Are You Safe From Vampires In Your House?

The Global Vampire Spell protects people from Vampires arbitrarily entering their humble abodes. The blood-sucking living dead must be invited in by a human who legally owns or dwells within a home. In the past, people were better at identifying vampires and quite wary of strangers. In modern times most vampires blend into our social culture far better. Despite our continued caution when it comes to strangers entering our homes, there are a variety of reasons why they would. For instance building inspectors, law enforcement, repair, and delivery persons that vampires could easily pose as. Unfortunately, inadvertent invitations inside rose greatly in the 20th century!

Sunlight Is No Guarantee A Person Isn’t A Vampire!

You might think all is well if sunlight is afoot. This is due to vampires lighting into a living dead bonfire and turning to ash in the holy rays of the sun! However, there are temporary solutions such as Gnomes blood and magically created daylight rings. Unlike the Vampire Diaries portrayal of daylight rings, they are in reality extremely rare, and difficult to create. In addition, the majority will shatter after too much use. There are only a handful of very ancient ones that have stood the test of time. Thankfully Gnomes are difficult little creatures to catch so their blood is hard to come by as well. Still, there is the one chance the person at your door during the day could be a tricky vampire!

Always Shake Hands With Strangers About To Enter Your Home

The easiest method to test for vampirism is to wear a real silver ring, and then shake the hand of the person at the door. Silver isn’t as deadly to vampires as werewolves but it’s extremely annoying to them! The pain should cause them to jerk their hand away. Depending on their age you should see a small puff of smoke rise from their hand along with an observed temporary burn. Rubbing holy oil on your hands for the shake would also cause similar results over a wider area of their hand. This might cause enough anger to expose their monstrous vampire face complete with fangs, and eye glowing. Fear not for you are safe behind your holy threshold. If you invite a vampire inside by accident then always have religious artifacts handy in preparation for battle. The easiest method is a super soaker filled with holy water from your local church.

Even if a vampire doesn’t get inside there’s nothing stopping him or her from taking members of your family hostage outside! Planting vervain around your house along with holy water sprinklers may deter vampires. Having Priests bless your ground holy once a month is another great countermeasure. If you happen to have access to zombie flesh then sprinkling that around wouldn’t hurt either. Vampires loath the stench of the rotting Walking Dead!

You’re Never Completely Safe Inside Your House From A Determined Vampire!

Another way a vampire can get to you inside your house is to launch projectiles at it! Anything from a newspaper to a rock can be a deadly missile when thrown by vampires who possess super strength, and speed. Many can even pick up a car, and propel it at your home! They could also toss a flaming object inside to start a fire! All of which can force you to invite them in, or lure you outside.

In such cases, only powerful protection, or supernatural sealing spells can prevent a vampire from harming you. Such spells placed on your home can only be done by extremely powerful witches, warlocks, wizards, or sorcerers. Generally, they are temporary and must be renewed every so often. There’s also the fact that they use a great deal of metaphysical energy which in turn taxes the practitioner of magic who cast the spell. Odds are they will charge a large amount of money for their magical services!  Fortunately, if there is a real immediate danger a powerful paranormal professional will often aid you free of charge. After all most of us in the supernatural community strive to rid the planet of evil at all costs!

Despite there being ways around the vampire invite spell, the majority of people have nothing to worry about. Vampires rarely go to random residences looking for a bloody meal. Most people will never run across one in their lifetime thanks to Vampire Slayers keeping the vampire populace low. This perplexing population is already limited since vampires are extremely particular about who they bring across into the dark eternal shadows. They usually target people at various nocturnal social gatherings. Plausibly if you held a large party where people were frequently coming in, and out then you might have a problem. College dorms, frat, and sorority houses are often quite vulnerable to vampire attack!

Your last lines of defense are personal deterrents. Wearing religious jewelry, silver, vervain, and even washing your clothes in holy water can mean the difference between life, and death!

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