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Sol Vampires aka Reverse Vampires

These extremely rare diurnal immortal beings have the same basic mechanisms of super strength, speed, agility, above average intelligence, psychic abilities, and enhanced senses as nocturnal vampires do.  When enraged their eyes glow and their fangs become visible but their facial features appear far less sinister.  However they instead feed off of the blood of plants, aka chlorophyll, instead of human or animal blood.  Both Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin, the main component of human blood, share a similar atomic structure. The only difference between the two is that human blood consists of iron, while chlorophyll is magnesium based.  Sunlight increases their powers which are far stronger than the average vampire by day (depending on intensity of the sun) and about the same as standard vampires by night unless they recently ingested large amounts of chlorophyll which would increase their powers.   In that case their strength is comparable or greater especially if the sun just set.  Their peak of power is when they finish consuming chlorophyll in direct high noon sunlight.  At their power peak Sol Vampires are comparable in strength to Second Generation vampires.  First Generation vampires still seem to hold a power advantage over even the oldest Reverse Vampires.

Reverse vampires can consume any plant on Earth including poisonous flora.  However they prefer dense green chlorophyll laden foliage.  They like to suck the chlorophyll juices from the plants rather than eating the entire plant whole.  However that was always a hardship until the modern era of mechanical juicing machines.  You will always find a juicer in a reverse vampires kitchen.  In fact if you spot two or more on someone's counter then it's a sure bet they're a member of the diurnal living dead. Just as standard vampires prefer certain types of blood more than others so do Sol Vampires enjoy more plants than others.   Most seem to enjoy varieties of wheat grass which are some of the most chlorophyll laden plants on Earth.  Obviously this is recent since wheat grass must be juiced to enjoy it's green plant blood properties.   Anyone who consumes a lot of wheat grass is a Reverse Vampire suspect because the stuff tastes horrid to humans while sweet to daywalkers.

Unlike vampires they can only be killed by beheading or complete incineration.   Although flames must be near 4000 degrees Fahrenheit to begin the incineration process.  Most flames won't light them on fire as their cells are highly resistant to flames and will begin healing instantly.  Unholy fire is the best bet because holy fire has no effect on them.  The various religious artifacts, holy water, wooden stakes to the heart, etc have no effect on them as well.  Some think this indicates some type of Angelic intervention, or it could simply be they are free of sin by not consuming blood.  They can be poisoned by drinking blood and in fact become incapacitated by vampire blood.  If a vampire attempts to bring them across it always fails as the reverse vampire genes are too powerful.  Locking them away in a dark place devoid of sun for long periods can severely weaken them as well especially if no plant blood is available.

A young 212 year old female reverse vampire wearing sunglasses to hide her identity.Sol vampires generally lead normal lives since they can function extremely well in sunlight.  Newer ones hold high paying jobs or start their own businesses due to their high level of intelligence.  They may also get married but can't have kids just as vampires can't procreate.  They tend to sleep at night, although unlike vampires who require 4 hours of sleep, reverse vampires only need 2 hours of sleep due to the regenerative properties that the sun provides.  Solar deprivation will however require them to get 8 hours of sleep like humans.  They generally pose as insomniacs to explain why they don't sleep much.   When up at night they often lounge near bright sun lamps. 

Legend has it that an ancient first generation vampire was a top level Lord in Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II's royal court.  The vampire fell in love with a fair royal lass who spurned his advances due to his blood lust.  He asked the wizard to remove the desire for blood yet at the same time keep his powers.  The wizard did so and enchanted the vampire with an unknown potion and magical spell.  The vampire was then sickened by blood which had been his sustenance and source of strength.  He grew ever weaker and frail with each passing day.  The wizard could provide him with no alternative and was unable to return his ability to ingest blood.  Finally one night in the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon he became mesmerized by a giant mystical Venus flytrap type plant enchanted by the wizard as well from an earlier experiment on behalf of the King.  The vampire bit into it and began drinking the chlorophyll which tasted like sweet sugar to him.  He soon gained his strength back and was able to walk in the sunlight but unfortunately he didn't realize his power was now linked to that plants chlorophyll and once it wore off he burst into flames and died in the sunlight in front of his horrified lover. 

When the vampire bit into the plant he unwittingly transformed it.  It became the only plant on Earth to be "brought across" by a vampire.  It became a vampire plant and whenever someone happened past it they were attacked by it, and their blood was consumed.  The plant attacked a handful of people but most weren't transformed due to not being brought to the brink of death.   In fact it's thought that a married couple were the first ones transformed by the plant.   They most likely kept it a secret in order keep their power above all others.  They may have even tried to seize power from the King but failed as the Kings wizard and connections with supernatural forces drove them away.  This reverse vampire alpha couple is rumored to still be walking among us in broad daylight.

After hearing of the attacks, while not connecting the reverse vampire couple to the plant, the King ordered the abomination of flora to be destroyed but nothing worked.   Finally it was cast into a far away swamp where it floated away and eventually took root in a river bank.  Ancient records indicate it was able to de-root and re-root itself to find human victims to feed off of.  Reports of other plants popped up in other locations around the world indicating that the plant could reproduce.  Perhaps by dropping seeds in water to be carried away by currents to far away lands.  These rare plants transformed the small number who happened across them over the centuries and some say the first immortal plant still exists somewhere in modern day Iraq.  Rumors indicate that an expedition of supernatural hunters found one of the plants on the edge of the Egyptian Nile in the 1920's and it now resides in a private laboratory of an organization of wealthy elite individuals.

Although it's known that standard vampires drinking of the plants blood become temporary reverse vampires, it is not known if being bitten by the plant transforms them permanently into a reverse vampire freeing them from their nocturnal and religious shackles.  It's safe to assume it would as the supernatural gene altering virus that causes reverse vampirism is stronger than the ones that causes standard vampirism.  The "brink of death" requirement also technically exists as vampires are living dead creatures.  Some vampires who feel they've been damned to an eternal hell have long looked for the plant as their holy grail of salvation and entrance into the light of freedom.

Since reverse vampires can't naturally transform anyone into a vampire their numbers are few.   There is a record of a few trying to transform humans as vampires do.  Naturally blood is poisonous to them so they could not drink and drain a human of their blood.  However they could simply use a knife to drain a persons blood and bring them to the brink of death.  They then placed their saliva in the wound and their blood as well.  None of these efforts has ever worked.  A more modern account experimented with a blood transfusion and directly injecting reverse vampire saliva into the bloodstream.  The saliva didn't work due to the lack of blood in the body to distribute it into the cells.  However the blood transfusion did.  Obviously though this is something that isn't going to occur that often.

Just as humans drinking the vampire plants chlorophyll would most likely exhibit temporary enhanced abilities, the drinking of reverse vampire blood had a similar effect.  It's not known if reverse vampire blood would be as potent as the vampire plants blood in giving standard vampires temporary reverse vampire status.

Although just like humans there are good and bad, reverse vampires tend to be good.  Where as most standard vampires tend to lean more toward the evil end of the spectrum.  This despite both being derived from demonic DNA.  The source of reverse vampires goodness may be the fact that they feed off the sustenance of life giving plants and bask in the rays of the holy sun that are the foundation of life on Earth.  On the other hand standard vampires thrive on death and cower away from the light of day.  Perhaps the powers that be who run the Universe preordained an opposing force to vampires to balance nature out.  It's not surprising that some of the known Sol Vampires have gone on to join forces with vampire slayers in the battle against evil on the Earth.

Another Type Of Reverse Vampire Was Discovered In December Of 2012

We call them Angel Vampires.  Our vampire associate Drake Alexander, and his vampire mother Duanna Sargon were with the rest of the Mystic Investigations team at Santa Claus's North Pole Village at his invitation in order to stop an evil plot.  Yes Santa Claus is real, and we have been invited for Christmas dinner as a reward for our fight against paranormal evil.  The holy Star Of Bethlehem resides permanently over Santa's magically cloaked stronghold, and emits rays even more holy than sunlight.  So much so that it causes an even more intense burn on vampires than the holy sun.  The Great Claus placed a magical spell over Drake, and Duanna to protect them from the holy star rays.  They were the first vampires invited there, and most likely the first who had the ability to actually absorb the light that's said to come directly from Heaven itself.  They transformed into something different.  Drake wrote the following except to a friend while at the North Pole:

"North Pole Village truly is the happiest place on Earth.  I almost feel like I'm under the mesmerizing spell of a higher level vampire.  I'd stay here forever if I could.  I have an innocent child like sensation surging through my body, and mind despite all my past atrocities over the many centuries I've existed.  While here neither Duanna nor I have had any urge to drink blood yet we're not weakened in any way.  In fact I never felt stronger, and more alive in my entire life!  In addition we've not been able to produce our fangs, and when we try to make our eyes glow it's always bright white in color.  Although Santa said he put a spell on us to protect our bodies from the holy Star Of Bethlehem Ashley decided to do a DNA sample.  She discovered that my demonic DNA, which is technically fallen Angel DNA, has transitioned to something resembling being on the verge of Angel DNA. Ashley estimates it's close to one quarter Angelic in nature.  Her cryptozoological research indicates it's the result of the holy lights of Heaven streaming down from the Bethlehem Star.  We informed Santa about this but he was unaware of this since he can't recall the last time a vampire was granted access to North Pole Village.  Unfortunately Ashley thinks this is temporary because the DNA is in some kind of flux. Once out of the light Duanna, and I shall revert back to our normal demonic DNA."

Indeed both Angel vampires reverted back to normal vampire status.  Since vampires derived from demons which are fallen Angels it makes us wonder if there is a natural angel vampire equivalent.  In order for such a thing to exist an Angel would have to possess a human so completely that it alters it's DNA.  Then mate with a human to create a theoretical angel vampire.  This is the same process that demons used to create the first generation of vampires.  However Angel possession of humans is rare.  It's also unclear what the properties of these mystical beings would be.  There is no recorded evidence of their existence thus far.

Vital Stats Of Reverse Vampires

Name Reverse Vampire
Appearance Appear like a average well toned muscular human except when angered.  Then they have glowing eyes that appear fluorescent green to yellow in color although ancient vampires can have red glowing eyes.  Fangs are exhibited as well.  They also never appear older than thirty something since the process of becoming a reverse vampire causes major cellular healing that has an aesthetic anti-aging effect.  Balding heads grow back and scars heal as well.  In addition amputated limbs grow forth.
Powers Immortality.  Powers vary greatly from day to night along with the amount of chlorophyll consumed.   Even cloudy days are a factor.  Super human strength (can lift up to 23,000 pounds), speed (at least125 mph), and agility.  Above average intelligence (average IQ 170+).  Enhanced senses: Sight (similar to great horned owl), Smell (similar to bloodhound), Hearing (similar to a wolf), Taste, Touch, and varying degrees of a sixth sense which includes limited emotion sensing and hypnotic powers.  They can also sense others of their kind and various other supernatural beings through their sixth sense, and smell.  It's unknown if reverse vampires can fly like older 1st to 3rd generation vampires can via telekinesis.
Strengths Sunlight, and Chlorophyll
Weaknesses Sun and chlorophyll deprivation.  Vampire Blood. Nighttime. (See also destruction methods)
Destruction Methods Consistent intensely hot flames(4000F +) or Unholy Flames, beheading
Birth Method Humans must be bitten by the one of kind mystical "Vampire Plant" which drains most of their blood bringing them to the brink of death in a coma like state where the supernatural reverse vampire virus begins altering DNA and RNA sequences in the body.  The virus is transferred via the plants mucilage which enters the bloodstream quickly infecting cells in a rapid fire fashion.  If the subject is not brought to the brink of death then the virus is neutralized in the human bloodstream.  Having it's chlorophyll injected into the bloodstream would also have the same effect.  Drinking the plants chlorophyll can temporarily transform a vampire into a reverse vampire.  It's theorized that a human drinking it could temporarily have enhanced abilities.
Genetic Relations Vampires
Year & Place Of Origin 605 BC Ancient Babylon Registered & Protected



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