Why Have So Many Celebrities Died In 2020?

Have you ever noticed that a mass of well known celebrities seems to die every four years? Presidential election years in particular! It happened in 2016 when we originally wrote this article. Now 2020 is turning out to be another prolific year for the death of high profile celebrities. Many die from various health maladies with the new addition of COVID-19 for 2020. As of the last update of this article Chadwick Boseman, Marvel’s Black Panther, died of cancer after a secret four year battle. Indeed some are merely coincidence or products of old age. Unfortunately, there is a sinister reason for the drastic increase every four years!

The Seeds Of Death Lie In The Selling Of Souls

As you may know a number of celebrities sold their soul to a demon, or the Devil himself in order to acquire fame. In other cases they made a dark deal with a Clurichaun, aka evil Leprechaun. These denizens of darkness are often in league with The Illuminati. A secretive group of wealthy plutocratic elites said to pull the strings of our global society, and most governments, like puppet masters. All in an effort to forge a New World Order that will transform the world into their ideal vision of the future. A frighting future that sees them as immortal Gods through technology and magic. Meanwhile the rest of humankind would be disposable garbage utilized as servants and playthings for their amusement! These misguided megalomaniacs are deep into the malevolent magics and worship of dark demons and Underworld deities. In turn The Illuminati themselves are high level puppets of these evil higher dimensional entities. Although, they love it and enjoy manipulating celebrities who are under their control via demonic soul contracts. Celebrities they use to send forth their agenda to the greater global populace. Ultimately, if the Devil and his hounds of hell gain control of the Earth it is most likely that all humankind, including the Illuminati, will be burned to ash in the fantastical fires that will sweep the planet!

The Great Celebrity Culling

It seems the Illuminati’s plans for global domination haven’t gone according to plan nor moved quickly enough. Fortunately, humankind has resisted them even if most don’t believe they actually exist. These globalist plutocrats have been getting desperate as more people learn of their existence. This takes away the advantage of hiding in the shadows. So they conceived of a sacrificial ritual to stoke their power every four years. It was meant to coincide with Presidential elections due to the vast metaphysical energies it fuels in the human collective consciousness. All fed by human souls and their heightened emotional states as they wish for their candidate to win. Unfortunately, it generally doesn’t matter who wins as things stay mostly the same when it comes to people’s freedoms.

The Death Of Innocent and Illuminati Celebrities Alike

The Illuminati designated this evil sacrificial ritual as The Great Celebrity Culling. In correspondence with each other they will sometimes covertly call it the GCC. A year of eliminating a number of mature celebrities to make way for the bumper crop of younger ones who are extremely eager to sell their souls! They’re also callously disposing of celebrities who aren’t obeying them anymore or aren’t serving a substantial purpose. If a celebrity is close to death during the Culling year they will often push them the rest of the way even if they are useful. The power they absorb from the celebs soul can be worth a lot more! We won’t reveal those who sold their soul, or were innocent sacrifices, out of respect for the dearly departed. Presume the celebrity you loved attained fame, and riches through their talent, and charisma!

Sacrificial Celebrity Lambs

The Illuminati utilize stealthy means to eliminate various celebrities which acts as a demonic sacrifice. It’s rare they literally kidnap or lure one away for placement on an unholy altar. The key is to make it look natural or accidental so nobody delves too deep into the cause of death. A death by any means is considered a sacrifice if the person has sold their soul. Those who haven’t must be sacrificed in a special dark ritual that will take place near the deceased within hours of their demise. This sacrificing of souls gives demons the power to grant the Illuminati more metaphysical energy to partake of their diabolical plans. Such enchanted energy is magical fuel for evil Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches that work for them! In the case of dark Clurichaun deals bad luck befalls the victim thereby leading to death. This gives the Dark Leprechaun more power to spread bad luck in strategic ways for their Illuminati Master. This ends up benefiting the plutocrats. In essence giving them good luck by diverting dark luck to innocent victims! Thankfully, top flight psychics, seers and mystics have seen humankind partaking of a global revolution before the 22nd century that frees them from the New World Order Illuminati shackles forever!

2016 Celebrity Death’s

Is Charlie Sheen A Weretiger?

Actor Charlie Sheen has spoken of the “Tigers Blood” that runs through his veins along with just generally comparing himself to a tiger on numerous occasions.  Is he trying to tell us something without violating the Supernatural Secrecy Pact?  After much research by our special celebrity investigator there is some evidence to suggest that Sheen became a Weretiger sometime in 1988. It seems he angered a powerful Sorcerer named Dimitri Diablo when Charlie inadvertently spilled a Diet Coke on him on the set of “Major League“. Diablo has a habit of walking into anywhere he so chooses. We have no idea why he would enter a movie set. Perhaps to partake of the free concessions which included his favorite beverage Diet Coke.

Sheen Meets A Supernatural Fate At The Hands Of A Sinister Sorcerer!

Apparently Sheen was enjoying food from the table while moving toward Diablo who was knocking back several cans of Diet Cokes. Charlie knocked into him spilling the soda all over Diablo’s fine purple silk Sorcery robe. Some witnesses on the set remember an oddly dressed man screaming loudly throughout the incident! Sheen tried to apologize but Diablo wouldn’t have it. Finally Charlie got very angry and the two men started struggling with each other. Security moved in but Dimitri lifted his hand and sent them flying into a camera thereby smashing it. Most likely this was a demonstration of telekinetic powers. Diablo then placed his hand on Charlie’s forehead causing the actor to freeze with a look of horror in his eyes. Diablo then recited some incantation as he wiped the blood of a Weretiger upon his face. The Sorcerer was then heard to say,”I curse you tiger!” Sheen collapsed, and Diablo disappeared but not before taking an entire case of Diet Coke with him!

The Blood Of The Tiger Is Strong In Sheen

We have no clue why Diablo happened to be in that particular place when he could pilfer Diet Coke from anywhere on Earth! We also have no idea why he was carrying the ultra rare Weretiger blood on him. Such blood is usually only found in the mysterious mountains and jungles of the Far East. Either way we’re pretty sure the witnesses accounts are true. Especially considering the power that Diablo wields. This includes his ascension to King Of Hell status in 2013! Charlie Sheen is indeed a Weretiger.  He really does have tigers blood running through him. Although since this was induced by a magical Curse he isn’t a full blown immortal variety of Weretiger. He’s clearly aged quite a bit since 1988.

A Tiger Man Among Us?

Most likely Charlie can transform into a monstrous tiger man and possibly a full blown tiger at will. It’s also not uncommon for Weretigers to lose control during heightened emotional states and transform spontaneously. Sheen’s paranormal powers would include enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. I’d imagine it must be hard to restrain himself in times of stress and anger. So far we don’t have anyone witnessing his transformation. Although an unconfirmed source claims to have seen a tiger strolling outside the tiger enclosure at the LA Zoo in 2010. The tiger walked behind a building and Sheen came out the other side almost instantly. Coincidence? We think not!

Charlie Cries Out For Supernatural Help?

Since he’s an imperfect Werecat it’s likely the tiger blood mingling with his humanity is responsible for his mental imbalances and erratic behavior over the years. Certainly accidentally shooting then fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm back in 1990 was a sign of an internal struggle. That being said, the recently dearly departed Preston never held any ill will against him and Charlie swears it was an accident. Weretigers are prone to violent fits of pure animal rage. They can also hypnotize people into forgetting things or remembering them differently. His comparisons to tigers might be a desperate cry for help. Maybe he fears becoming a government experiment? Charlie can feel free to contact us if he needs help dealing with his Ailuranthropy, aka cat shape shifter, condition.  All we can say is may God have mercy on Charlie Sheen’s immortal Weretiger soul!🐯

The Supernatural Element Involved In Kurt Cobain’s Death

Kurt Cobain was an influential yet short-lived alternative rock grunge singer musician. Kurt and his band Nirvana became one of the most iconic groups in the 1990’s world of alternative music. On April 5, 1994, he met a premature end by suicide at the age of 27. He left behind his wife Courtney Love, daughter Frances, and millions of heartbroken fans. Quite often the tragic death of especially famous people is hard to accept so some assume they were covertly murdered or faked it. This causes conspiracy theories to fly forth. On the 25th anniversary of his untimely death, we examine the cause of his suicide. It seems something supernaturally wicked wandered into Cobain’s life early on that led to a gradual deterioration in his mental state.

Kurt Cobain’s Imaginary Friend Boddah Was Real!

It had been known that Kurt had an imaginary friend he called Boddah. This entity appeared after the divorce of his parents. The break-up of his family had a profoundly negative effect on him. From there he faced various hardships throughout his childhood into adulthood. Early on when he’d get into trouble he would blame Boddah for it. Such as the incident where Kurt wrote “Kill Your Parents” on the wall at his school. In the end, Cobain’s suicide note was inexplicably written to Boddah. After a lengthy paranormal investigation, we now know that Boddah was a real being of a sinister sort. Plausibly one of the rarest supernatural beings in existence. A metaphysical energy entity known as an Inter-Omniversal Parasite! A breed of beast that specializes in sucking the energy from souls and eventually eating them whole!

The Inter-Omniversal Parasite

Inter-Omniversal Parasites (IOP) are born from certain unique spontaneous random sub-conscious thoughts of Omniverse Gods. We live within a 12 dimensional Omniverse God that is made up of an unimaginable number of Multiverses and Parallel Universes. When these Gods unknowingly have a certain type of thought it forms excess enchanted energy that is propelled into Inter-Omniversal space. At some point, it randomly runs into another God and the Parasite burrows into the Omniverse by matching its metaphysical frequency. As these parasites are born from Gods they are extremely intelligent and are careful to remain in a stealth mode. They are quite different and far more powerful than Omniverse Personifiers who are born in the same manner.

A Sinister Soul Sucker!

The Inter-Omniversal Parasite dives deep down into the Omniverse crossing 5-D probability space. The hyperspace that gives birth to parallel realities. This causes it to multiply into parallel selves that then lead separate destinies in various Parallel Universes. In a way, this makes it a virus but it does no damage to the Omniverse. The creature would eventually be detected by God so it looks to attach itself to a living soul in which it can hide. In particular, it is drawn to the energy of angst-ridden individuals with crazy creativity that often propels them to fame. Clearly, Boddah hit the jackpot with Kurt Cobain as he insinuated itself in his life as an invisible support system. A metaphysical friend who helped Kurt cope with the despair of injustices. A parasite who took a human form only Cobain could see as it took on the vibrational frequency of his soul. A soul Boddah was siphoning nourishing energy from!

Boddah Caused Cobain’s Suicide

Despite Boddah claiming to be Kurt’s friend, he didn’t make anything better. Although, appearances had to be kept up or it would have been possible for Cobain to eject the Parasite via Free Will. Kurt suffered from depression and various painful physical ailments that Boddah could have easily healed. This led Cobain to further rebel and abuse drugs. As the vile Parasite was eating away at Kurt’s very soul his depression gave way to apathy. He felt numb and could feel no joy or enthusiasm for anything in life. He was faking it to make people around him feel good. This was due to his soul nearly being gone! Boddah knew his time in this vessel was coming to a close so he encouraged Cobain to commit suicide. It appears that the violent self-inflicted deaths of the IOP’s host causes enough of a distraction for it escape undetected by the Omniverse Lord. Technically Cobain was murdered by Boddah!

The Connection With The Omniverse Demigod Jesus Christ

Interestingly enough, psychic evidence indicates that an Inter-Omniversal Parasite was responsible for weakening Jesus Christ. Indeed his downfall at the hands of the Roman’s wasn’t an intentional death for humankind’s sins. The parasite fed off the Demigod Jesus’s human soul while energy from the God half attempted to fill in the void. The perplexing parasite tricked Jesus into thinking he was an Angel sent by the Omniverse God to watch over him. Since Jesus was an Omniverse Demigod the enchanted energy would have lasted forever. Unfortunately for the Parasite the Roman’s crucified Jesus and he was forced to leave. Thankfully, he didn’t stick around dormant for 3 days and experience the power rush of the Resurrection! It’s unknown if Christ’s Parasite escaped but some psychics, seers, and mystics suggest it was the same one that infested Kurt Cobain.

What Happened To Kurt Cobain After He Died

Since Cobain’s soul was nearly gone we believe he didn’t initially go to any higher dimensional afterlife. Instead, his consciousness phased into the nearest Parallel Universe where he was still alive. He would then meld with his parallel self with no memory of this life. The cycle of Parallel Universe hopping continues until he reaches a reality where Boddah didn’t take his soul. Only then did Kurt Cobain find peace in the Heavenly afterlife. We know this since Kurt never sold his soul to the Devil like a number of other celebrities. Even if he had tried Boddah would have easily scared Satan away! The current whereabouts of Boddah are unknown. He is presumed to have found new souls to devour until the Omniverse Lord detects and destroys him!