Can A Werewolf Be Cured By Eradicating His Maker?

Werewolf MoonLegend has it that a Werewolf can return to being a human if they kill the Werewolf who cursed them with the Lycanthropy Virus.  Under the right circumstances it’s true that the Werewolf affliction can be cured.  However this does not apply to those born as pure breed Werewolves. Only those turned by another.  Unfortunately it can only take place during a full solar eclipse.  During a solar eclipse Werewolves transform into wolf men or women.  A true bipedal human-wolf hybrid with partial maintenance of their human persona while being deeply influenced by the rabid demonic wolf that resides in their DNA. It’s said that the wolf curse can be cured if they eliminate their creator during the eclipse with their own claws or jaws. Then they must immediately eat their heart before the New Moon completely leaves the suns path.  They must take care that the death itself doesn’t result in damaging the heart.  Anecdotal evidence supports this Lycanthropy cure.  This only cures the one individual, and doesn’t end the curse for any other Werewolves the maker brought into the hairy dimly lit lunar shadows.

Evidence indicates that the cured individual will no longer transform into a Werewolf everWerewolf Bite again but will still feel heightened aggression, and have some level of enhanced senses with slightly above average strength during the Full Moon.  This indicates that the Lycanthrope virus is not completely eradicated from the body, and lies in a latent state.  Or perhaps there are biological changes to the body that simply aren’t reversed by eliminating the Werewolf.  Keep in mind we have only written paranormal records, and there is no modern recorded case of the Werewolf cure taking place.  Naturally the wolf partaking of this would want it to be a secret as it’s considered an abomination to eliminate their own kind let alone their maker!

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