The Nocturnal Black Hole Urban Legend

Nocturnal Black Hole Urban LegendThe Nocturnal Black Hole Urban Legend is true, and it explains a number of disappearances from homes, camp sites, dormitories, and anywhere people are sleeping.  The vast majority of cases take place at night rather than for those who sleep during the day.  Most likely due to the deeper level of sleep people get during the calm of the night. The legend consists of stories where a person gets up half asleep in the dead of the night to use the bathroom, or get a drink from the kitchen fridge.  Since they don’t want to fully awaken they don’t turn on any lights, or rely on dim lighting on in another area of the home to guide their way.  Somewhere between their bed, and their intended destination an area in front of them suddenly appears blacker than the rest.  This can be facing them directly in the air, or it can appear on the floor as well.  It instills a brief shock in them, and their instinct is to stop before running, or falling into it.  They may rub their eyes, or squint as they believe it’s their eyes playing tricks on them.  Sometimes it is a trick of the eyes but many times it’s in fact a porthole that lead to unknown parts.  Most likely an inter-dimensional void without space or time.  Those who don’t stop in time or simply don’t notice it disappear into it without a trace!

Nocturnal Black Hole’s aren’t real Black Holes that are found in outer space but rather more like a worm hole that could go anywhere or literally nowhere.  It’s thought that this paranormal phenomenon is a natural flaw in our Universal structure.  A product of our sapient consciousness interacting with the quantum level of reality that science has discovered reacts to our observation of it or our very thoughts.  A hint of our future evolution to Godhood status.  It’s theorized that a person who just awoke from an REM dream state, and hasn’t fully woken up has a unique state of consciousness.  As they stumble to the toilet or kitchen their only thought is the journey in front of them.  For unknown reason some people are in essence deleting a frontal fragment of reality for a brief moment leaving only 5-D hyperspace.  However normal 4-D space-time fills in rather quickly.  It could be people really want to just get their destination, and get back to sleep.  They’re free willing the space in between didn’t exist.  In addition as they complete their nocturnal mission thoughts of returning to bed may cause the Black Hole to open up right behind them.  So it’s possible to turn around, and walk right into it!

Somehow the potential Author Authority powers, or some other psychokinetic power potential, found in all of us is the catalyst for this unusual porthole creation.  Latent powers found in all humans junk DNA due to our God like higher dimensional souls.  Clearly there are a variety of factors here that have not yet been pinpointed, and the mainstream Quantum Physics community refuses to address this deeply disturbing phenomenon.  Certainly the government won’t reveal that the Black Hole’s exist despite those of us in the paranormal community knowing that the USPDA agents investigate them.

So what happens if you slip into the dark void?  If in fact you end up in five dimensional hyperspace you will more or less flop around helplessly in complete darkness.  Somewhat akin to a sentient piece of 2-D like paper floating about our 3-D reality.  Despite there being no air, food, or water you will survive for eternity in a stasis like state as you’ve been removed from the very laws of physics, and anything else for that matter.  The biological program that runs your body has been torn from it’s four dimensional space-time construct that is a conduit of information from higher dimensions.  Without real time your consciousnesses interpretation of time will take it’s place.  The only good news is that you will have exceptional control of your mind, and can enter amazing lucid dream worlds to occupy your time so you don’t go completely nuts.  You may also be able to Astral Project yourself into the Astral dream plane where you could call for help, or even aid in guiding your body back to the physical Universe.  For those not familiar with astral projection it may take some time to master even with your newly focused mind.

What should you do if you find yourself in the Nocturnal Black Hole void?  Initially flail your arms, and legs around wildly as possible but don’t bother screaming because no sound waves will travel forth.  The hope is that you will hit something since it’s not real space with real distance.  Only existing there have you suddenly defined a distance.  Theoretically you should eventually hit a parallel Universe, or parallel dimensions.  Preferably you’d want it to be a Universe, this reality, rather than any one of the exotic alien dimensions. There is the danger you will end up re-materializing into outer space, or on some extraterrestrial world.  5-D space is considered probability space, or the space where all the mathematical probabilities for this particular Multiverse take place.  So you will need to concentrate your sapient consciousness to return you to Earth in your current time.  If you’re lucky you’ll hit Earth, and end up in a different nation. Just don’t think of water or you’ll end up in the middle of the ocean.  In addition you will most likely be years off the mark.

If you end up in the past we suggest you keep a low profile until your future self disappears in to the Nocturnal Black Hole so there aren’t two of you. Of course if you’re too far in to the past then you’ll be too old to resume your old life.  We seriously suggest you don’t because too much lag in age will peak the governments interest, and you’ll become a lab rat as they try to figure out why you rapidly aged, or cover up your Black Hole story.  When you end up too far in the past we suggest making some modest money by your knowledge of future events.  Although not so much that you’ll affect any events on a large scale.  If you end up too far in the future you may be out of luck or maybe there will be some manner of utopian society that no longer has an economy.

The bottom line is to avoid ending up in one of these Quantum errors in the fabric of our Universe.  Just stay in bed or if you have to get up accept that you need to wake up all the way, and turn some bright lights on.  Don’t risk the Nocturnal Black Hole for a drink of water, Midnight snack, or toilet run!

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