What Do Mermaids Smell Like?

Beached MermaidFrom a human perspective we obviously couldn’t smell Mermaids underwater. However if one came ashore still in their mermaid form they’d give off a unique indescribable fantastical floral scent of immense allure! It’s apart of their supernatural mystique. This includes a plethora of paranormal pheromones that exponentially attracts human males to these bosom baring oceanic beauties. When they take human form on the night of the full moon the aroma and pheromones are less noticeable but still apparent. Still even in that form they’d rarely require a bath nor use of deodorant, or perfume. The same goes for Mermen. Although their supernatural scent is less floral with more of a spicy aroma. They say even the coldest of human females grow weak in knees in the presence of the handsome, muscular, and highly pheromonal Mermen. All the above also goes for Demi-Mermaids, and Demi-Mermen.

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