June 18, 2024
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12 years ago

When I was 4yrs old. I was bitten by a rabid dog. The worse part of it all. Was the large rabies shots. I had to watch the needle going in my bellybutton. I remember holding onto the glass door at the hospital. Screaming.. not again! lol a year or so later. I began craving blood. I would drink the blood my mom had in the steak container. I did this allot! Until she caught me doing it. She screamed at me. Saying You will die! etc. I craved salty and very sweet things. I would pour a cup of sugar into a tall glass of milk. I probably had some mineral deficiency. But I find it odd to this day! I still crave blood. Instead, I venture to Texas Road House for a rare steak. Do you suppose there could be any vampire DNA within my veins? This world is very mysterious.

Xavier Remington
12 years ago
Reply to  whitewolf

Who knows you might have some vampire in you just as Chupacabra has some as well. Yet not enough to prevent it from being in the light of day. Sounds like you got all kinds of things going on. You could be the first of your kind. A werewolf vampire hybrid with telekinetic, and electrokinetic powers along with the healing power that goes along with tapping into the pure spiritual energy of the Universe.

12 years ago

Well that is allot to take in. I know my father had many abilities. He terrified my mother. She told me when she was pregnant with me. He would wave his hands over her belly and placed stones etc. Then her belly began to glow. She freaked out and screamed at him. She told me she left him because he terrified her. He trusted his abilities with her and she couldn’t handle it. He was a good man. (Good father). She just didn’t want to know the truth. Then when she left him. She took me and never let me see him. I asked her for help. She would tell me your like your father .. Shut up! I don’t want to ever see or hear anything of that. So I was alienated by her. Been just trying to be normal. But I’m not. I don’t blame her now. But I did then growing up! As for now. I just am trying to understand. I have tried healing the earth and water. With great success. I’ve focused my attention towards healing the ozone as well. I feel If I am like my father. I will use the gifts for good. To protect all that is in Earth and beyond. I do Reiki as well. I just don’t know who to tell or talk to about this. I hope you don’t mind I talk of this here. Whatever it is I am. I hope I am here to better Vampires, Werewolves and all the good in humanity and this place we call home. -Earth. I also do not want wars with the daemons or Lucifer and he knows. I feel I am in the middle. Not on any side. Other than the side of Earth and the good of the Universe. That is all. That is the feeling I have within. I only wanted to know if I was alone! Are there others like me? You might want to know this. I have had children of my own. And they do possess the exact same abilities I do. With even more! They can do things I can’t. This is long. Thank you again for all your help. I just wonder where we stand in this world. There must be a good reason.

12 years ago

Recently I healed a man who was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease. I’ve saved many people including my family members. I’ve also seen there deaths a few weeks before hand. Stopped it. But my family are afraid of me. Since when I call.. seems I am the bringer of bad news. I feel if I don’t warn them. I am responsible for there deaths if I don’t stop it! Why I see these things? I don’t understand it. I never got a thank you from any of them. What can I say’ They are family. So I live far from them. Still feel alienated. I am the black sheep. I know the Royal Vampires are the wisest of all life on this Earth. This is why I have come forth! I do wish to talk with someone face to face. I just don’t want to offend anyone! It’s not easy for me to come forward online. What is important for you all to know. I mean no harm and I am only here to protect and try to make life better for future generations to come. Would be a great pleasure to meed a Royal. I couldn’t imagine there intellect and knowledge! Thank you Admin.

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