Leuprichauns: The Rare Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids

Does Shala Queen Of Halloween Have Elves?

The Saint Of Christmas Santa Claus has his Elves while The Anti-Claus has his evil Gnomes. So, who helps out The Queen Of Halloween?  Shala, the Angel-Demon Hybrid leader of Halloween, has little helpers of her own called Leuprichauns. They all reside together on the hidden mystical Halloween Island. However, they are often referred to as Halloween Elves. They were a previously unknown supernatural species until Christmas 2013. That was the year both Shala and her tiny workers made their debut to the world after hiding out for so many centuries.  Leuprichauns are Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids that may have been a special creation of Shala but we can’t say for sure.  Since neither paranormal species procreates it’s unknown how the Leuprichauns came into existence.  These little beings are taller, and of a stockier build than Leprechauns and Clurichauns. They are somewhat reminiscent of Dwarfs. This might indicate they were used in the creation of these unique beings since Dwarfs can procreate.

Leprechauns are of course the purveyors of good luck on Earth while Clurichauns are their evil cousins spreading forth bad luck.  Shala being a Demon-Angel Hybrid lives to create balance between good and evil so it’s safe to assume Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids would do the same.  Bringing balance between favorable, and dark luck.  Possibly when there’s too much of one type of luck in any place on Earth. When asked to comment on these creatures King Lochlann, Leprechaun Leader, said, “They’re an abomination!” I guess Shala won’t be visiting the Leprechauns in Ireland anytime soon. LOL!

The only verified Leuprichaun is Shala’s chief helper named Zamxuzza.  He was seen in late December 2013 at the North Pole City banquet hall accepting the Claus Award for Shala. She didn’t show up due to being at risk by both Angels and Demons who see her existence as blasphemous.  Zamxy, as he requested to be called, said Leuprichaun’s serve at the pleasure of Shala in a number of capacities including the manufacturing of seasonal supplies such as Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes.☘️

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