What’s It Like To Be A Zombie Hunter?

A Zombie Hunter, or Zombie Slayer, is a paranormal professional who specializes in the repelling, tracking, neutralization, and extermination of walking dead corpses. It is definitely the second most common supernatural career next to Ghost Hunting. California’s ZombieCorp, Inc are major international players in the Zombie Hunting game. In fact, they have an education division that grants motivated individuals various certifications and degrees in Zombology which encompass all areas of zombie study. Certainly, over the last month, we here at Mystic Investigations have taken down our fair share as the Zombie Apocalypse stands at Grey Alert! This means there are many living dead hordes around the world but not enough to set off a Zombie Epidemic. Thankfully, our partners around the world are keeping the animated corpses under control!🧟‍♀️

How To Get Into The Zombie Hunting Game?

Those who get into Zombie Hunting are often in the family business or run across a zombie randomly. They hear an inner calling after realizing the threat of the walking dead could destroy humankind. If they know nothing about the world of the supernatural then they research what they can at the local library and the internet. Eventually, they stumble on to other hunters and are trained by them or told of real zombie slayer training academy’s. Such schools are in desolate rural areas where dozens of captured zombies can be caged safety. There field conditions can be simulated by controlled release, capture, and hunting exercises. Zombie Hunting sometimes requires capture if one is tasked with meeting research and training needs. Especially in the hunt to find a cure for the many strains of the Zombie Virus. Each day diabolical magical practitioners, Voodoo Masters, and filthy fiends like The Plague Doctor look to increase the likelihood of the Zombie Apocalypse for their own nefarious agendas! If the Walking Dead apocalypse ever happens then Zombie Hunters will be the leaders we look toward to save humankind and rebuild civilization!

What Do Zombie Hunters Learn In Their Training?

Those training to be professional Zombie Hunters learn the history of zombies, their decay rates in various weather and terrain along with their instinctual habits. There’s data on the ever-evolving zombie virus and known evil entities who work to stoke that threat. Generally, survival training is essential as one could spend quite a time in remote rural zones. Once a zombie is detected you can’t just call it a day and go home without a catch. That zombie or horde needs to go down one way or another because human lives are at stake! Tracking, capture, containment, hand to hand combat and kill skills are a top priority at zombie hunting school. One must be proficient in the use of all manner of sharp implements, guns, and impromptu weapons they find in their surroundings. There is also a crash course in how to deal with other supernatural threats and who to call when overwhelmed. Medical training is apart of the package. Whether that be common injuries, illnesses, or zombie bite victims. When someone is bitten their only hope is quick amputation! Leadership skills are emphasized so one can take charge of a novice hunting group or calm those who have just discovered zombies are real. There’s also the monumental task of organizing and protecting surviving humans during a pandemic or apocalypse.

The Dangers Of Zombie Slaying

Needless to say, hunting zombies is a deeply dangerous business to be in. These dangers include the potential to be maimed, killed, or catch the zombie virus! The work is often in the dim light of the night and the corpses smell horrific! It’s not uncommon for new slayers to barf for several months until they become acclimated to the sinster stench of death itself! The utilization of sharp implements and guns presents its own risks. Especially when battling with a group of hunters who could easily become confused in the midst of a living dead horde! A hunter must ideally wear restrictive protective gear as contact with any zombie flesh or bodily fluids could result in catching the zombification virus! There is the additional jeopardy of those who purposely raise zombies from their graves or turn innocents into the walking dead through direct viral transmission. Wicked Witches, Voodoo Priests, mad scientists, and other paranormal power players can pose a serious threat! This is when it’s essential to have back-up and contacts in the supernatural community who can deal with this additional risk.

The Lonely Life Of A Zombie Hunter

The wayward work can require great strength and stamina along with long nocturnal hours in unpleasant weather conditions. It helps if they happen to be superhuman but most are just regular men and women with the guts to do the right thing! A fair number are former members of the military. Some settle in one area where zombies are common but most tend to lead lonely nomadic lives. Only socializing in their hunting circles. Any mention of their job to others might send them to the funny farm for mental evaluation! Of course, every so often there are successful zombie hunting couples who kill and love in their slaying trips around the world. Naturally, bringing kids into this equation is a risky business. However, the noble tradition must be passed on to save future generations from animated disease ridden corpses!

Zombie Hunters Are Rarely Wealthy!

A career in the Zombie Arts is often pro bono and income must be found by other means. Many have normal daytime jobs or even hustle scams on the side to keep up with living expenses and fund their supernatural slaying activities. Sometimes these brave individuals end up hunting all manner of supernatural beings including vampires, werewolves, and other monsters! The smart ones in the paranormal know find organizations and wealthy benefactors who will pay them a living wage. Zombie Bounty Hunters get paid by delivering living dead corpses to zombological research centers and paranormal philanthropists looking to save the planet from the apocalypse. In the end, these magnificent bastards are the unsung heroes who save countless human lives without the general public ever knowing about it! God bless all those who put their lives on the line to destroy the zombie menace!🧟‍♂️

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