Poltergeists Cause Tiger Woods Ex-Wife, Elin Nordegren, To Demolish $12 Million Dollar Home

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife, Elin Nordegren, decided to enjoy her $100 million dollar divorce settlement and bought a $12 million home in North Palm Beach, Florida. Then she inexplicably demolished it, and now it’s nothing but rubble. Many were puzzled as to why she’d destroy a luxurious six-bedroom. and eight-bathroom mansion. The mainstream media simply said she didn’t like the house, and bulldozed it like a small child having an angry fit.

Mystic Investigation Paranormal News did some digging after hearing some rumors that this story may in fact be supernatural in nature. We found out the reason Elin destroyed the mansion because it was infested with multiple poltergeists that were terrorizing her, and just her. The poltergeists were acting in an unusual manner, and not targeting her kids as well. For a time she thought she was going crazy because nobody else was experiencing the demonic apparitions, the death curdling screaming in the dead of the night waking her from a sound sleep, the wretched sulfuric stinks, and sub-zero cold drafts. She finally contacted a Florida supernatural investigations firm called Ghosts r Us, and they confirmed the odd multiple poltergeist home invasion. Generally, Poltergeists work alone, and never in concert targeting one person.  Unfortunately, Ghosts r Us, and even a Catholic Priest known for exorcisms could not cleanse the home of the horrific evil. Too bad Elin didn’t contact us here at Mystic Investigations. We always get the job done no matter what because we’re the best in the paranormal business.

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Her only option left was to destroy the huge house, and have the ground blessed by multiple Priests who actually bathed it with tons of holy water. Now the hallowed grounds are ready for rebuilding after three separate metaphysical investigations firms confirmed the property was free of paranormal activity. Hopefully, this will be the end of Ms.Nordegren’s supernatural problems. Although, we fear it won’t after researching the cause of the poltergeists infestation more completely.

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The history of Elin, and the house was clean of any violence or Devil worship so the only explanation was that someone powerful sicked these demons upon her. We learned that it was a wicked witch who goes simply by the name Rexanna. Evidence indicates she was briefly linked as a Tiger Woods love interest but Tiger broke it off when he discovered she was into the dark Pagan arts. She was obsessed with him and stalked him until he hired a powerful Warlock named Alexzano to repel her unwanted advances. Apparently, she feels great jealously over Tiger being seen with his ex-wife occasionally which is understandable since they have children together. We have shared our findings with both Woods, and Nordegren so hopefully they can neutralize the Rexanna menace. Certainly, we here at Mystic Investigations would be more than happy to take on Rexanna and eliminate her as a threat to anyone. We will keep you apprised of the situation as more events arise.

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2 Replies to “Poltergeists Cause Tiger Woods Ex-Wife, Elin Nordegren, To Demolish $12 Million Dollar Home”

    • Yeah I hear Florida has a big Earthquake problem. Of course there’s no chance she just demolished it because she simply hated the house, and wanted a new one on the same piece of land immediately. No sane person would flush $12 million down the toilet, and not even at least donate the building materials to charities like Habitat For Humanity. She’s a nice caring person who didn’t want to seem like a nut by claiming she had Poltergeist issues.

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