The Legend Of La Llorona Halloween Horror Nights

The video above is a walk-through tour of La Llorona Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Certainly a memorable staged horror experience sure to scare the hell out of you. That being said, the media did not tell the whole paranormal story of this Halloween attraction. This, of course, was due to the standard government cover-up! It seems the damned spirit La Llorona did not take kindly to her name, and tragic story being used as an amusement for silly humans. In response, she made a number of nightmarish appearances at the haunted house causing the horror to become very real!

The Terrifyingly Tragic Tale Of La Llorona

Her story begins hundreds of years ago in Mexico, New Spain at the time, when she was a woman named Maria. She foolishly fell madly in love with an exceptionally evil man. A selfish individual who demanded she get rid of her kids permanently if she wanted to be with him. Some say he was a practitioner of magic who bewitched Maria into a blind love that caused her to drown her own children in the river that very night. That man was none other than the diabolical Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who was just beginning his terrifying trek into the world of dark magic. In recent years he has become the current King Of Hell! Tricking the woman into killing her kids was clearly a sacrifice to Demons in order to grant him paranormal power. Such dastardly child sacrifices to demons only work if done by the parents since they have domain over the child’s soul until mature.

The Blasphemous Bait And Switch Of Death!

After Maria did the damning deed she was promptly rejected by Dimitri which caused her to commit suicide providing the final seal of the sinister sacrifice. Diablo played her like a predictable fiddle! In the afterlife, she was denied entry into Heaven until she produced the souls of her children who wandered the Earth in a confused ghostly state. This due to the trauma of being murdered by their own mother in a dark cold river. In addition, she was denied entry into Hell as the Devil saw the future, and knew Diablo would be a threat to him. Therefore he didn’t want him accumulating power from his demons. So the sacrifice, in fact, failed as the entire family was left in Earthly dark spiritual limbo. Although Dimitri did get a brief paranormal power boost from the entire deadly debacle. Interestingly enough, centuries later the Devil and Diablo came to a truce after years of civil war in Hell. Diablo would remain King so as long as he pledged loyalty to Satan as the ultimate Emperor of evil.

Damned To Earth In Guilt For All Eternity!

Maria was left to wander the Earth as a poltergeist in search of her kids for all eternity! Along the way she torments those she comes into contact with. The darkness and rage grow in her empty soul with each passing century as her ghostly children hide from her out of fear. Every so often her power peaks to the point of solidifying her metaphysical energy form, and temporarily becoming a deeply dangerous corporeal being.  Devoid of Heavenly hope she abducts random children who make the mistake of venturing out at night near bodies of water. Rivers in particular where she expects to find the ghosts of her kids floating about. Any adults who stand in her way receive the terror of her violent wrath! Ultimately, the scorned lover is dying to get her hands on Dimitri Diablo but he is well beyond her reach and probably always will be!

The Legend Of La Llorona Is Born

The Poltergeist Maria eventually became known as La Llorona, aka The Weeping Woman, due to her constant weeping over the guilt of killing her kids. A guilt that is actually worse than the real Hell. When near her children’s souls they can be heard crying as well in
unison with her. Her spine-tingling wales bellow throughout the cold dark night. Particularity through the Witching and Devil’s Hours. Legend has it that anyone who hears it is marked to receive her terrifying torment. If a child hears it then odds are good they will be abducted by her! Often they are never seen again! Where these kids end up nobody knows. Some say she kills them, steals their souls, and then attempts to deliver them to Heaven in place of her own kids. Naturally, the kids would be taken from her by Angels, and she would be banished back to Earth. Let’s hope that is the happy ending for these poor children.

Is There Hope For All The Sacrificed Children?

Certainly, there is precedent in the supernatural world for kidnapped kids to be held in various forms of supernatural stasis. In this is the hope of eventual release, and a return to their normal lives again. Slenderman is the best example with his kidnapped kids being located in caves decades later. None of them aged a day! Hopefully, Maria’s kids will finally find peace in Heaven someday. There is some evidence to indicate that La Llorona grows weary of imprisonment on Earth. This may lead her to sacrifice innocent children to demons in the hopes of delivering souls to them so she can gain entry into Hell. The Weeping Woman sees this as better than her ghostly existence in this plane of reality she can never truly be apart of. If she pleases the Devil she could see a future promotion to demonhood status. Of course, the guy who set this off is the King Of Hell so this may ruin things for her. Perhaps Dimitri Diablo would love to see her gravel at the foot of his fiery throne and let her be his Queen Of Hell? Maybe she’ll lull him into a state where he lets his guard down and she finally gets her revenge against him?

The Universal Studios Hauntings

Now that we have the backstory of his horrifying individual we must report the past incidents at the Universal Studios haunted house in her name. Witnesses have reported a female specter crying loudly and then screaming in agony before bursting into maniacal cackling that actually shatters glass nearby! She has attempted to drag children away and caused injury to adults since she has amassed power allowing her to take temporary physical form. Luckily the good folks at Universal immediately called in various paranormal experts. This included experienced Exorcists from the Catholic Church who cleansed the Halloween horror attraction of the La Llorona menace. Naturally, Universal also saw the public relations nightmare, and promptly covered up the unfortunate incidents.  Even if they hadn’t the government, aka the US Paranormal Defense Agency, would have most likely done it for them. We are confident that everything is safe and under a protection spell from all manner of supernatural beings in the popular theme park. A top flight witches coven from Ireland reported they received a hefty six figure sum to cast their protective cloak on the amusement park!

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