Do Vampires Prefer A Certain Type Of Human Blood?

Of course, Vampires are genetically infused with an instinctual urge for human blood. Particularly fresh blood free of disease and ravages of aging. To them healthy human blood tastes like unimaginably sweet nectar beyond description. Something the average person could never hope to understand. Beyond the pleasure any food, or beverage, brings a human. However, like food not all types of blood are the same to the vampire palate. Some blood types are more favorable and energizing than others. It’s the opposite of human food. For us, it seems like bad-tasting foods, such as spinach, are better for us while sweeter-tasting blood equals more power-boosting for vampires.  Vampires can get the aroma of these blood types through the air even 100 feet away from a human so they can pick, and choose their victims, aka meals, at will.🩸

The Best Blood Type For Vampires To Devour!

Naturally, the rarest blood types are the best tasting. The rarest of all blood types among humans, AB-, is said to be the most alluring yet it’s the only one that will make vampires enter a state similar to being drunk while also being weakened. Something they would probably only want to experience in private safety. This is why this type of blood is often called “Fine Wine” among the vampire royal elite. Ultimately when the pleasurable high wears off within a few hours they do experience a massive energy surge that sustains them for days!

The Blood Of Vampire Slayers

The AB- blood type is seen in many Vampire Slayers who aren’t of the half-vampire variety. Only about 1% of the global populace has this blood type. If you happen to have this blood type odds are you were meant to be a vampire slayer or some manner of warrior fighting against the forces of supernatural evil. It’s thought that this blood type may weaken and then later power up vampires due to the possibility of AB- humans having higher dimensional Angel ancestors. The holy nature of the blood weakens but then the higher dimensional enchanted energy supplies the vampire’s supernatural side. This is why vamps don’t try to bite a Slayer during battle. That is unless they plan to bolt away and hide for a few hours before resuming the fight.

The Best Tasting Blood

The best-tasting blood with the most powerful energy boost is the next rarest which is B- of which 2% of the populace has flowing through their veins. The next sanguine selections ranging in order from best to worst are A-, O-, AB+, B+, and A+. The least desirable among the blood types are O+ which is the most common human blood type on Earth. It still tastes good to them but the other blood types are exponentially more favorable and therefore addictive. In general, vampires pass over O+ and hold out for A+, and B+. So almost 40% of the populace doesn’t have to really worry about being attacked by a vampire…unless they’re really hungry! Thankfully, there are seven billion of us roaming about so vampires can be picky!

The Blood Of Animals And Other Supernatural Beings

Vampires find animal blood to be bearable in a pinch. Although this only happens during an emergency like being trapped in the middle of nowhere. Usually, only the lovely Nosferatu variety of vampires stoop to consuming animal blood. Animal blood can range from tasting plain or at its lowest a vile rotting stew. They say rat blood is the worst! Cows blood is supposedly decent tasting and the choice of good vamps looking to steer clear of human blood. The blood of various supernatural creatures can give them temporary powers in much the same way humans can gain abilities from vampire blood. Some of this paranormal blood tastes even better than human blood in addition to its advantages. Although, acquiring it is beyond difficult due to the rarity of various supernatural entities. Most vamps think Mermaid, Unicorn, and Leprechaun blood are the most favorable. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the vile rotting blood of the Zombie which can seriously weaken or even kill vampires!

The Blood Of Vampires

Vampire blood itself is virtually tasteless to others of their own kind. It’s mostly like thick water with high generation royals tasting like flavored water. Vampires don’t partake of each other’s blood for taste or paranormal power. They drink it to form a psychic bond, and in some cases to share memories. The joy of drinking another vampire’s blood comes from the emotional aspect. It is essential in the process of transforming a human into a vampire as it creates the bond between sire, and vampire child. A living dead ritual that continues throughout their dark eternal existence.🧛‍♀️

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  2. Well then it is good I am O+ But the doctors act strange. They told me I am anemic and don’t know why! Then they kept taking all my blood to run more tests. I swear the drained me. I got hostile when they wanted more of my blood. I’m like no more! Enough! I refuse to go back! Probably will have to drive 2hrs away to just find a decent hospital I can trust. Always trust your gut instinct. They told me I am O+ but I wonder. lol

    • Hey sorry it took over two years to reply! LOL! 🙂 It sounds like they may have detected something supernatural in your blood. It’s possible it could still read as O+ but contain minor metaphysical anomalies.

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