Are There Human-Leprechaun Hybrids?

Many Supernatural Beings enchantingly evolved from the Elf Line can’t procreate. It’s especially unnecessary since they come into existence by a variety of other means including via the direct hand of Nature Deities. The Earthly Gods who created Elves as the biological ground workers of their Godly hierarchy tasked with performing a number of duties. Interestingly most supernatural species derived from the Original Elves are generally male, or at least seemingly male like. Leprechauns are all male and have the equipment to prove it. However, since there are no female Leprechauns it’s pretty much useless. Somewhat like the Smurfs which incidentally are real paranormal cryptids! Thankfully Leprechauns rarely incur such unsavory urges unless corrupted by a Clurichaun, aka Evil Leprechaun, or enticed by a female of some other humanoid species. This can include humans.🍀

The Luck Of Leprechaun Love

The Old Wives Tale of gaining a lifetime of good fortune by making lucky love to a Leprechaun turns out to be true! If the union causes a birth to occur it was thought the child would be a Leprechaun who could grant the mother infinite wishes. Although, the child in question would be a Leprechaun-Human Hybrid. The supernatural scientific name for such an entity is a Lepreman or Leprewoman. Yes, you can get a female out of this mating. The closest thing to a girl Leprechaun. Under Leprechaun Law there are steep paranormal penalties if a Leprechaun has relations with such a Hybrid! That includes said Leprechaun being stripped of all powers and ability to wield luck in any form!💚

Leprechaun Hybrid Pregnancy Equals Immortality

Generally, a Leprechaun will only be compelled to mate with someone if they’re beyond beautiful, and there’s something special about them. However, there are incidents of less than moral women coercing a Leprechaun into being with them. This includes kidnapping them or holding their pot o’ gold hostage.  A human woman pregnant with the lucky offspring will not only gain good luck for life but will also become an Immortal since the Leprechild will be immortal. This is virtually the case with any woman who bears a child of enchanted eternal lineage. Often the paranormal properties of a supernatural child growing within a human female passes on said properties at some level in a temporary, or permanent way.🍀

The Leprechaun-Human Hybrid

The Lepreboy, or Lepregirl, is considered blasphemy by the Leprechauns, and often the father scurries away in shame never to be seen again once the wanton act is completed! So despite being half Leprechaun, they can’t choose to live the life of one among their little relatives in Ireland. Surprisingly they blend into human society well. Especially since they’re of normal height. Although they rarely are over 6 feet tall. In the past, most Immortals had to move away to a new life every 10 years or so before people realized they weren’t aging. Fortunately, modern prosthetics and cosmetics can simulate the aging process. Some can also use ultra healthy living, and plastic surgery, as excuses to stay in their lives a bit longer. More and more Immortals are entering into useful partnerships with powerful witches, and other magical practitioners, who can cast Glamour Spells that make one appear to age. The famous Immortal Keanu Reeves began employing such methods in the last decade as rumors of his immortality grew.☘️

Lepreman And Leprewoman Powers

Luckily a Human-Leprechaun Hybrid has a natural magical ability, and only needs a minimum of training to access it. They can thereby cast Glamours upon themselves so they may live out a human life for a good 80 years or so.  Since they can easily excel at magic they often choose that as their life path in the fight against supernatural darkness. Lepremen and women also have natural good luck which makes them successful in any endeavor they follow in life. They can easily gain power, and wealth which further aids in helping humankind.  There is an uncontrollable urge to collect gold yet at the same time they’re not necessarily greedy. The obsession is focused on glittering gold coins that they want to put in small cauldron type pots very badly. Unfortunately, they don’t hold anywhere near the same level of luck as Leprechauns gold. Pilfering a pot or abducting the Lepreperson will not net you three lucky wishes.🍀

Lucky Leprehumanoid Abilities

Interestingly enough their birthday wishes always come true if made for others, or non-selfish causes. The wishes are guided by luck so they can’t make something materialize out of thin air…unless, of course, their practice of magic allows for it. Leprehumans can also bank their wishes, and amass as many as they like. In addition on Saint Patrick’s Day, they can grant three lucky wishes in the same way a Leprechaun would. They also have the power to bless objects into lucky charms like a Leprechaun. Leprehumans can also garner a special kinship with Unicorns, Rainbow Nymphs, Fairies, and may have limited rainbow creation powers. Naturally, these supernatural connections and practicing of magic can greatly increase their rainbow making ability. Rainbows that can be used for global transport, and communication.🌈

Clurimen And Cluriwomen: The Human-Clurichaun Hybrids Of Darkness!

Unfortunately Dark demonic Leprechauns, aka Clurichauns, can mate with humans as well to create Clurichaunevil Clurimen and Cluriwomen! They are the natural nemesis of Leprepeople, and they enjoy utilizing their powers of bad luck to mess people up! They are often welcomed into demon worshiping cults, and other organizations of darkness run by demon based entities such as Demi-Demons, Vampires, and dark magicians. Clurichauns work hard to compel their horrifying human hybrid offspring to join their ranks and travel where their small stature would make them stand out. Thankfully Human-Clurichaun Hybrid numbers are kept in check by spiritual incompatibility with the vast majority of humans since the righteousness of their souls causes issues. The Clurichaun needs to mate with a truly nasty woman!🤢

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Are Vampire Werewolf Hybrids Real?

Mystic Investigations has never run across a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid but there are ancient anecdotes of such entities existing. It seems they could hold the same power as their vampire sire and possibly even the generation above that of a sire. This potentially means a First Generation Royal Vampire created Hybrid would be as powerful as a Demi-Demon! If they still exist then they are quite rare. They are sometimes referred to as Vaewolf, Vampwolves or Wolfpires. Such beings are Vampires most of the time as the Werewolf DNA lies latent until full Moon nights. Although the amazing will power of the vampire would allow it to transform any time it so chooses, or even to resist transforming on long lunar nights.  The Hybrid could create a new vampire anytime while only being able to transform someone into a Werewolf when in full wolfed out form on the night of the 100% full Moon.  In addition, it seems they would have no ability to transform anyone into a hybrid at will or through monumental magics.

Despite Demonic Assimilates Vampire And Werewolf Are incompatible

Both vampires and werewolves are the product of powerful paranormal viruses which are demonic in nature. They enter the human body and alter the DNA supernaturally.  The vampire virus is more powerful than the werewolf, aka Lycanthrope virus.   In cryptozoological lab studies, the vampire virus always eradicates the Lycanthrope. A Werewolf biting a vampire causes the Lycanthrope Virus to pass into the bloodsucker. The vampire will experience temporary increased aggression, and an odd aversion to the Moon while their body fights the virus. A Werewolf partaking of vampire blood will weaken, have hallucinations, and other random symptoms which will last up to two days and nights. A vampire attempting to bring a Werewolf across into its dark sanguine shadows will most likely produce a dead Werewolf. A vampire transforms someone by draining them of nearly all their blood to the brink of death and then introducing their own blood to the subject. The Werewolf might survive the blood drain but it would not live through the introduction of vampire blood.

If Werewolf Vampire Hybrids Do Exist Then How Are They Formed?

Despite the supernatural incompatibility, there are various ancient scrolls, books of magic, and anecdotal evidence of the Hybrids. A Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid might be created with the right timing and some magical intervention. Apparently, the vampire must drain the Werewolf of blood taking it to the brink of death in its diurnal human form at the stroke of Noon on the day of the New Moon. Then a magical potion must be administered containing the following ingredients:

  • A bit of vervain
  • A bit of wolfsbane
  • A drop of quicksilver, aka mercury
  • A pinch of 24K gold dust
  • Three pinches of Dragon’s Blood from the Daemonorops draco plant
  • A bit of Sage
  • A drop of the vampire’s blood
  • A drop of the Werewolf’s blood from it’s fully wolfed out form

All of these items must be mixed within 13 ounces of unholy water blessed by a Dark Priest, or Priestess. The final malevolent mix should be a pitch-black goo. The entire 13 ounces must be poured down the Werewolf’s throat immediately after their blood is drained. Then they should lie seemingly dead until the New Moon is at exactly 0% of full.  At that point, the vampire is to introduce generous quantities of its own blood into the Werewolf. Theoretically, within 24 hours you should have a VaeWolf.  The two demonic based viruses find common ground together and strike an unholy balance. The Hybrid themselves, as mentioned previously, could not transform others into hybrids at will, or even with the method above. This would account for the rarity of this hybrid creature.  Not to mention the fact that no Werewolf wants to test this, and risk death!

Interesting Fact: Evidence indicates a Hybrid can only be killed through beheading and a silver stake to the heart. It seems to have great immunity to holy flames, paranormal poisons, and other normal methods of vampire eradication.

The Most Famous Hybrid In Fiction Is Klaus Mikaelson As Seen On The TV Show The Originals. Their take on the Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid differs from our reality.

The Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid!

What’s A WereZombpire?
There are rare Vampire-Werewolf Hybrids and even extremely temporary Werewolf-Zombie Hybrids that can only occur under immensely unusual circumstances. Sometimes called the Titanic Tribred. For the most part the respective paranormal viruses that cause the conditions of vampirism, lycanthropy, and zombification are wildly incompatible. There’s also the fact that the Vampire Virus can easily eradicate the Werewolf and Zombie Virus. Still could there be a one in a trillion event of enchantment that could produce a trifecta hybrid of the unholy trinity of the supernatural world? The fabled Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid officially dubbed the WereZombpire!

One of our paranormal researchers happened upon a supernatural cold case file from the late 1970’s. A wicked witch from Nebraska named Sally Bing had just demonically sacrificed what she thought was a virginal woman but instead she was a newly turned vampire. Naturally as apart of the sacrifice she drank the vampires blood. The sacrifice took place at The Devil’s Hour of All Hallows Eves in a isolated rural cemetery for the purposes of raising the dead to Zombiehood. The bad witch Bing had major delusions of grandeur that nefarious night! Indeed zombies burst blasphemously through the sinister soils around her. She underestimated the intensity of her sacrificial spell and one of the Walking Dead caught her by surprise biting her on the ankle. She shot forth a burst of metaphysical energy demolishing it into damnation dust!

As she gained control of her personal zombie horde she wasn’t thinking about the fact that it happened to be a full Moon Halloween night. Of course as luck would have it a Werewolf zoomed in out nowhere and chewed off a good sized chunk out of her neck! She fell to the ground instantly dead as the zombie horde overwhelmed the furry menace. Within Sally’s body were the three supernatural viruses of the vampire, werewolf, and zombie. Now dead with nearly all her blood drained the vampire should have won. However her body was deeply infused with dark magics that supported all three viruses efforts to survive. They integrated into one symbiotic organism. Sally was now the worlds first WereZombpire! Unfortunately, for her this transformation came at the cost of her ability to practice witchcraft.

She called upon her dark sisters of magic to figure out what she was but no cure was had. Eventually they shunned her and she killed them with extreme prejudice! Fortunately for her she was immune to magical attacks! The WereZombpire Bing had an insatiable appetite for eating entire humans whole like that of a Demi-Demon. She devoured bones and all! Brains for the zombie, blood for the vampire, the rest of the flesh for the Werewolf, and possibly the bones for the demonic energies infused within. She had the ability to be all three at once and transform into either one individually at will free of any factors like the full moon. All along she kept her sapient wits about her with a strong lust for death and destruction woven within.

The Vampire Dracula vs The WereZombpire!
She caused havoc across North America and was number one on the Paranormal Most Wanted List for years. All manner of brave paranormal professionals and practitioners of magic were no match for her! She mercilessly murdered all things animal, human and supernatural in her sight! The infamous magically inclined Vampire Dracula became intrigued by tales told of her and he flew in from Transylvania to meet this malevolent kindred spirit. He found her in Toronto Canada eating an alley full of homeless people! Dracula literally applauded her and offered a mutually beneficial union. It looked like all was going well as she appeared to be attracted to him and warmly embraced the dark second generation vampire.

Suddenly the normally calm Dracula screamed out in agony as she bit out a gargantuan chunk from his neck! Sally bellowed,”Screw you Dracula! I work for no man!”  He immediately turned himself in a dozen bats but she ate a good number of them at lightening speed causing him to reform as a person lying weak on the ground. He glared up at her while his eyes glowing red with anger and he exclaimed,”You have no idea who you’re dealing with my dear! My dark masters won’t stand for this insolence you pathetic monster!” She looked down on him snickering as her eyes glowed in a array of rotating rainbow colors, and declared,”Now you will die oh legendary monster of history! Your time is past old man!”

Sally pounced on him but Dracula pushed her into a brick wall with his last ounce of strength. She quickly regained her composure among fallen bricks and dust. Before Dracula could speed away she pinned him down ready to eat him whole as she took a Werewolf form. At that moment something grabbed her by the neck and forcibly held her up against the brick wall. This something forced her to return to a more humanoid appearance.

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The Devil Protects His Loyal Minions!
Before her stood something that finally terrified her. A nine foot tall crimson colored demon with huge horns as a panorama of fire and brimstone appeared everywhere! Screams of agony and visions of horror floated about in a sinister manner. It was the Devil himself in a deeply dense metaphysical energy form! The Devil only risks a visible Earthly presence when one of very important evil assets are in grave danger! The risk is Angels and even Jinn capturing him!

Dracula arose to his knees as he praised his dark Lord. While holding Sally’s neck firmly he petted Dracula long flowing black mane and gently said,”I heal you my beautiful son of the dark shadows” Dracula’s powers were restored as he profusely thanked him. The Devil then ordered him to leave as he dealt with Sally alone.

The Devil then said,”Oh Miss Bing your exploits have amused me for quite some time but you’ve begun stepping on too many of my fiery toes. You’re starting to jeopardizing my plans for Armageddon. You were once a loyal child of Hell as a wicked witch but this sorry state you’re in has made you a mindless minion of nothingness! I damn you to Hell where you will be my pet for eternity!” They both disappeared in a flash of bright orange fire ridden smoke with a scream of terror shooting throughout the city shattering nearby windows!  Legend has it that the Devil lets Sally loose briefly on Earth during the Devils Hour on Halloween! Those unlucky enough to be in her path will die in such terror that they will immediately become ghosts! As the WereZombpire appears every Halloween at some random location it is still an open supernatural case that will not be closed until Sally Bing is eradicated or in the custody of paranormal professionals!