What’s The Opposite Of A Curse?

What Is A Charm?

A Curse is an invocation of dark luck upon one or more people. The uniqueness of a Curse is the way it takes on a life of its own within the malevolent mandate paranormally programmed upon it. The true opposite of this mad magic isn’t an Anti-Curse or something that would necessarily break the curse itself. The polar opposite of a curse is a Charm or a magical enchantment of good luck. Naturally, these are usually nowhere as strong as a Curse since the emotional elevation tends to be much lower. A vengeful hate is strong motivation with staying power as opposed to love or other emotions of varying degrees. Not to mention that a Curse has an abundance of negative emotions to feed off in our world running rampant with cruelty. Some serious passion and goodwill need to be infused for a Charm to have the equivalent power. It’s beyond rare that a Charm can neutralize a Curse. Thankfully, a Curse doesn’t necessarily cancel out a Charm. Both have a tendency to bounce off each other thus acting as supernatural shields.

The Masters Of Charming

Magical Practitioners provide the best chance of a sustained Charm. Especially if calling upon a higher dimensional deity for a supernatural surge. The act of holy blessing or Benediction in this way usually doesn’t have the same paranormal punch. Although the Deathbed Blessing can have some supernatural sway as it blends in with a Deathbed Charm. All of which is powered by the soul of the deceased and the will of their final wishes. This is the opposite of the dreaded Deathbed Curse.

The Charmed Ones

When it comes to Curses Gypsies and Voodoo Masters are the preferred professionals to perpetrate such dark magic. For Charms, there are those called the Charmed Ones. They can be witches, wizards, or special humans with the power to spread fantastical fortune. Sometimes they are Leprechaun-Human Hybrids. Soulmates create a natural Charm as long as they are alive and together. Often this positive energy is spread to others who spend time around them. These peaceful people are born with a natural ability to spread a string of righteous luck that takes on a life of its own. Even causing Family Charms that bring success for generations of relatives. Often Lucky Charms infused with magic are used to keep the paranormal power rolling. A true Charmed One born within a Cursed Family can disrupt and end the horror by accomplishing a prophesied task.

Charm Casting Entities

Leprechauns, Fairies, Guardian Angels, and other supernatural entities of the light are known to cast Charms upon people. Often at the request of humans who know how to mystically call upon them. When such enchanted entities foresee a future attack by a force of evil then they will propel the charm on their own accord to bring about a fair balance. When someone captures a Leprechaun or their gold then they may wish for a powerful Family Charm that will bring them fantastical fortune for all eternity!🍀

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