Do The Baby New Year & Father Time Exist?

Happy New Year!🥳 Yes, the Baby New Year and Father Time are in fact real supernatural entities who are actually one and the same. The Baby New Year grows to senior adulthood through the course of only one year. It’s a way for Angels, non-human in origin, to experience being a biological entity. This includes the aging process but not various other hardships. It’s a far less invested way to experience life here as opposed to becoming an Earth Angel that lives out an entire human life.😇

Angels Line-Up To Volunteer As The Baby New Year

The Baby New Year and Father Time also serve various paranormal purposes both essential, and ceremonial in nature.  Each year a council of Archangels chooses a new Baby New Year from a pool of volunteer Angels. The Angel’s soul is then translated into the form of a human baby boy like entity that is placed into the care of the previous years Baby New Year who is now the new years Father Time. They’re only males because male was the dominant form in human culture for a great deal of human history. Interestingly enough, non-human origin Angels have no gender, to begin with.

The Baby Spring & Old Woman Winter

There is a lesser known somewhat equivalent ceremony where an angel is placed into a feminine baby form called the Baby Spring who grows into the Teen Summer, the Adult Autumn, and then Old Woman Winter. Old Woman Winter then takes care of the next Baby Spring. Old Woman Winter is no relation to Old Man Winter, aka Jack Frost. Although he has attempted to make various Old Woman Winters his wives with little success! Just as Santa Claus blesses the Baby New Year so does the Easter Bunny bless the Baby Spring. Mrs. Claus often meets with Old Woman Winter on various matters as well.

The Baby New Year Becomes The New Father Time

On New Year’s Day, the previous years Baby New Year is now an old man who is the current years Father Time. It’s only at that point he regains full memory of his Angelic Heavenly existence.  In essence, the Baby New Year is the infant Father Time of the current year.  He ages 10 years for every month on Earth. Eventually, he reaches the age of 120 by December 31st.  The Father will live to a maximum of 240 years old during his two years on Earth. After serving as Father Time for one year he then returns to Heaven on December 31st of his second year on Earth. Despite the advanced age Father Time is a powerful paranormal being and is by no means weakened by his geriatric state.

Father Time Passes The Torch To His Successor

On New Year’s Eve grown Baby New Year is left alone as his Father Time ascends to Heaven. Before that, he passes the ceremonial hourglass off to his successor and wishes him the best of luck. Now, the new Father Time, he awaits the Heavenly birth of the next Baby New Year at a random mystical location.  A location he figures out through various clues, and signs. It’s a final rite of passage to earn the title of Father Time. An Angel descends from Heaven and is transmuted into a biological superhuman baby out of thin air from our viewpoint.  At that point, the New Year has officially begun.  The new Father Time begins the journey of parenthood as he mentors the new child.  He is also occasionally joined by Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia, the living soul of our Earth. Old Woman Winter may also act as an Aunt of sorts.

Who Is Father Time?

Father Time is the Angelic ruler of any given year on Earth. He oversees the planets events, reports any issues to the Heavenly Archangel hierarchy, and chronicles the history of humankind. He also records the events of all creatures on our paranormal planet for the permanent Universal historical record within the higher dimensional Akashic Records. Similar beings also exist on alien worlds as well so there’s plenty of openings for eager Angels. Besides his record keeping, and Earthly monitoring duties, Father Time also has temporal powers. The Father regulates time on Earth and can alter time for emergency purposes.  It allows him to time travel to the past for various reasons including speaking with past or future Father Time’s.  He also has the authority to reset time globally for various reasons which might include mass exposure of the supernatural world to the general public.  Father Time is mentioned in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact when it comes to this important duty. There is also mention of nature deities with chronokinetic powers having to take a back seat to him when it comes to time manipulation.⏳

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The Momentous Metaphysical Masterpiece Of The New Year’s Ceremony

The New Year’s transition to a new Baby New Year and future Father Time is a pivotal, and delicate metaphysical moment that’s essential to the continued flow of forward time. It is a celestial ceremony that must take place or else time will freeze, or possibly even repeat itself globally. The sensation of time passing us by is ultimately courtesy of our movement over the four-dimensional space-time fabric of our reality. However below that is is a pure non-corporeal consciousness information foundation that can be affected by the human collective consciousness. Unfortunately, this is a vulnerability that nefarious figures have tried to take advantage of.  Luckily they’ve been thwarted time, and time again!  Happy New Year 2021!🎉

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What Is The Supernatural Side Of Indian Summer?

Indian Summer, sometimes called The Little Summer, is warmer than average weather occurring in Autumn. Something being experienced by much of the United States at the time this was posted. Technically it’s summer-like conditions after the first Autumnal frost in any given region. When it occurs on All Hallows Eve it is called All Halloween Summer or Samhain Summer. The Indian Summer is named for the prevalence of warm Fall weather mentioned in Native American folklore.🍂

The Paranormal Cause Of The Little Summer

Generally, weather contrary to any given season is caused by a dispute or union among Nature Deities. No matter what meteorology discovers through science, there are still the invisible Gods and Goddesses controlling things. Just like sentient programs you don’t even know are running your favorite software. In the case of The Little Summer we have an annual tradition of cooperation between Goddesses. Summer Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies. These sunny deities are still dancing about to aid in the Autumn transition even well beyond the Autumnal Equinox. The Indian Summer is considered the final fall farewell to Summer as Winter deities become greater in numbers.🍁

What Causes Multiple Little Summers?

As with all seasonal deities, the Summer Gods take a sabbatical in the Paradise Plane to commune with Mother Earth and learn from her wisdom until late Spring. If there are multiple Little Summers it might indicate a dispute and unwillingness for some Summer Goddesses to gracefully bow out until late Spring. The long warmth experienced in early November 2020 is thought to be a healing gift to Americans for the trials of a tumultuous Presidential election and pandemic.

What Is The Spring Equivalent To Indian Summer?

Winter weather after Spring is well on its way can be called the Little Winter but it’s more known as Dogwood Winter or Blackberry Winter. The Dogwood Winter often occurs a fair amount of time after what was thought to be the final frost. Flowers are blooming and leaves are reanimating on trees and shrubs. People are planting crops and then the Blackberry Winter strikes a blow and threatens to kill everything! This is almost always a dispute among Spring and Winter deities as it sets back Spring’s natural march toward Summer. The only time it’s a cooperation is if the Gods agree humankind in any given area needs to be taught a lesson for their aggression against Mother Nature.🍃

Is There A Little Summer In The Winter?

In places where you get consistent below freezing snowy winters it’s beyond rare to get real summer-like temperatures. There have been above freezing warm spells causing a thaw that melts snow and ice even in the dead of winter. If the temperatures are mild it may be called the Primo Spring or Little Spring. If it’s earlier in the winter season then it’s sometimes called The Last Autumn or Little Autumn. Especially if there are still some stubborn leaves left on the mostly bare branches of trees. If the weather is full-blown sunny and Summer-like for a decent period of time then it’s known as the Ephemeral Summer. This is usually caused by Summer or Spring Gods throwing a short lifeline to humankind after cold-hearted Winter deities send forth harsh weather.🌞

What Of A Little Winter In The Summer?

Winter-like conditions in the Summer can spell disaster for crops that could easily die in freezing conditions. This used to mean starvation and eventual death in the time before food could easily be shipped anywhere! This Little Winter is considered an abomination by any self-respecting Nature Deity. Often it is caused by rogue Underworld Winter deities with a score to settle. The Primordial God of Winter, Jack Frost, has been known to set off such unexpected winter weather when one or more individuals has offended him. He set off The Little Ice Age that ran from 1300 to 1850. One of the worst years was 1816 which was considered the year without a summer. Jack convinced various Volcanic Gods to set off a few volcanoes aiding in the weather. Really he was looking to offset the blame for it.❄️

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Zeus vs Jack Frost

This was all over a dispute with The King Of Gods Zeus who Jack had felt disrespected him. Zeus talked down to him and even demanded he bend the knee. Realistically, Jack might be more powerful as the personification of Winter who existed long before humans and most nature deities. On the other hand, Zeus has the power of his Greek pantheon and all the other Godly factions who pledge allegiance to his rule. In 1816 Saint Nicholas attempted to broker peace but it soured quickly and Jack went ballistic! Eventually, the two titans came to terms with each other and the Little Ice Age ended. Past full-term Ice Ages were actually a cooperation among Gods and Goddesses to naturally carve the landscape via glaciers and eventually massive floods from their melting.⚡️

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Do Nature Deity Based Vampires Exist?

Do Earthly Gods And Goddesses Have Their Own Vampires?

The most common vampires that originate from higher dimensional beings are demonic based. The first generation of these blood sucking Vampires was created when a demon deeply possessed a human and then mated with one of us. If the demon had been in their true biological form then a Demi-Demon would be born rather than a vampire. There’s also rare Jinpyre originating from a Jinn/Genie possession and possibly Vampangels from an Angel possession. So what happens if an Earthly God or Goddess possesses a human and then mates with one? Instead of a Demigod, we get a Godpyre. Demigod loathe Godpyres and will eradicate them without a second thought! This is unlike Demidemons who utilize vampires as their malevolent minions.🧛‍♂️

What’s A Godpyre Or Godpire?

Godpyre’s, or Godpire’s, are rather rare since nature deities don’t often possess humans. In most cases, it’s a dark Underworld God behind the possession. These vampires will consume blood and even portions of human souls in keeping with the characteristics of the death gods who created them. At times they may consume an entire human as a sacrifice to their patron God or Goddess! These chaotic creatures may also display additional telekinetic powers. These are the closest thing to demonic vampires with their aversion to sunlight and holy objects. They could also bring across humans into their dark immortal sanguine world. When a non-Underworld God creates a Godpyre it usually doesn’t consume blood and prey off humans. Rather they display the properties of their parent God and their survival is dependent on unique rules.🧛‍♀️

The Perplexing Properties Of A God Vampire

Whatever the creating God is known for is what these odd vampires need to survive. For instance, if the deity was the Love Goddess Aphrodite then the Godpyre would feed off pheromones and the metaphysical energy of passionate soul intertwined sex. They would definitely have top-flight hypnotic seduction powers. You might easily mistake them for Succubus or Incubus and miss out on one hell of a time! Those who are products of Animal Gods or Goddesses would plausibly subsist off the specific animal’s blood and possibly flesh. If the animal dies the vampire could be seen as the Gods way of keeping the population in check. An offspring of the Sea God Poseidon partaking of a possession would create a vampire who gulps down ocean water like a nut along with having hydrokinetic powers. Although, if Goddess Gaia Mother Earth created a vampire then it probably wouldn’t eat dirt all damn day long.🤣 As it came from the very soul of our planet it would be more well rounded. Most likely living off natures bountiful harvest. Any wild vegetation would probably do.🌾

The Limitations Of Godpyre’s

The enchanted entities mentioned above who don’t consume blood would seem more like an immortal superhuman rather than a vampire. There wouldn’t be issues with the holy sun or most religious objects unless they were bred from the dark Underworld variety. As with regular vampires, they couldn’t mate unless they were the First Generation. Even then they can only give birth once. The non-blood sucking varieties probably couldn’t transform humans into their own kind. Most likely those confined to the blood of a specific animal could turn said creature into a vampire. Some Godpyre’s could be more powerful than demonic vampires depending on their patron nature deity. Since there is very little paranormal data on these Godpyres we must utilize data on Demigods, standard vampires, and various nefarious nocturnal entities.😈

Nymph And Fairy Vampires

Varying degrees of strength, speed, agility, enhanced senses and paranormal powers would depend on the power of the parent Lord. Especially if it was only a Nymph or Fairy possession. It takes an astronomical load of energy for a Fairy to possess a human to begin with! This also brings up an interesting point. Fairies are physical deities and could be possessed by other higher dimensional beings. This includes demons! There’s conjecture that the Twilight movies are real in a Parallel Universe. Their sparkly sunlight vamps may have originated from a demon possessing a fairy who in turn directly mated with a human! Don’t ask us the supernatural logistics of that feat. All we know is that it is indeed possible to produce a Fairypire!🧚‍♀️