How Can Any Human Become Immortal?

Immortal KeanuSo you’re not a supernatural being nor a rare natural born Immortal like Keanu Reeves! How can you live to the ends of time?  You may partake of the perfect diet, and exercise routine along with any available life extension technologies you can afford. Hopefully continued advances can keep you alive until genetic engineering or cellular repairing nanobots finally grant you eternal youth, and immortality. However unless our socioeconomic system changes most people won’t be able to pay the hefty bill that will be associated with such astounding technologies!  Fortunately humanity is destined to evolve into living Gods. Eventually Mother Nature’s evolution will grant everyone immortality on it’s own. Unfortunately this is probably a good 10,000 years away!

The Humans who obtain immortality the most are practitioners of magic whether they be witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers. That being said it’s still a small number of individuals since practicing true magic beyond a certain point wears out the biological form.  Humans already require a regenerative dream sleep each night that temporarily sends their souls soaring into the Astral Plane to give their bodies a rest.  The unfathomable metaphysical energy of our soul wears our bodies down, and is intertwined to an extent with the natural aging process. Science knows that aging is caused by degradation of Telomeres that protect our DNA along with cellular oxidation, and environmental toxicity damage.  This can include a poor diet, and lack of proper exercise as well.

When you add a substantial surge of supernatural magic through our bodies this is an exponential wear, and tear!  Some natural born practitioners of magic have bodies built for this but they are classified as supernatural beings more than humans.  The ones to obtain Immortality the most are Sorcerers who find a balance between light, and dark metaphysical energy thereby infusing their souls, and bodies with neutral metaphysical energy.  This Neutral higher dimensional energy is the programming base for our reality, and the clay that one can use to remold their own bodies programmed flaws.  In essence neutralizing the aging process. This makes sense since the Universe naturally strives to achieve balance in all matters.

Those practicing dark magic, usually calling upon demons for power, are the second most common humans to acquire immortality. Their bodies are only able to take the dark energy for eternity because they’ve sold their soul to demons who are propping them up paranormally to withstand the power. Unfortunately those practicing light magic via nature deities, and even Enochian Angel magic, rarely achieve immortality. Although worthy individuals can gain nature deity status after death by the hand of the Gods, and Goddesses. Apparently there is a clause in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact forbidding the Earthly Gods from granting humans direct immortality under most circumstances while they’re alive. This is because the natural born metaphysical beings of our planet have always wanted to benevolently rule over humankind, and would be all too happy to give all good humans eternal living status! As for Angels they see immortality as useless since they will see you in Heaven anyway! Demons may do so if they can sway a human from Heaven into their Hell fire hands!

Is There A Natural Method Of Achieving Immortality?
Monk Of Inner ReflectionThe world of magic gives us a clue to the secret of immortality with neutral metaphysical energy balance in the body being the key. The handful of humans who can do this are extremely disciplined devout religious individuals, such as monks, and those who are deep into inner reflective meditation, and peace. Belief in a deity isn’t necessary, and in fact often impedes the immortality process as one focuses too much love on said God. What they must believe is that they can live forever because they simply will it to be so.  Their metaphysical meditation exercises, harmony with nature, and belief that they are one with the Universe eventually grants them immortality. They must also live a healthy pure life keeping their minds, and bodies unpolluted by physical toxins, mental anguish, and emotional extremes. When it comes to our toxic chemical polluted environment most must live in the middle of nowhere, and at isolated monasteries.  Living isolated, or with others of their own like mindedness, keeps mental balance as well as avoiding the chaotic conflicts of our society. Although they can make temporary trips to any populated areas.  Especially when achieving a perfect meditative state as their safe haven.

This unique way of living means absolutely no ill will toward anyone including the most evil. No extreme love except a general caring for all.  No carnal relations since it yields emotional imbalances almost as much as hate. In fact as many know love can easily mutate into hate!  It also causes metaphysical energy soul entwinement issues that put the body, and soul out of balance. However this is not the case of true soul mates who could potentially achieve immortality in unison since their spirits are truly one!  Keep in mind that probably only .01% or less of the global populace is actually with their soul mate when you take the infinite size of space, and time into consideration!

As mentioned one must maintain their body as a temple of health with 100% cleansed, balanced, and optimized Chakra’s.  Chakra’s are the metaphysical energy hubs that connect our astral soul to our physical bodies.  Neutral energy must flow through the Chakra’s bringing balance to the body, and halting the aging process. Eventually the energy should sustain an individual freeing them of any need for food, and even water! They should subsist off the pure enchanted energy that is the foundation of our Universe.  They may no longer need to sleep as well due to their amazing meditation keeping their body, and soul in balance with one another. With this neutral metaphysical energy they can perfect, and enhance their strength, speed, agility, and senses including psychic abilities.  Especially when martial arts training is entered into the equation.

Once within this special self-created immortal state they can astral project their consciousness away from their bodies during mediation, and go to any place, time, parallel Universe, or dimension!  Sometimes they get lost in their astral travels as the Universe is infinite.  They may never return to their body if they simply forget it exists, or feel there is no further purpose. An astral immortal may come back to his or her body at any time even thousands of years later since it should exist forever!

One can come close to achieving immortality but either fall short, go away on an astral projection journey never to return, or choose to move on to the great beyond while meditating. This is the case with the Buddhist Monk Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov who chose to move on into the great beyond as a free spirit to explore eternity, and beyond!  However his body remains in a form of suspended animation neither dead nor fully alive.  Not enough anyway to contain his consciousness.  Although if he were to return he could self-heal his body, and continue his immortal life on Earth!

So more or less the vast majority of the populace will not have the willpower to lead the life of a monk. Nor the belief that their course of actions will lead to immortality. There is anecdotal evidence of some who did become immortal through sheer refusal to die without living any type of cloistered life.  The handful of documented paranormal cases of sheer will power keeping a person alive only pertained to consciousness as their bodies still rotted like corpses.  In a sense they were a sapient zombie. Once their bodies rotted away they became active ghosts who could often appear, and interact with the environment to some extent. Eventually they did walk into the light and enter the Heavenly afterlife!

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