Can Witches Consume Iron Mineral Supplements?

Can Witches Take Multiple Vitamins With Iron In It?
witch-green-glow-bottleThis question comes to us from a teen witch concerned about getting the proper nutrition yet not wanting to weaken her magical powers.  Powers her coven relies on in their quest to eradicate the evil that infests their town, and high school.  As you may know iron is one of those substances that can repel, and harm witches.  As a Demi-Mermaid, I am less susceptible to that particular weakness since Mermaid witches have no aversion to iron due to Mermaid having blue copper-based blood.  For those of you who are human based witches, you need to be aware of any iron you’re consuming.  This includes iron supplements.  The only iron you can consume is whatever is naturally occurring within the food you eat, or even water.  Substances your body must unlock to access the iron for it’s intended bodily purpose.  Taking any other forms of iron can weaken your powers, or worse.  When taking a multiple vitamin supplement look for ones free of iron.  Be advised that this only applies to real witches, especially hereditary witches.  If you’re doing low-level spells and making potions that are barely noticeable then you don’t have to worry about iron except in cases of exceeding the recommended daily dose which is in the 8 mg to 18 mg range.

Mystical Properties Of Iron On Witches
Iron has power over human witches because the iron in their blood is one of the main magnetic conduits for magical powers.  Iron outside of that has a repellant property since the electromagnetic charge is so different.  When the iron gets too close for too long it can neutralize, or temporarily turn off powers. Iron shackles can dampen and completely neutralize magical abilities in many witches.  When it’s within the body in a large enough quantity it can cause great damage.  Impaling a powerful witch through the heart with an iron implement will not only end his or her life but also ensure they can’t resurrect themselves, or return in a ghostly form to haunt and torment the living.

Unlike vampires, a witch will not burst into flames and turn to ash when staked with iron.  The witch will instead lose all color in their skin, and turn a bright sickly white no matter what their natural skin color is.  Exceedingly evil witches with green skin will turn an unsettling gray. From that point, they will remain frozen in time until the iron is removed.  Most will remain dead while others with extensive powers may be able to self-resurrect.  Many will have the power to haunt in non-corporeal form.  If you’re concerned about witches in your area then carry iron on your person, and have iron in your home at entry points.  Iron horseshoes are the most used as they repel witches and various other paranormal entities along with absorbing good luck which always comes in handy.

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