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Clurichauns are in essence evil Leprechauns or Anti-Leprechauns corrupted by demonic forces to spread bad luck in blatant opposition to the good luck that Leprechauns spread as St.Patrick’s Day approaches.  They look exactly like Leprechauns except they don’t have friendly faces and look like drunken demons with a sinister smile on their face.  The live in Ireland most of the year and then follow the Leprechauns throughout the world in March trying to thwart their good luck spreading efforts.  So you can find them in fields of clover stalking Leprechauns and in the woods hunting for fairies.  We urge you to take caution because these little bastards are not to be trifled with.  Desptite their 3 foot tall or less height they can be deadly adversaries due to their wielding of bad luck, cunning intelligence, sharp teeth, and quick speed.

Unlike the Shamrock eating Leprechauns they eat small flying fairies and have even been known to go after small children as well which makes them similar to Gnomes.  They are the number one culprits when it comes to stealing Leprechauns gold although they steal gold from anywhere they can find it.  It is often said that if a rainbow appears after a storm and then disappears only to give way to another storm then the gold has been stolen.  This is a sure sign that a Clurichaun is in your general vicinity.  We urge you to cover and if you spot one don’t make eye contact.  Turn and walk slowly away so you can call a reputable paranormal investigation agency such as Mystic Investigations.  They are always drunk and will attempt to steal booze and gold from your home.  Hanging clover and especially Shamrock will protect your home from these filthy little fiends.  You can also carry Shamrock or a rabbits foot as protection as well.

All the gold they possess is stolen and they place it in a pot of enchanted evil.  Although they carry a pocket full of Leprechauns gold to personally protect themselves from bad luck.  The pot turns the gold into a conduit for bad luck and the evil that follows.  At all costs you want to avoid this gold and not steal it for it will plague you with bad luck for all the rest of the days of your life.  This gold is usually easy to find if you’re searching for it and is hidden in caves, underwater falls, and in hollowed out tree logs.  Only seasoned supernatural beings attempt to steal such gold for use in evil spells.

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