Yellow Paranormal Activity Alert And Grey Zombie Apocalypse Alert!

A Yellow Alert has been issued globally throughout the supernatural world! There has been an exponential increase in general paranormal activity due to the Double Blood Moon’s of the October Halloween Season. These two Full Moon’s are linked through time and space via a massive metaphysical energy feedback loop caused by the ultra-rare Blue Blood Moon that falls on Halloween itself! Something that was last seen on All Hallows Eve 1974. The top threats at the moment are vampires, werewolves, and zombies. In fact, the walking dead threat has tripled thus causing a Grey Alert to be issued for the entire planet. This means there is an increased likelihood of the Zombie Apocalypse taking place! Fear not for Zombie Hunters are out in full force along with The US Paranormal Defense Agency, and other secret agencies of other nations! Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Warning…

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