Super Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipse Armageddon Warning!

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The Most Malevolent Moon In Recent History!
Condition Red AlertMystic Investigations Headquarters is officially at Red Alert as we prepare for tonight’s inevitable paranormal onslaught!  On the evening of Sunday, September 27th, 2015 at 9:11 PM (Apex at 9:47 PM) US Central Daylight Time or the morning of September 28th, 2015 2:50 UTC there will be a total lunar eclipse transforming the Full Moon from the September Harvest Moon into a blasphemous Blood Moon of doom. Unfortunately that’s not all! This is the final Blood Moon in a series of four lunar eclipses over the past two years known as the Terrifying Tetrad.  A malevolently magnified Blood Moon that gains supernatural steam with each successive eclipse. The news is even better due to the coincidence that it’s a Super Moon, or a Moon being the closest to Earth at it’s Full phase.  Supermoon eclipses are beyond rare, and bring their own supernatural consequences. If you thought it couldn’t be any more exciting then consider that there is an ancient prophesy stating that the final Blood Moon of the Tetrad will bring about the Third Battle Of Armageddon in the greater war itself (The first two battles.) Currently there is no indication where it will take place, or who will be the major players this time around.  The Mystic Investigations team took part in the First Battle. Thankfully these initial battles are localized, and won’t affect large areas.

With a Supermoon paranormal beings tied to the Moon, such as Werewolves, will be super Blood Tetrad Moon Werewolfsized.  With the Tetrad, and Blood Moon mix they’ll be muscularly maxed, and thrice as dangerous!  There’s suggestions that silver bullets won’t even work at the apex of the Blood Moon.  Even those who have control of their transformations, and can keep some level of human consciousness are locking themselves in cages for everyone’s safety! Normally a lunar eclipse will cause a Werewolf to reverse transmute to human form while maintaining their crazy wolf persona.  However that will not occur this time due to the unprecedented convergence of astronomical events. Certainly a blessing for those Werewolves who ended up going to jail or locked up in a mental institution for their unfortunate actions while appearing human.

Vampires of all breeds beyond first generation are being called upon to lock, and chain themselves up as well because they will turn into wild blood draining animals as they suffer from the Super Blood Moon Fever.  It’s even been suggested that the metaphysical Moon energies will actually spontaneously create Zombies from fresh corpses if they have a certain genetic make-up.  More or less this is related to a decayed warping of the Junk DNA that gives certain humans psychokinetic powers. In rare cases some may have a re-animation, or self resurrection gene that merely needs a surge of metaphysical energy to activate. Most demonic based beings will be on a rampage for human flesh & blood. Most supernatural life in general will be affected to some extent by this monumental Moon event.  Expect dark practitioners of magic, including witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers, to utilize the dark sanguine lunar energies in their sinister spells as well!

We are urging everyone to stay indoors throughout the sanguine supermoon itself, and if possible stay inside the entire night for their own safety!  The coming nights will be potentially plentiful when it comes to paranormal pandemonium until the Moon is below 80% of full.  For the love of God stay on high alert if you must venture out into the foreboding darkness.  However the holy sunlight of dawn to dust shall be your safe haven….unless you stray near the suspicious shadows.  Let Mystic Investigations, and other paranormal professionals take on the supernatural scourges of the night while you stay snug in your home sweet home!  We suggest taking extra metaphysical measures such as getting some holy water from your local church, and sprinkling it around the perimeter of your house, or apartment complex. Better yet have a Priest stop by to bless the place. If you happen to have silver coins, and jewelry along with any religious artifacts(Bibles, Crosses, etc) then place them on window sills, and doorways to deter a good variety of evil.  Stay safe, and enjoy viewing the Blood Moon…preferably from indoors!

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