded an amazing discovery. After a tip from local psychics the team unearthed the Moothy-San trapped within a collapsed cavern.

The great beast suddenly awoke as the team’s lights flashed upon its alabaster piggish form. A spine tingling squealing scream shot at them like a sonic shockwave, and the mad monster charged forth with angry hunger in its evil eyes! The supernatural investigators shot back with high powered stun guns, and cattle prods. The blasphemous beast was put down with only one injury to a courageous team member. The beasts gargantuan whale rear beared down on a man causing broken bones, and major bruising. The alarming abomination was dragged into a cage, and lifted from the Aokigahara Forest by freight helicopter. The despicable denizen of darkness now lies in a private secret underground research lab in Tokyo! Thank the Lord this long curse ridden nightmare is over!


The Growing Epidemic Of Vampires Going Back To High School

Back To School VampsNaturally the girl or boy who is the object of a vampires obsession is shocked to find out what they really are. However they almost always fall in love with the strikingly beautiful, and beguiling vampire.  The teens in question don’t care that their love interest is in fact old enough to be a skeleton, or even dust in the wind!  Many teenagers are bewitched by the charms of vampires, and mystical nature of their immortal lives.  Sometimes it’s the hypnotic suggestions talking but most of the time these foolish kids go head over heels for the drinkers of forbidden blood.  This is especially true for the girls who find male vampires beyond irresistible in comparison to the silly awkward, immature, and sometimes vile little teen boys they are usually forced to choose from. The ones they end up marrying, and divorcing in later years! Many boys on the other hand are unsure if they can handle the sensual seductiveness of a hot young looking Vampira.  Sometimes things get complicated when a young Werewolf enters the equation since they’re the natural enemies of vampires.  Such supernatural triangles of youthful love can often turn dangerous!

Suppose someday humanity gains immortally through technology?  Would it be acceptable for an 80 year old guy who looks 17 to go back to high school, and date a 16 year old?  Of course not!  It’s certainly not acceptable for young looking adult humans who have posed as teens, and even re-entered high school under an alias. That 80 year old, and others of his mental kind, would be branded perverts, and a pedophiles.  So why do vampires think they can operate above the law, and corrupt teens?  As one vampire we interviewed told us, “Because I can!  Nobody has the power to stop me!”  Well someone did not long after interviewing him.  A vampire slayer who took him down with a vengeance!  It’s time to send a message to fresh faced vampires that we will not tolerate them infiltrating our high schools, and dating our kids any longer.  Your charming charisma will no longer fool us! Why not at least go back to college?  Go find someone your own age or better yet someone of your own species you filthy fiends of the night!

If you’re a parent worried about your teen, and want to protect them against blood sucking Lotharios, then we have a few tips.  Firstly, these tricky suckers have ways of existing in the sunlight. These include magical daylight rings, and gnomes blood to name a few. However none of these are permanent solutions, and you may catch a few wisps of what appears to be steam coming off them in sunlight. Secondly, be very suspicious if your daughter is suddenly dating a brooding guy, with dark heart felt eyes, who rarely smiles, and dons an odd Pompadour.  If the guy seems much too caring, attentive, philosophical, and beyond mature for his age then look into his past.  Be wary if your son’s latest love interest is way too hot for him.  Female vampires often go for intellectual types with an air of innocence. Corrupting them is a deep turn on in their demonic eyes! So if your computer nerd of a son is suddenly dating an ultra hot chick it’s probably time to douse all his food in garlic!  Either way we recommend heading down to your local church, and getting some holy water.  Then find an excuse to sprinkle some on the suspected vampire, or put a few drops in their drink.  You could also get them to hold a holy cross, or Bible as well.  Vervain is also a herb that causes great pain, and temporary cellular destruction in vampires.  Once you’ve exposed them they will tug at your heartstrings, and declare their living dead love for your child.  They will also claim that their existence in your child’s live is essential in order to protect them from various evils that are usually a result of their presence to begin with!

If your teen knows his dark secret then she or he will plead with you to let them date.  Don’t fall for any of it! Just about every teen who gets involved with a vampire ends up in serious danger along with all their family, and friends.  We don’t recommend dealing with the vampire on your own. Especially with your teen nearby.  They’d never forgive you for staking their boyfriend or girlfriend.  Instead call your local vampire slayer, or paranormal investigations firm to dispatch the ancient teen with extreme prejudice!  Let the pros come in to clean up the vampire, and his paranormal mess.  If you’re lucky they might very well do it for free!  Of course in the end you’re responsible for managing the mental health of your angst ridden heart broken teen!



Dimensional Phase Shifter Robs Convenience Store

Dimensional Phase ShifterThe video above captures a homeless man awakened by a hooded individual walking through the solid glass door, and window of a convenience store.  We authenticated this video, and it appears the hooded man has some manner of dimensional phase shifting powers.  This ability allows a person to slightly alter the frequency vibrations of their bodies energy strings well beyond the sub-atomic level.  This power works through the bodies Chakra’s that connect biological energy with metaphysical. Somewhere in between lies physical non-biological energy strings that are the foundation of all matter in this reality. If their vibrating frequency is altered just slightly one can pass through all solid matter.  With practice the alterations can be enough to phase into a parallel Universe.  Clearly the man in the video uses his power rather casually as his method of survival.  In this case he grabbed one item to eat.  He’s probably careful not to steal anything too large so the US Paranormal Defense Agency, or private paranormal organizations, don’t come after him.  In addition you’ll notice the flickering lights, and video which would be the norm as he would be giving off a lot of electromagnetic energy while using his special supernatural abilities.

If you spot this man report him to the nearest paranormal investigations organization or skilled practitioner of magic.  He doesn’t appear dangerous but I’d imagine if faced with capture he could use his power to alter other people’s vibrational energy. His body is adapted for that but the average person could possibly suffered catastrophic health issues including seizures, and heart attacks.  One could also possibly find themselves permanently out of phase with our reality. In essence becoming a living ghost unable to survive since they can’t touch matter including food, and water. Another issues would be perpetually sinking into the Earth until you just ended up floating in the center forever! In rare cases an attack could send someone into a parallel Universe or even an alternate dimensions of potential hell!

Update: Patch Logo On Paranormal Robbers Clothing
Paranormal Patch
The logo appears to be from a relatively new paranormal group known as the Transatlantic Triads.  Basically a criminal gang of young people with supernatural powers actively recruiting on the US East Coast, Western Europe, and everywhere in between.  So far their thefts are petty but they’re looking to raise funds, and make a big name for themselves in the paranormal community.  The only positive thing we can say is they serve themselves, and not demons, or other higher dimensional entities of evil!