Good Luck Charms

We’re not talking about the cereal but they say eating Lucky Charms brings fine fortune to one’s day. Good Luck Charms, also called Lucky Charms or Charmed Objects, are items that spread favorable fortune to the person possessing them. Some charms are naturally lucky while others are made that way through magic. Sometimes through the opposite of a Curse known as a Charm. Cursed objects have the opposite effect and will send the specter of dark luck forth! Some Of The Many Lucky Charms Are Listed Below…Note that re-creations or images of lucky charms have nowhere the same potency as the real deal! That is unless of course, the charm in question is in fact merely a symbol. (As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases)

Four Leaf Clover

Horse Shoe

Rabbits Foot

Dream Catcher



Gardens Of Babylon Gold Coin

Leprechaun Imagery

The Irish Token Trinity

Lucky Coin

More To Be Listed…

Other Lucky Things…