Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Action Portal

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Zombie Apocalypse Status: Green

All zombie virus threats are contained around the world. No epidemics or pandemics in progress. Only minor isolated zombie hordes and individual walking dead rising from graves. Private paranormal professionals and government agents are keeping zombies in check!

All Zombie Alert Conditions

Brown Alert: A new strain of the Zombie virus has been detected with the potential to spread quickly thereby causing an epidemic or pandemic! There are currently only cures for about a dozen strains of the zombie virus along with vaccinations for 19. Naturally, they are only available from secret supernatural sources. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of strains that are continuing to evolve. There are also ones brought about by mad scientists and paranormal bio-terrorists! The premier threat in this arena is the notorious Plague Doctor and his global cult of darkness!
Grey Alert: Higher than average walking dead hordes around the world! The threats are just barely being contained and there is no evidence of any epidemics. Generally, these heinous hordes are dark practitioners of magic, including Voodoo Masters, causing the rise of animated corpses rather than a spreading paranormal virus.
Orange Alert: At least one sizable zombie epidemic posing a threat to the populace. There’s no guarantee of a complete quarantine so it could spread elsewhere! The government can’t cover it up and the mainstream media must report on the growing threat. However, they probably won’t come out and say it’s a supernatural zombie virus.
Yellow Alert: Several zombie epidemics detected around the globe! The likelihood of a global pandemic is extremely high! Prepare for the worst and be ready for life as you know it to end! There’s still a chance of reversing things and halting the walking dead apocalypse. At this point there is no hiding the existence of zombies from the world. The world of the paranormal is exposed and the Supernatural Secrecy Pact flies out the window!
Red Alert: The Zombie Apocalypse is in progress! A global pandemic is spreading out of control around the world! At this point there is little hope of reversing the rise of the walking dead! Brace yourself for several years of living hell and pray for the rise of civilization in the comping post-apocalypse! It’s plausible this could be a major play in the War Of Armageddon!

Mystic Investigations Is A Zombie Hunter Approved Apocalypse Safe Zone

Mystic Investigations has taken the supernatural initiative in lieu of the government denying the existence of Zombies! Those of us in the paranormal community who actively battle the zombie scourge are also prepared for the infamous Zombie Apocalypse if God forbid it happens. Our high tech headquarters is a literal fortress of hidden rooms and passages. All stocked with food, weapons, and supplies needed to survive with a group of up to 100 people for 1 year. We have on site gardens and greenhouses along with an underground tunnel leading to a cooperative farm nearby. In addition, we have armored vehicles ideal for transport in any apocalyptic situation. Our team of supernatural warriors stands ready to protect any and all innocents from the horrifying hordes of soulless living dead monsters!🧟‍♂️

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Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse!

If your local community or region doesn’t have a professionally maintained zombie apocalypse shelter then it’s up to you to create your own. Whether it be in your own home or in cooperation with other like minded individuals. Farms are especially useful. Otherwise go for your basement or anything underground where you can barricade yourself in if faced with a zombie threat. Stock it with as much food, water, and survival supplies as possible. Sharp implements and other weapons are essential in the battle for survival amid the downfall of humankind! Have a plan of action to eventually retreat to a rural farm, school, prison, shopping mall, or some other facility for you and others to begin rebuilding civilization. You will most likely need to use brute force to clear these places of unsavory animated corpses of a walking dead sort!🧟‍♀️

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hacks

Basic guidelines to ensure you live unharmed long enough to see the post-apocalypse! [Search All Our Zombie Related Articles]