March 28, 2023

13 thoughts on “Are The Twilight Vampires Real?

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  2. I never thought of it that way before! -The Fairies. But it would make sense that they would sparkle. When I first seen this movie. I thought how odd? They sparkle? lol I never thought of vampires as sparkly. I wonder how they came up with this idea? Unless if there is any truth to it. Who knows? I wouldn’t mind so much as long as they are good. etc. Very interesting 🙂

    1. We know of no vampires who sparkle. After all of us watched Twilight some years ago at my house Drake told me to kill him if he ever sparkled. 🙂 I think Stephenie Meyer was looking for gentle and caring vampires that make little teen girls feel all warm and gushy inside. Maybe she ran across one, and he was her inspiration. If they exist they’re are beyond rare. Anything is possible in the world of the supernatural so there’s a slim chance that a half fairy half vampire could exist. Also I hate to say this but there’s chance that such a vampire might not actually be a sissy fairy. Perhaps that sparkling are bursts of cells starting to combust in the rays of the holy sun but their body repairs itself almost instantly so they never smoke or catch on fire. That would make them far more powerful than the average vampire.

  3. A sparkling Drake’ 😉 lol Xavier that makes sense. That if they were repairing themselves they’d sparkle constantly. Like a diamond in the rough’. Well would be something to witness. I’m happy about Drake. He don’t have to be all sparkly. Although’… women love sparkly things lol 😉 Not that he don’t already have women after him. I’m only joking. Also about the werewolves in the Twilight movies. I am disappointed they never really show a real werewolf.. I know werewolves can turn into a giant wolf like that. But why didn’t they show both sides of the wwolf? Maybe to terrifying for kids. They did hit the nail on the head when using an Indian as a werewolf. I know a few indian wwolves here. They are very decent people. They live along side nature and don’t harm humans. At least the ones I know of. This was very interesting though. Thanks! Off to bed. 🙂

    1. Twilight seems to be about the Sissification of the supernatural. So it’s not surprising that their Werewolves are just giant wolves who still have their human persona about them. Although there are Native American werewolf packs that are in full control of their transformation after generations of honing their powers. They can also purify the demonic DNA through their will power in some cases, and simply transform into a giant wolf. So that part of Twilight is true for a small group but the majority of Werewolves transform into out of control monsters on the nights of the full Moon.

      I’ve seen Drake heal from injuries, and there’s no sparkling. The wounds or burns will just gradually disappear. Drake was in astral form when he described his most amazing healing episode ever after destroying an active pure energy engine within an extraterrestrial vessel. He saw himself blown to pieces. The hugest piece to survive. Nothing more than a biological blob fell from the sky into a lake. Despite not having a head, which should have meant his death due to the beheading clause, he sprung back to life. He witnessed his head, and limbs grow back as his entire body re-shaped itself. It was quite surreal for him to witness, and there was no hint of sparkles. Of course once he re-entered his body he had total amnesia which he later recovered from.

  4. Hi Xavier, That is really un usual. 🙂 & Cool at the same time. Poor Drake! I’m glad he healed himself back to normal. I didn’t know he could do that. I figured once the head is removed that’s it. I was on facebook and found this link. They think they might have found a vampire skeleton. I’ll be driving in this 94 deg weather. Taking my son to Cedar Rapids, IA to get his teeth fixed. Last week my car over heated. I hope I make it there and back! Take it easy!

    1. Yes normally no head means a dead vampire. We’re thinking it was the unique circumstances of his situation. The extraterrestrial blood in his system combined with the nature of his death via pure energy explosion. But who knows maybe there’s a God protecting Drake as you mentioned when he told you of his early Serf days.

      If that is a vampire then it can only be a first generation vampire since it’s the only type of vampire whose skeleton would remain. All other vampires burst into flames, and turn into ash. Such a find will certainly peak the interest of the global vampire royal family. They take it very seriously when one of their own is extinguished from existence.

  5. About the Indians who are able to transform into a giant wolf. Instead of a werewolf form. I have seen this first hand. Yes they are very good werewolves. I also have been able to transform into a giant white wolf. I was at a cafe in a small town in the middle of no where’.. I didn’t know how I got there nor why I was even there. I sat down at a table. The owner of the place was having an all you can eat buffet for the local homeless people. It smelled great… was so real. Anyhow, Then this tall thin man sat across from me. I noticed his eyes were huge & almost glowing a bright yellow. I said to him. You’re eyes are so amazing.. He said “Thank You!” Then more men came in as the innocent homeless ppl were eating. They started to bring down the metal bars for the store and locked it up with the ppl still inside! I knew they were the evil pack.. I looked around searching for one person I possibly could save. 🙁

    There was a woman holding her new born baby. I knew I couldn’t save her. Then I spotted a 6 yr old little girl who was by herself a orphan. I went over to her immediately and sat next to her. I said you need to come with me right now! She said why? I told her “You see these men?” They are bad men.. You need to trust me and leave with me now! I gently grabbed her by her arm and led to to the back door leading to the store owners house. Was a town building. We heard ppl so we went inside and hid behind there living room sofa.. They said man I’m starving…Then they began transforming into there wolf forms .. and we could hear terrifying screaming from the restaurant. We thought we could get out.. as we tried opening the back door again another werewolf was right infront of us in his man form. He said Where are you going with her? I said in an evil voice.. SHe’s mine! I’m going to eat her in the woods.

    It’s too messy in there. He was Leary said okay’… and went inside. The little girl was terrified when she heard me say that.. I squeezed her arm as if to say “don’t worry!” Then when the coast was clear. I put her up on tree branch.. and wolfed out infront of her. I told her to trust me. I’m going to save her life! I told her to leap upon my back so we can run and hold on tight! As I wolfed out… I could sense her fear. I looked up at her… She then leaped upon my back and I ran with her as fast as my legs could run. I could hear the other werewolves … when they came out wondering where I went with the little girl. They said NO SURVIVORS.. Let’s get her! I got to the town over.. There so happen to be an orphanage there. I transformed into a werewolf once she crawled off my back. I told her hurry! Go ring the bell.. And NEVER Tell anyone what you’ve seen.

    She went up and looked back at me.. A woman answered.. took her inside she was shaking. She said come in.. you’re so cold. I ran as fast as I could so the evil pack wouldn’t know where I left the little girl.. they caught me on the outskirts of town by the stream.. They said “where’s the little girl?” I said I ate her.. They laughed… I doubt you did that… You’re fir is white and you have no blood on you!! I’m like oh crap! lol down side to being white! I said she is of no concern to you! The leader said you must follow our pack laws or die. I said NO .. You will follow my rules or die! They attacked me. 5 were wolves. I killed the 4 including the leader..He was the first. The 5th ran away and said were going to get you for killing our leader! I said I’ll be waiting!!! You better run and keep on running! Send a message the white wolf is back! That was the first time I ever changed into a wolf. Was for a good cause. I wonder what happened to that little girl. The time was back in the olden days… 1930’s the cars were very old. I can sometimes leap back in time in astral form. I’ve done this many times. The innocent’s cries will not go un heard anymore! This is what I am here for! Sorry this was a book. 🙂

    1. Damn that must have been a horrifying situation as you lived with the fact that you could only save one life that fateful day!

      The last time we dealt with an entire evil wolf pack was some years ago when we were hot on the trail of the culprits of various mutilations, and killings that were taking place across state lines. They made their way through three States, and the FBI agents we ran across were totally wrong thinking it was some nutty cult of human serial killers. They were a werewolf pack on a ritualistic killing spree to pay homage to various Demons who they wanted power from. We finally caught up with them in the heart of the witching hour in a zoo of dark shadows under the full Moon. As the normal animals roared, and growled with agitation the paranormal animals unholy howls bellowed forth through the cages, and glass enclosures. Zoo security had been viciously taken out. We had split up in teams of two as we normally do.

      Me & Rebecca Abernathy

      Drake Alexander & Julia Hathaway

      Robert Edmunds & Hunter Jackson

      Zachariah Powers & Ashley Abercrombie

      Elizabeth Weatherly stayed in the RV monitoring communications.

      I had my trusty guns, one in each hand, loaded with silver bullets. Rebecca had her Mystic Sphere defense, and offensive magical capabilities. As a vampire Drake had a serious advantage over the wacko wolves, and he wielded a silver dagger. Julia utilized her telekinesis, and mind control powers. Rob Edmunds his electromagnetic ghost gun which does a pretty good job messing with a Werewolves brain, and nervous system. Hunter Jackson had his machine gun loaded with silver bullets. Zack Powers bionic abilities allowed him to dodge Werewolf attacks, and engage in limited battle. He was also armed with a squirt gun full of Father Tom’s patented holy water with colloidal silver, and quicksilver, aka mercury. Nobody would want to get squirted in the eye with that! Ashley had her Werewolf whistles, and electronic devices to attempt control over the rampaging hell hounds. She prefers to try and render beasts harmless, and capture them for study which is why she’s also armed with a special Werewolf tranquilizer gun. It’s risky to attempt that and not go for the silver bullet kill when dealing with such a clearly homicidal Werewolf pack whose fully aware of their actions. We had some close calls as we battled the beasts but we took them out with extreme prejudice, and saved most of the animals. I stopped one who had just taken out two polar bears in 10 seconds, and was just about to leap into the penguin tank. Thank God I was able to save the poor little fellas!

  6. Hello Xavier, Yes that was very upsetting for me. But this was my first real fight. At the time I didn’t know I could take on the entire pack! I never battled before! Was my first real confrontation with a pack. All I knew is I had to get one out. If only I could go back to that night. I would have stood my ground in that restaurant and killed all of those werewolves. At least tried to save more people. Something I have to live with. I can’t imagine what the little girl went through over the years. Being that alone.

    I do believe Drake is being protected by the gods. Jesus even likes him. 🙂 When the time comes for me to cross over.. I will be protecting all of you in the astral form. I’m more powerful in that form. I don’t quiet understand this myself. What that pack did to the zoo is ravage. I’m glad you were able to kill them. Did you guys tranquilize any of them? Yes they do know what they are doing in there wwolf form. They lie and tell me they can’t help it! I told one who I know.. If you are a mindless beast.. Then why did you turn around and talk to me when I had your tail? You said Why are you killing your own kind? I said, I’m not of you! And yanked his tail off. I didn’t know he was a friend of mine at the time. He told me a white wolf ripped his tail off and he woke up in a pool of blood. When I told him it was me.

    He got very evil in his tone of voice and said’ Angela you better be careful what you do.. I said no Paul.. You better be careful what you do and who you’re running with. He gave me death threat and I don’t take kindly to those. I’m disappointed he is running with the wicked packs. I thought I could trust in him. I was wrong!! 🙁 I’ve known him a long time thinking he was a nice guy.. I never would have thought he was a were wolf.. He’s the one who terrorized me on my horse ranch. Him and his pack would chase my horse freak them all out.

    They never did damage. But they scared me so bad I sold my dream home. I am very upset at him.. Then when I moved in town.. He still climbed up my house and walked on my roof. I thought I was going crazy! He did this to me for years. Also he tried to get me to have an affair.. He told me he’s Osiris and I am ISIS. You can imagine my disappointment!!! I always thought of Osiris as a good guy.. Not anymore! So I walk alone.. I don’t run with packs. I only try to save as many innocents as possible.

    1. We tranquilized, and captured one for Ashley to experiment on as she work to find a cure for Lycanthropy. Even in human form he was beyond violent, and would shake the hell out of his cage in the sub levels of Mystic Investigations. He did nothing but threaten to torture, and kill all of us. Rebecca tried to cure him with magic. However she is only able to temporally de-transform a Werewolf. Since he was morally beyond rehabilitation we had hoped to cure him so law enforcement could deal with him. Naturally shipping him to the Amazon women was out of the question. A werewolf would be too dangerous within the safe confines of their hidden village. We ended up loaning him out to other private paranormal research organizations, and even got a offer of one million dollars from a billionaire who wanted him for his private zoo.. Although we we confronted by a team of Werewolf Hunters. The leader said the Werewolf had killed his daughter, and he wanted to exact justice. After hearing his story Julia confirmed he was telling the truth, and turned the wolf over to him. We assume he’s dead now.

  7. I also forgot to include the fact this man only lives 4 blocks from me. He came over a few days ago to play golf with Greg since Greg called him and asked him to go. He seems like the nicest guy’ has a wife & 4 kids. I just wish he was as he seemed. He is a very good father. But I know what and who he really is. I hope he’ll just leave me alone! Not to mention I also grew up with his wife .. Since 7yrs old. I’ll never tell her what I know. I just am very disappointed. Do you have any idea how many evil packs there are in this world? There are so many! Every day I think about this. And I worry about the innocent people. I wonder if I can even make a difference for this world. I feel as if I’m way out numbered and perhaps the evil side or Darkness is winning!

    Am I the last werewolf in this world who really cares? I never see anyone but me fighting against these packs when I show up! It’s terrifying. I don’t look forward to the fighting. When people are involved I fight for them. When I wolf out and are with the packs there are so many… They all look at me. I am one they are many.. I normally run in the opposite direction unless if there are innocent people needing my help. I am happy to know you guys exist.. I was worried that there was no one else to help fight Evil.

    1. Unfortunately since werewolves, vampires, and some other paranormal beings are based on Demonic DNA most are going to be evil. It takes an exceptionally strong spirit of light to over ride that powerful DNA.

  8. Wow.. I hope they destroyed him. Those poor zoo animals. 🙁 I’m glad you saved some. Yeah there’s no reasoning with the evil packs! Well not in there werewolve form. I have talked with the leader of the were wolf pack I was fighting. His name is Garuou.. As I laid next to him in our human form. I told him I truly want peace! I said to him if him and his packs are more picky about who they choose to hunt I wouldn’t show up! Like if they kidnapped the child rapists and killers who got paroled .. I won’t show up ever! But the people he’s been hunting are my people. Sheep!! When the big red headed werewolf I HATE walked in he said KILL HER NOW!! I want to get him so bad. He’s British and hunts young girls for his own evil pleasure. He’s so bad 🙁

    When he said that.. Garou transformed into his were wolf from and I laid there next to him in my form staying very calm.. I looked him in the eye.. as he came over and he had his jaws around my neck… I did nothing! He backed off and went back to his human form… I said I only want peace.. 🙁 He doesn’t know what to do with me. I told him I don’t want war with him or anyone! Why can’t we all just try to get along? Be more picky about there victims. I don’t understand it.. When his jaws were around my neck… I didn’t care if he killed me. If our world is this wicked. I think he sensed I wanted him to just do it.. since I am very tired of fighting everyone! I’ve seen him since then.. He’s tried to have his way with me. He is highly upset at me since I’m the one who killed his little brother. In one of those battles. I know it sounds crazy.. all of it.

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