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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Zachariah "Zack" Powers

Code Name: Bionic Boy
Corporate Title:  Assistant CTO (Chief Technology Officer), 1/2% Shareholder
Profession Title: Supernatural Technologist
Supernatural ID: Superhuman | Bionic Human | Cyborg
Areas Of Expertise: Computer technology and technology applications related to the supernatural.  Webmastering and the internet.  He maintains our website and our computers as well after school.
Powers: Bionic arms, and legs resulting in superhuman strength, speed, and agility.  The limbs are actually covered with real flesh genetically engineered from Zack's DNA. His arms & legs are amazingly integrated with his biological body via some manner of deeply advanced biomechanical material that bridges the gap between man, and machine.  There is also a metal alloy of unknown origin reinforcing many of his bones to supporting the super strength, and speed of his bionics. In addition since all his limbs are bionic powered he's using far less biological energy than everyone else, and therefore has supernatural stamina.

He also has enhanced hearing in both ears (including picking up radio waves), and telescopic/microscopic/infrared/ultraviolet vision in the right eye. His eye also has a targeting mechanism synced with his bionic limbs along with proving various environmental, and internal data readouts.  This takes place via a futuristic microprocessor attached to the eye.  However the interface with the brain to control the eyes functions doesn't not allow him to directly utilize the processor for the purposes of intelligence enhancement.  Thankfully he was quite intelligent even before his bionic enhancements.  His bionic, and human parts have microscopic nanobots all over, and within them that constantly add mass as Zack grows since he's a growing teenager. He also experiences rapid healing of wounds upon the bionic parts and elsewhere as well caused by the cellular regenerating nanobots.  It's not yet known if they routinely repair cells on a daily basis thereby making Zack immortal.  If so then Zack Powers may have the cure for aging within his bloodstream.

All things bionic within Zack are powered by a small battery, or at least we think it's a battery, attached to each cyborg part.  It's a clear capsule with a eerie green glow.  It doesn't read as radioactive, and hasn't appeared to lose more than a microscopic amount of energy since Zack came online as a Cyborg.  All this technology is clearly beyond 21st century in nature. 

The only weakness to his bionic parts thus far appears to be high levels of radiation, magic, and of course supernatural beings with far greater power than a Cyborg.

Biography: After a tragic car accident during a blizzard he was seriously injured and both his parents were killed when he was a young child.  He became a quadriplegic upon the impact of a Mack Truck into the car he was in.  Both his arms and legs were so badly mangled that they had to be amputated thereby making him a quadruple amputee.  In addition a blow to the head caused incapacitated hearing that was a whisper above deaf. It was unknown at the time if it would be permanent. The same head impact caused nerve damage, and permanent blindness in one eye. He lied alone in a children's hospital thinking he would be wheel chair bound, helpless, and handicapped the rest of his life.  Without any hands he could no longer enjoy his love of computers and electronics.  Then one lone stormy night a mysterious mad scientist sneaked into the hospital to visit Zack.   The crazy eyed white haired scientist told Zack he could have his future and so much more.  He extricated him from the hospital and whisked Zack away to his basement laboratory deep in the Mystical Forest.  There he installed experimental bionics to restore his missing limbs.  Within four months he was recovered and had amazing power he could have only dreamed of.  Unfortunately the scientist had sinister plans for Zack.  Plans we here at Mystic Investigations thwarted.  

Although gaining super abilities through bionics is cool, he'd gladly go back to being in a wheel chair if he could have his parents back.  Some time ago Time Traveler Michael Remington took him back in time to save his parents from the accident and he was able to see them again.  Although as with most time travel it was actually a near identical parallel Universe.  Saving his parents and watching his parallel self have a normal life helped him cope with his current life.

He now lives with his Grandmother Debbie Powers and attends Woodland Springs High School where he's quite popular due to his good looks, athleticism, tendency to help others, and his intelligence.  Before his bionics he admits to being an unpopular awkward skinny nerd despite being fairly good looking.  Certainly not able to attain his girlfriend Cheerleader Brittany Contessa.  He was also bullied a lot and he enjoyed finally putting his tormenters in their place.  He considers himself to be an anti-bully who will bully a bully if they're harassing others.   When playing sports he is careful to tone down his power so as not to draw too much unwanted attention to himself.  It's a fair bet that the government would be interested in the advanced technology contained within his body.  Although who knows what they have with all those billions going to undocumented top secret research.

He is often the Acting CTO (Chief Technology Officer) since CTO Michael Remington is gone a lot traveling through time.

Net Worth: $70,400.  Most of which is held in a trust fund or locked into Mystic Investigations stock.  Anyway he keeps it a secret so the gold digging chicks don't take advantage of him.
Residence: 444 Autumn Avenue, Woodland Springs, Colorado  81777
Vehicle: A bicycle he built that has a small engine.  He's also building a replica of the Knight Rider from the hit 80's TV series which he custom built with some of the guys here at Mystic Investigations.

Zack Powers at Yahoo Answers.  Help me out and vote thumbs up for my answers to fight the battle against the limited science loving non-believers.  Mainstream science has a long way to go before they finally accept the world of the paranormal.  My Best Answers At Yahoo!

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