Yule Moon Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of December is generally known as the Yule Moon in the paranormal community. This is due to The Christmas Of Spirit having dominion over its metaphysical energies. In essence, Saint Nicholas becomes the unofficial Moon God for a time via his control of said Spirit. The lunar light is made holy thus dampening the demonic DNA of the dreaded Werewolf. Most older Werewolves don’t transform while younger ones become gentle fluffy white puppies that one may safely approach. They say petting one brings good luck. In addition, their silky white fur can be a perpetual good luck charm that is sometimes used in various rare magic spells.🐺

This enchanted effect varies depending on how close the Full Moon is to Christmas. Be aware that those recently infected by the Lycanthrope Virus who have yet to experience their first transformation will still be full-blown Werewolves! Thankfully, they won’t be anywhere as monstrous as they are for most months. Always be prepared to utilize Werewolf Repellents when venturing out into the dark icy nights of December. Remember that Werewolves can transform within the 80%-100% range of the Moon being Full! This varies with age and the generation of the Werewolf line they were sired from.🌕

The Yule Moon of 2020 falls on December 29 so it’s only three days past Christmas and two days until the New Year 2021. The Moon is strong with the Christmas Spirit and the hope of a better year to come. Unfortunately, this is the unlucky 13th Moon of the year courtesy of the Blue Blood Moon that fell on Halloween. This will cause a decrease in the holy aura and there will be a slight increase in traditional werewolf transformation. Still, they should be far less ferocious than usual. The threat is minimal in comparison to The Abominable Snowman Yeti menace that will seriously increase in places where snowstorms flare-up!⛄️

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