Halloween Blood Moon Warning!

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October 2020 brings us two full Moons which means the second is a rare Blue Moon. The mainstream media calls the first Moon of October 1st a Harvest Moon. This is tradition for the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The Blue Moon on October 31st, Halloween itself, is considered the Hunters Moon. The name derives from the start of the hunting season in both the human and paranormal worlds. That being said, in the secret supernatural community, any Moon in October is the Blood Moon that falls under the deep influence of diabolical darkness. The closer to Halloween the more evil essence exudes forth. With each passing day expect ever-increasing amounts of paranormal activity across the supernatural spectrum. This includes dark spirits, ghosts, demons, poltergeists, werewolves, vampires, zombies, gnomes, dark magicians, and monsters of all types!

This despite Halloween being a holiday of balance between the forces of good and evil. A necessary metaphysical mechanism to prevent catastrophic chaos! The forces of darkness are more or less restrained to an extent throughout the year. Especially with so many holidays stoking the Spirit of light and all that is right. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve metaphysical balance is to allow the forces of evil to come out and play during the All Hallows Season. This culminates in the veil between the physical and metaphysical world weakening thus allowing for more higher dimensional entities to exist upon the Earth!

The Blasphemous Blood Moon

This Blood Moon is furthest away from Halloween but it still has great power due to being metaphysically linked to the future Blue Moon at the end of the month. That temporal link grants it the Halloween Blood Moon name. Usually, only the Full Moon falling on or very close to Halloween is called that. Demonic and Dark Underworld Deities hold dominion over this menacing Moon. Had it fallen a day earlier then Autumn and Lunar Goddesses would have had control making it a much more peaceful event. Under the Blood Moon, paranormal activity will be off the charts for both entities of evil and even those of a righteous sort.

The Chaotic Crimson Moon

In places where it actually appears blood red you should be aware this indicates a greatly increased amount of sinister supernatural skullduggery. Especially in the world of dark magic. If it appears orange then the Queen Of Halloween Shala is influencing the Moon’s metaphysical energies in your area for the purposes of bringing about balance between light and darkness. This is most often an application of enchantment to counter too much evil. So an orange moon will generally mean you can roam the night with some level of safety as The Spirit Of Halloween sets things right. If the Moon looks its usual color then things could go either way.

Werewolf Warning

Werewolves are at their most vicious and brazen under the Blood Moon of Halloween. Expect this to be doubly so under the supernatural connection to the Blue Moon of October 31st. Unfortunately, that upcoming Moon will cause triple to quadruple the paranormal power in Werewolves. Werewolf Hunters will certainly have their hands full! Many Lycanthrope Countermeasures such as wolfsbane, holy water, and religious artifacts will fall short of getting the job done. Sharp silver implements or bullets that remain lodged within will weaken them while not killing them as it normally would. It will take several pure silver bullets to the heart to eradicate werewolves under this Moon. Of course, remember this is a last resort as they are human most of the day. The Blood Moon provides more time in their wolf form well before dusk and even after dawn as they withstand the low lying sunlight.

Things will be even worse under the Blue Moon which will also still be a Blood Moon!  There will situations where the hairy horrors are full-on silver bullet proof and nothing can be done but attempted beheadings and holy fire incinerations. Getting close enough to perform these tasks is beyond risky with the power these wild wolves of hell will wield! Under the Blue Blood Moon Of Halloween, in places where it appears violet in color, it is said Werewolves will be invincible. Thankfully, this is only while the Moon is at 100% of Full! When such a rarity happens all you can do is turn tail and run into the dead cold night! It’s a fair bet you’re already dead so say a prayer to your deity of choice and prepare to meet your maker!

We recommend staying indoors until the Moon is below 75% of Full as protective Mother Earth shields the Moons energies from those who feed off of it. Although, under this Blood Moon, Werewolves will be far more brazen as previously mentioned and could very well storm your house! Even with the proper countermeasures posted at every door and window. We have reports of them crashing through walls! Run Werewolf evacuation drills for such situations. A steel reinforced safe room would be perfect for such a horrifying event.

Vampire Warning

Vampires will suffer from the Blood Moon Fever. This causes normally cautious vampires to lose control and go on bloody drunken murder sprees! The various vampire defenses will be much less effective. First and Second Generation Royal Vampires can withstand the effect of the fever while utilizing their blood to keep control of royal foot soldiers. These warrior vampires are out on full force during the Blood Moon nights to ensure that sanguine suckers aren’t exposed to the world. Under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact both the forces of light and darkness need to keep their houses in order.

If one or more vampires were about to be exposed by the mainstream media then either the royal vamps or various demonic entities would step in to stop it. This usually consists of terminating all involved whether vampire or human! Sometimes the Vampire Sire of the offender is punished in some way for having such a reckless offspring even if it was the Blood Moon’s fault. Ironically, the Blood Moon created by the aforementioned demonic entities. Clearly the denizens of darkness aren’t enchanted Einstein’s. During this malevolent Moon, it is prudent for most vampires to lock themselves away in a steel cage coated with silver in the same way a responsible werewolf would. Again were suggesting everyone stay indoors at night until the Moon is below 75% of full.

Dark Magician And Zombie Warning

Dark Practitioners of Magic eat up the mega metaphysical madness of the Blood Moon in their spells and sacrificial rituals. Be very wary of any charismatic individuals who want you to join their cult or anything they might describe as some innocent group of like-minded individuals during the Halloween Season. Odds are good they may be eyeing you for a blood sacrifice to demons or dark deities! They claim a sacrifice to the Devil himself is an honor that will reward you forever. Then again these people lie as well as they breath air! These wayward witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers also love raising the dead to Zombie status so steer clear of graveyards and mortuaries. The same places all manner of dark spirits will be on the lose! That goes for the quintessential haunted house as well. Beware of demonic possessions as paranormal powers rise in the coming weeks! Exorcisms may be useless until after Halloween!

Defending Yourself Against Halloween Horrors

The best supernatural defense for the average individual during the October Halloween season is to simply celebrate it to the maximum. Those with the Spirit Of Halloween in their hearts are often protected from its paranormal perplexities more so than others. Think about Halloween every day and night. Decorate your home inside and out as you plan to accept Trick O Treaters on Halloween night. Purchase a costume and wear it even if you have no plans to hold or attend a Halloween party. However, do try to attend a related event at a fake haunted house, amusement park, or cornfield maze. There’s no reason to not enjoy the holidays free of any supernatural savages. Those who have not read this article and celebrate Halloween get the pleasure of living in blissful ignorance. Be secure in the knowledge that you are now ready to deal with any incursions from the horrors of Halloween! Happy Halloween!🎃

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October’s Astronomy Highlights

There’s the aforementioned Double Full Moon’s of October along with Mars being at its brightest and closest to Earth on October 6th. Since the God Of War possesses the Spirit of the planet expect some minor increases in aggression in all manner of beings. This is caused by the dark metaphysical energy within its crimson rays. It will be interesting to see what happens to humans who travel to Mars! Some say Earth’s Nature Deities, including Goddess Gaia, will descend upon Mars to protect humans from evil influences! October will also bring us visibly of the Andromeda Galaxy. Thankfully, there’s no paranormal influence from it.

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