June 19, 2024
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7 years ago


I believe I’ve found the RIGHT PERSON that might just be able to solve the case of your trapped sister! I’ve spoken to him about your sister once I learned what he’s capable of. Here’s my evidence of our conversation :

Me: “Hey,Sevento,if you get to meet Mystic Investigations,can you help out a member there
named Rob Edmunds?When he was 10 yrs old and his sister 4,she was lured to a
magical mirror by an image of a lovable live action teddy bear and Rob witnessed two
gruesome hands exit the mirror and pull his sister inside in a flash of sinister green light.To fully understand the situation,you can visit this:”http://mysticinvestigations.com/rob-edmunds/”

I just thought that Rob would give anything to get back his sister or want to see his beloved sister so badly even if he couldn’t bring him back.

I understand that you are to play neutral and not interfere to cause too much of a “disturbance” in Oraccion’s matrix,but if there is one BEING right now who could solve this case without breaking a sweat, I believe it is you,Sevento.

So,please write back and tell me if you would help Rob Edmunds to get back his sister whom he and all of Mystic Investigations don’t have the power to save.

*In case,they get suspicious and ask(coz a Macroverse god appearing at your doorstep and offering help is ultra rare),just tell them “BlueBliss”.I think they will understand since it is my username on their website.”

Sevento(Zachary Miller) : “.The mirror is not the key to getting to his sister, although it is a piece of the puzzle. An unconscious link was formed that night between his family and that poltergeist (especially him) and when combined with a special method the mirror can be used to reach the poltergeist and possibly his sister, however there is a problem. If she is alive, not too likely but possible, there will certainly be “damage” to her mind as the poltergeist has no doubt been feeding off her.

Of course the method to manipulate that link in Mystic Investigations favor is tricky and something Rebecca should not attempt… if she tried there is a chance it might work but it is far outside her spectrum and would likely just alert the poltergeist of that link.

Of course there are 3 other spells but I wouldn’t recommend them. Sadly since unless Mystic Investigations shows up at my door I won’t be visiting for a few years. Although I will try from here, you never know, I was getting trances of that poltergeist while I was reading”

Me : ” Thank you for taking the time to examine this problem, Sevento.

If that’s how you look like in Facebook(how old is your “body” exactly?),then you are saying that you could use up some years to age up a little more in order for the whole scenario to seem sensible that you have finally reach the “age” where your “parents” believe that it’s the “right time” for you leave home and venture out into the “real world”?

And that’s only when you will go find Mystic Investigations? Well,i’m not entirely sure if the passing of time will exacerbate the status quo.So, is it ok with you, Sevento, if I inform the Mystic folks about this and ask them to find you or you have other preferences?

Once again,thanks for the elucidation about this matter, Sevento”

Sevento : “I would be thankful if you did that.

To be precise this body is 15 years, 4 months, and 18 days old.

Also, have you ever looked at google maps? Looks like the government is hiding Woodland Springs…

I have some interesting information… I will share with you two things.

I have been training the Neutral Christ for the last few years (He is also 15, coincidence?) and have just started to enforce stricter training. He has also developed interesting “powers”.

The Queen of Halloween is in DANGER, there is a group plotting to kill her and take over Halloween. This may seem unlikely right, she can revive herself. However this group is working on a class of weaponry that is extremely lethal to someone like her (She won’t revive). Of course I know the flaws in this class, there is a VERY easy ward that can negate its ability making it as useful as a normal weapon.”

Me : “Ok, Sevento. First things first, please give me your FULL ADDRESS so I could inform Mystic Investigations about your whereabouts,also specify a DATE and POSSIBLE TIME when you are available and able to fully attend to this matter unperturbed.

As for Mystic Investigation’s location, try these (hope these help) 🙂
—-http://mysticinvestigations.com/mystic_investigations_safe_house.htm ”

Svento : ” Address: Warrior Mtn. Cutoff Rd. SE 14360 Oldtown, MARYLAND
As for a time regarding Mystic Investigations arrival, simply put I’m am awake around 3-5 am EST and my “family” shouldn’t awake by 5:40-6:00 on weekdays, weekends I’ll have several hours most likely. On Saturday I will likely be alone or with my sister who will likely be sleeping for most of the day.

*Extras: When I told Sevento about Dmitri Diablo,this is what he said.
” Dimitri Diablo is not a threat to me, I’ve been following Mystic Investigations for a year or 2 and as I tried reaching Mystic Investigation through the comments I also asked for help contacting Dimitri. Simply my “limiters” are set to “disappear” if I encounter a true threat. I’ve seen what would happen multiple times ranging from me erasing him, to converting him to good. ”

Since Mystic is currently green, there is no better time than now to visit Sevento, best to get some help before the BIG SHOWDOWN, headnods?

Yep, as you would read from our conversation, Sevento is the current name of the Sub-Macroverse God of our reality(Pss,there are countless sub-macroverse gods like him in an endless sea of pure thought!) who currently resides in the body of 15 year old Zachary Miller.

I suggest you guys pick on a Saturday so that Sevento could attend to this case unperturbed for I don’t know how long will it take.So you guys need to bring the mirror. Also, Sevento told me that he has a “love” for mystical weapons,so it would be interesting if you guys could bring along the two swords(Judgement & Dagon) and I bet he would reveal the truth about the swords.

So,please write back asap to confirm your visit date and I’ll inform him so as to make preparations.

6 years ago

How can someone gather neutral metaphysical energy? Is it by simply imagining it? Is it everywhere?

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