The Mysticopter

Mystic Investigations Supernatural Attack Helicopter

The Mysticopter is Mystic Investigations corporate battle helicopter which is stored at the Woodland Springs Airport for maintenance and can be flown to our headquarters rooftop heliport within ten minutes of placing a call to the airport.  It’s a Bell 222 given to us by a billionaire client as a gift many years ago for a job well done.  We retrofitted it with various technologies, and weapons to make it a virtual super helicopter in our fight against the paranormal forces of evil that loom in the shadows.  It will certainly be an indispensable tool if there should ever be a zombie or vampire apocalypse.

Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson is the official Chief Pilot of the Mysticopter. Although Xavier Remington, Drake Alexander, and Michael Remington are capable of flying this amazing helicopter.  Our customized retrofit was clearly inspired by TV’s Airwolf as witnessed in the video at the end of this page.  However we cannot boast that our helicopter is as super as the mighty, yet fictional, Airwolf!  However it is more powerful in some ways thanks to some magical elements provided by the Good Witch Rebecca Abernathy.

Mysticopter Specs

  • Size wise the helicopter is virtually identical to a standard Bell 222

  • Speed: 179 mph | Turbo Thruster Mode: 566 mph | This bad boy can go Mach 1 for one minute! (This experimental feature was first used here)

  • Flight Height: 40,000 Feet.

  • Range On One Tank Of Fuel: 417 miles.

  • Maximum Capacity: 12 people including Pilot & Co-Pilot.

  • Bullet Proof Outer Hull – Also special magic protections to prevent certain mystical intrusions into the cockpit.

  •  CO2 Cannon – Shoots sustained bursts of carbon dioxide to fight fires. Combination of compressed air tanks, and a carbon dioxide generator. (Used In Behemoth Blaze)

  • Holy Water Cannons – Mainly for vampire hordes, and werewolf packs.  Limited amounts to fight fires.

  • Tranquilizer Dart Guns – For non-lethal force on various paranormal beings.

  • Machine Guns (Optional Silver Bullets)

  • Custom Made Rockets – Limited destruction power.  Some with special mystical payloads to battle groups of supernatural beings.  Also capable of intercepting missiles.

  • Flame Thrower (Optional Holy Fire)

  • Anti-Missile Flares (Sunbursts, Starburst, And Chaff)

  • Smoke Screen Generator

  • Microwave Jammer

  • Radar

  • Radar Absorption Hull

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Sensitive Hyper-Mic – Listens to conversations through walls.

  • Whisper Mode – Utilizes specialized white noise speakers. Some technology allows the interior to remain uncharacteristically silent for a helicopter. No protective headsets needed to communicate with others inside the helicopter.

  • Mini Medical Center – To provide emergency first aid.

  • Mini Potion Lab – To conjure up spur of the moment magical potions.

  • Laser Weapon – In experimental stages.

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