December 4, 2022

3 thoughts on “Do Vampires Prefer A Certain Type Of Human Blood?

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  2. Well then it is good I am O+ But the doctors act strange. They told me I am anemic and don’t know why! Then they kept taking all my blood to run more tests. I swear the drained me. I got hostile when they wanted more of my blood. I’m like no more! Enough! I refuse to go back! Probably will have to drive 2hrs away to just find a decent hospital I can trust. Always trust your gut instinct. They told me I am O+ but I wonder. lol

    1. Hey sorry it took over two years to reply! LOL! 🙂 It sounds like they may have detected something supernatural in your blood. It’s possible it could still read as O+ but contain minor metaphysical anomalies.

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