Why Can’t You Place A Vampire Invite Spell On Yourself?

All the homes of the world fall under one of the greatest magic spells of all time. It was many centuries ago when an armada of witches, and other magical practitioners, from around the world cast the Vampire Invitation Spell. It guarantees that no Vampire may enter your home without an invitation by the owner or someone who dwells within. This begs the question of why they didn’t just grant this power to every human’s body. No vampire could bite someone and partake of their blood without an invite. Or a complete protection spell to create a supernatural shield around everyone to fend off all paranormal perplexities.

Can All People Be Protected From Vampires?

The paranormal power required for such a spell would be off the charts! This is due to there being far more people in the world than private dwellings. There’s also the fact that casting a spell upon a stationary inanimate object is far easier than that of a living mobile sentient being. As humans, our bodies are constantly creating new blood cells along with surges of metaphysical energy from our souls. This washes away any magic stored within us over time. Even our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts would eventually muddle a spell. Casting a protection spell upon 7 billion people would be virtually impossible without major Heavenly intervention. Interestingly enough, it is said that when the forces of good win Armagdeon, Mother Earth Goddess Gaia will be freed from her non-intervention and will make the entire planet safe for all!

A Protection Spell Can Be Cast Upon You With A Paranormal Price

You could have a practitioner of magic place a vampire protection or invite spell on you but it wouldn’t last long. Not to mention you have no idea if you’d ever even come across a vampire in your lifetime! You’d have to continually renew it for the rest of your life. Over time the spell would cause biological and spiritual damage to the average person. It can eventually cause cancer and death! This is the case with non-supernatural humans who Borrow Magic from those who naturally possess it. Even those with hereditary magic flowing through their blood can’t keep a protection spell on themselves indefinitely. Continued renewal also depletes energy for other uses. They would be less effective in magical battles. That being said, it’s not uncommon for superhuman Vampire Slayers to have a witch cast a protective spell upon them before a major living dead battle. At the end of the day, it’s easier for the average person to stay in their home at night or have vampire repellents upon their person.

The Balance Between Light And Darkness

The Global Vampire Invite Spell has already pushed the balance between good and evil to the limits. There is a Universal Law about maintaining that delicate balance. An imbalance can cause destructive chaos or stagnation which could easily tear apart the very fabric of our reality! It’s also using a mega load of metaphysical energy to maintain the spell. Adding another global spell might max out the enchanted energy reserves for Earth. Ultimately, the Omniverse God wants to play out a plethora of life scenarios. Unfortunately, that includes the existence of vampires who prey on humans for blood and even turn them into their own kind!🧛‍♀️

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