The Supernatural Saint Patrick’s Day

Since Saints are in essence created by the will of humans, they are given a grander leeway than standard human origin Angels in the afterlife. Especially when it comes to dealings with Nature Deities, and other supernatural beings not necessarily considered holy by the Archangels of Heaven. Generally, Saints want to make certain Earthly Pagan factions holy while marshaling forces to create a powerful unconscious spirit used to battle supernatural evil. Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, is the King with Christmas, and its Spirit, that encompasses peace, good cheer, and giving of oneself to aid humankind. Upon his arrival in Heaven, and subsequent elevation to Sainthood, Saint Patrick saw Good Luck as an untapped resource in the battle against the forces of darkness.

Patrick was a 5th century Irish Bishop known as The Apostle Of Ireland. He had limited, yet positive, dealings with Leprechauns while alive as a human. He even dealt with a few Clurichaun’s, or Evil Leprechauns as well! Once Sainthood was bestowed upon him he immediately descended to Earth to establish March 17th as Saint Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact he couldn’t actually contact the Catholic Church to let them know he wanted it to be called Good Luck Day! What he could do was contact the ultimate purveyors of good luck on Earth. That being the Leprechauns of Ireland!. Read The Rest On Our Main Website…🍀

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Have A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Loaded With The Luck Of The Leprechaun!☘

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