What Color Are A Mermaids Eyes?

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Eye Of A MermaidMermaid eyes always fall into the light blue to dark emerald range, and exhibit a dazzling hue not normally seen in humans.  However the most common mermaid eye color falls into the cyan range (greenish-blue) which include the colors of aquamarine, turquoise, and  teal.  This goes for Mermen as well.  Although the males tend to have darker colored eyes than the females.  Mermaid eyes glow in complete darkness as their mystical nocturnal vision is activated.  There is also an eye glow, combined with the whites of their eyes turning a lighter shade of their eye color, when activating their extra special powers such as Hydrokinesis. Those Merpeople of royal blood tend to have eye color in the blue range while those who are hereditary witches tend to have greener eyes.  If a royal is a witch then the blue tends to dominate.

If a Mermaid takes human form then their normally bedazzling eye color loses some luster Mermaid Eyes Peering Over Surface Of Waterwhich allows them to blend in with humans easier. Although it’s doubtful an unusually bewitching eye color would give them away in this day, and age of many splendored contact lenses.  It would mainly be an issue in superstitious ancient times.   In addition their eyes don’t glow in the dark in human form which includes a reduction in night vision.  So if you meet a person with a somewhat unusual shade of greenish-blue there’s a chance they are a merperson.  We suggest tricking them into using their hydrokinetic powers so you can witness their eyes glowing.

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