Freak Violent Winds At Rose Bowl Caused By Aurae

On December 31st, 2014 there was a freak violent wind event explained as a tornado despite no hint of any storm clouds whatsoever.  Certainly, no funnel cloud was witnessed.  This event took place at a Rose Bowl Fan Fest event near the actual Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  As seen in the video above the whirling winds sent tents, and gear aloft as people screamed and scrambled for cover.  We now know that the brisk winds were caused by Aurae, or Aurai, which are Wind Nymphs (minor wind deities).  Together these Nymphs of the breezes form one spirit known as Aura.  There are various Gods, and Goddesses of the winds above them but ultimately they all fall under the rule of Aeolus.  However, Aeolus, and his various Undergods had nothing to do with this event.  It was completely the doing of the local Breeze Nymphs.

Angry Aurae Activate Alarming Air!

Wind Nymphs

Various Californian Witches have verified that the Aurae were angry about the Rose Bowl event desecrating, and disrupting the surrounding nature.  It seems one too many people littered, and had ill will toward the environment.  It’s believed a tin can thrown at some ducks was the last straw! So the Nymphs decided to clean house and created their own open-air twister vacuum to suck up and blow away the refuse.  Naturally, as with various angry nature deities, a higher one steps in to halt various actions that might bring negative repercussions on the Earthly Gods.  The God Of The West Wind Zephyrus immediately ordered a halt to the gale-force assault.  The Nymphs didn’t want to comply at first but Zephyrus’s wife Iris, Goddess Of Rainbows, finally calmed them down.  The Wind Nymphs surrendered the Rose Bowl to the humans and headed out into the Pacific Ocean for a rest. Sylphs, aka Air Fairies, temporarily took over operation of the localized winds. The Windy Wonders of Pasadena returned a week later to resume their nature Nymph duties.

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