The Chicken Nuggets Werewolf

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It was New Year’s Day 2010 when 25-year-old Melodi Dushane showed up at the drive-thru of her local Toledo, Ohio McDonalds. She had a huge hunger for Chicken McNuggets but unfortunately for everyone, it was still breakfast time. The McDonald’s employees tried to explain to her that they had no chicken nuggets to give her until lunchtime. In the video, the man says it’s 10:30 AM but he was so shocked by the woman’s behavior he meant to say they don’t serve chicken nuggets before 10:30 AM. Clearly, it’s dark out so it was actually somewhere around 5:30 AM. This sent her into a rabid rage in which she tried to force her way into the drive-thru window while punching employees. She ended up smashing the window and sped away in her car. Police eventually tracked her down and she spent 60 days in jail along with having to pay for the drive-thru window repair.

Werewolf Exposed?

The original released surveillance video from the incident didn’t have audio. The video at the top of this page finally allows you to hear the audio that was censored by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. In it, you can hear the angry woman making growling sounds like a crazed animal. She also mentions taking her true form. We now know that she’s a Werewolf who had a deep craving for meat! Something not uncommon in the carnivorous werewolf species. The enhanced photo above shows the tell-tale sign of glowing orange eyes that indicates a werewolf in its human form.

Alcohol Intoxication Used To Cover Up The Werewolf

The Mcnugget madness was blamed on the woman being drunk but she was completely sober. She had consumed alcohol on New Year’s Eve but werewolves quickly metabolize it and they never get drunk. This is a classic US Paranormal Defense Agency cover-up technique. New Years Eve December 31st, 2009 was the time of the Yule Moon. This Full Moon is under the control of Saint Nicholas and The Spirit Of Christmas. It causes werewolves to transform into gentle fluffy white wolves or there is no transformation at all. Generally, those who have been werewolves longer tend to not transform under this Moon. However, those advanced werewolves who control their transformations can still turn into regular werewolves. It takes a lot more effort and often they are halted at wolfman or woman form.

Brave Member Of The Paranormal Community

The wacky woman was known to be a member of a werewolf pack who taught her how to control herself. Yet she was still a novice and gave in to her demonic DNA rather than letting the righteousness of the Yule Moon guide her. All werewolves face fighting the urges of this DNA while in human form. At present, she has mellowed and accepted the responsibility of the power she wields. She works bravely with the supernatural community to fight the forces of darkness while saving many innocent lives! Don’t judge her by this one incident!­čÉ║

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