Can Silver Harm Or Kill Vampires?

Silver CrossYes 100% pure silver is a Kryptonite of sorts for vampires just as it is for werewolves. A pure 100% silver bullet or silver stake to the heart will cause instant death.  Hitting them elsewhere will cause prolonged agony before their eventual death.  However if they can remove the silver from their body in time they can recover. Silver has a negative effect on a variety of paranormal beings with demonic roots due to its ancient roots as a curative for various ailments. Namely in its colloidal silver form. When injected with enough colloidal silver a vampire will get very sick, and die. Silver in essence kills the demonic vampire virus that infects a vampire’s body. Unfortunately killing off the virus doesn’t revert the subject back to human form but rather a pile of ash!

Absolute pure silver is required or it will only make them sick, and they’ll recover.  This is unlike Werewolves who are very sensitive to any amount of silver, and can die from a silver plated bullet hitting them anywhere.  In addition with Werewolves they’re a goner even if they remove the silver bullet rather quickly.  Another important fact is that merely possessing silver will not repel a vampire as it does with werewolves who get deep negatives energy vibes from the metal.  However touching it to their skin can cause minor burns. In addition you can take two bars of silver to form a cross which would repel a vampire with more authority than a wooden cross.

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