Can Mermaids Mate And Have Kids?

They can’t have sex or reproduce in Mermaid form due to having no private parts. In the days before the impending doom of the lost continent of Atlantis the Wizard Mermis prepared his survival plan for its citizens. A mystical transformation into Mermaids, and Mermen so they could go on living in the seas forever! Mermis saw that the quest for sex, and it’s continued obsession, stood in the way of societal advancement. Especially when it came to keeping married couples faithful. So he purposely decided the new race would have no privates. That is except for brief times as humans when procreation was necessary to carry on the supernatural species. The original human Atlanteans had no issue with this as their new fish halves were foreign to them.

The Conception Of A Mermaid Child

Only at the stroke of Midnight during a Full Moon may mermaids and mermen come ashore to mate. Thankfully, Werewolves instinctively stay away. The enamored couple becomes indistinguishable from humans beneath the waist while basking in nocturnal lunar light. An enchanted element of Mermis magic to keep the mermaid civilization hidden. People happening upon couples making love on the beach under a full moon may have in fact witnessed mermaids mating. The phrase for mermaid sex is “Alcyone Ceyx” or sometimes just Ceyx. Alcyone is the Greek Demi-Goddess of the sea, and moon. Ceyx is her husband. It is a sacred ceremony generally only partaken of twice in a Mercouples life. Each mating is meant to give one baby of each gender to keep the populace at 50% male, and 50% female. A conception always takes place but the pregnancy is virtually imperceptible to the eye and could last anywhere from one month to over a year since it can only be born under the right circumstance.

A Beautiful Birth Once In A Blue Moon

Unfortunately a mermaid baby can only be born under the light of a true blue moon! This is why there are so few mermaids. Actually making move on the blue moon itself is expressly forbidden except for members of the royal family as it creates much coveted fraternal twins. One male and one female baby. Identical twins happen about once a century and are considered bad luck as they are seen as copies of each other. On the night of the full blue moon a mermaid will come ashore near the water’s edge. This is only on an area where the moon is actually blue hued due to various mystical forces. The Mother, Father, Siblings, Grandparents, and a birthing Witch Doctor come ashore on a secluded beach at the Witching Hour. There the Birthing Ceremony takes place as all are in human form paying homage to their human roots despite now not trusting humans. Although most other family members and friends remain in merform at the waters edge for security purposes. A canal is dug in the sand from the mother to the water. The baby is born into the sandy canal where it then slides gently down into the sea water. Within seconds it takes Merbaby form in the designated Godparents arms. The parents and the rest of the birthing party then enter the water to take possession of the child. The Witch Doctor is the last to leave as he or she fills in the sand and then leaves behind the sign of the Wizard Mermis. ℵ∇ψφ

The Legend Of The Mermaid Shapeshifter

Legend has it that a newborn mermaid baby bathed in fresh water within 24 hours will permanently become a Mermaid Shapeshifter. In essence a superhuman who can change into Mermaid form at will regardless of salt water immersion. There is only one sparse record of such a being in the secret supernatural record. Apparently back in the late 1500’s Spanish Conquistadors kidnapped a Merbaby in Mexico. It’s rumored that the Mermaid lives among us to this very day! Naturally, Mermaid society frowns upon this as it makes it too easy to leave Atlantis and live among humans. The Atlantis Royal Family would quickly lose control of its citizens!🧜‍♀️

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  2. There are rumors of closely guarded magical methods of fin to leg shifting. Something only royal mermaids, and mermen have access to if they feel like mingling among humans every so often. However they don’t want their citizens to have that power for fear of losing control over them.

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