September 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “What Is A Nereid?

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  2. Are there witches that call upon Nymphs for power? Do all Nereids manage the same amount of the ocean? What are sea faeries? Do Demi-Nereids have Enhanced Strength speed agility etc? Are all Demi-Nereid Female? Do Demi-Nereid have faunapathic abilities? Do Demi-Nereid have hypnotic abilities?

    1. Witches just starting out often call upon lower local deities. Any witch could call upon Nymphs, or Fairies if they sense them in vicinity. The power might be more quickly accessible than calling upon a higher dimensional Goddess. Nereid’s management area is usually based more on the concentration of life than actual square miles. Sea Faeries manage smaller concentrations of life within a Nereid’s zone.

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