What Are Gnomes?

Evil GnomeGnomes are diminutive paranormal creatures of a magical nature who appear to be male yet are technically asexual. They’re usually no taller than 2 feet tall with a slender to medium build. However a few hulks have been known to push 3 feet tall. Gnomes who are at least one century old often have a small chubby belly and a snow white beard. Younger gnomes might not sport a beard and tend to be slimmer. They can look deceptively friendly, and cute. This is especially true due to their small size. They can even freeze in position appearing to be a lawn, or garden gnomes. However their true colors show when their ill will is displayed within their sinister demonic like appearance! This can include bloodshot eyes with slightly glowing crimson pupils, and vampire like fangs. All Gnomes wear a tall red hat which is pointed at the top. The pointy hat has magical origins, and acts as a paranormal mechanism to focus their mischievous power. All Gnomes have bright white hair that is sought after in a variety of magical potions and spells. In addition they often leave a minty smoky smell in their wake due to the mystical peppermint clover they pack their pipes with as they puff away with glee. The mint aroma is a great way to track the little devils. It can also be used to track, and trap them! Read The Rest Of This Article On Our Main Website…

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