December 8, 2022

19 thoughts on “Do Vampires Age And Can They Give Birth To Babies?

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  2. Really? Hmmm. Ill take this information and grow wiser from it. I was unaware that there were full vampires. Honestly find great respect for knowlage thus i will reconsider my veiws. Though you cannot be fully trusted as an Internet source i see little reason to lie. And to be honest i find the idea of being what you are to be highly desireable. Though i doubt you would willingly turn me.

  3. Drake Alexander, I have a question for you! Have you ever found the center of the Mystical Forest? Being of super natural DNA I would think you would be able to find such a mysterious place. 🙂 Drake I also hope you have fully recovered from your accident. I am sorry to hear that you had amnesia. Our memories are a terrible thing to lose. Also very pleased to hear you softened Enheduanna over the years. I did read your link. Thank you for sharing. I am but a lion cub. I am still learning. Compared to you and all the Royal Vampires. I really have a long ways to go. Deep appreciation. Thank you!

    1. I haven’t really had any reason to seek out the heart of the Mystical Forest. I tried once just out of curiosity since I can feel it’s presence. The warmth of it’s energy is one reason why I like living in the forest. I can sense it all around me yet I can’t pin point it’s deeply elusive source. To have access to the heart of the forest is to wield overwhelming power. The only person I know of who found it was our very own resident Witch Rebecca Abernathy, and she nearly died after displaying the amazing powers it imbued within her.

      Yes I’ve recovered all my memories despite being virtually disintegrated. Apparently Anti-Matter explosions don’t kill vampires. Who knew? I ended up recovering my memories due to the bond I have with Duanna. The same bond all vampires have with their creator. A combination of psychic transference with her, and my immortal soul through a magical ritual brought 100% of my memories back. It certainly would have been quite a loss to loose seven centuries of experiences, and knowledge. In the future I’ll probably avoid gray extraterrestrial blood since it sends me into an uncontrollable rage. Seriously punching a hole into a fully operation matter/anti-matter annihilation engine was the most foolish thing I’ve ever done in my life!

  4. Hello Drake, That is really great I to hear you have all your memories returned. I can’t imagine how much knowledge from the past centuries. I am thankful to you and all who are apart of your organization, for defending this planet & our people. I’ve been reading -Mystic Investigations adventures. I also am a strong believer in extraterrestrials. I have also talked with a grey. More like an esp. I’m not sure what it was exactly. His mouth wasn’t moving. But I could hear his thoughts. He was sitting in front of me. He is what he asked me. He asked if I would be willing to co-operate with him in using my eggs to create a better race. He said he wanted peace between our races. I told him, Only if it means we will remain in peace! And that I would get to meet my hybrid children. Perhaps they are asking me for permission since they know what we are capable of doing to them.

    Perhaps they don’t want me wolfing out or vamping out upon them. I thought it was polite of them to have asked me. Instead of just taking what they want. Like they’ve been known to do in the past! Not this happened to me 4 months ago! Before I knew about you and Mystic Investigations. Did I do the wrong thing? To agree and give them permission to create stronger hybrids? I am a very peaceful person. I do wish for true peace between all our races and life.

    Since reading all the bad things about the Greys. I am wondering. I get the feeling they are tricking me into agreeing with them now. Especially if there true plan is to take over our planet! Maybe I am not realistic enough in my mind to realize there may never be peace between us and the Greys. They did tell me that I do have very rare blood. First of any kind they have ever known. I still do not know what to think of it all. I do know that I want to be apart of the fight for our freedom here upon Earth. I refuse to be taken over. I did tell the Grey this. That if they promise to live in peace I would accept! Last I have heard from them. Drake what do you think of this? I have no one else to talk to about any of this. I am so happy you all are here. Thank you very much! -I know this was a long one. Sorry!

    1. Sorry I haven’t replied but my vampire mother Duanna was in trouble. She left a cryptic message that wasn’t enough to dispatch the entire Mystic Investigations team. So I flew to Romania where her last message came from. It turned out a coven of wicked witches needed an extremely ancient vampire in a demonic summoning ritual. Thankfully we thwarted the nefarious plot. Unfortunately Duanna lost it, and eradicated all 13 of the witches in a revenge filled rage. Really though there could be no justice if such evil survived. Certainly the human legal system couldn’t have dealt with them.

      As for the Greys you deal with them at your own peril. They’re evil because on their planet many thousands of years ago a small number of wealthy elite aliens managed to gain control of the populace through corrupt governments, and amazing technology. We’re at that point here on Earth now. The elites the proceeded to eradicate most of the populace leaving only a small number as slaves. So only the elites went on to populate the planet in their evil image. Thankfully we have the good aliens called the Greens who are attempting to thwart them. We even have evil forces who want to thwart them including the wealthy elites of our own planet who are in an alliance with reptilian aliens who in fact evolved here on Earth millions of years ago. They are also in league with demonic forces as well. So you really shouldn’t worry about the Greys because they’re paranormally outnumbered. Of course they do however have the most superior technology which is a wild card.

  5. I do apologize,.. When replying to you. I did not re read what I wrote! There are many errors. Also, I am sorry for the delay in response. My internet was cut off. lol I don’t know what I would do without our technology. 😉 Drake, from what I said above, – I really don’t feel safe anymore! I wish there was no more wars. I wonder why we all can’t just get along. The Greys and us. I refuse to be anyone’s slave. How do I protect myself from the Greys? Yeah I am worried!

    1. As for protection from the Greys we’re dealing with a high tech species capable of interstellar travel. Luckily magic can trump that technology. I’ve asked our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy to conjure up a protection spell which she just sent along the global network of good witches to amplify it’s power to your location. She utilized her coven of witches known as the Comanche County Coven, and our Psychic Julia Hathaway to make this powerful spell possible. As of now the Greys will not be able to make any further contact with you or anyone who resides in your home as well. Their technology will falter when nearing you or your home. Also they will be unable to enter your home utilizing the same type of spell that keeps vampires outside unless invited in. Hopefully they’ll give up, and look elsewhere to conduct their hybrid experiments.

  6. I wish there were a Mystic Investigation closer. I would really like to talk to someone about everything I’ve gone through. I know you were thinking about doing Franchising. That’s a great idea. For people like myself. I do apologize that I have vented allot in here. Probably not the right place to talk about it. Since everything is public.

  7. Hello Drake, I am very sorry I didn’t respond in a long time in this part of the forum. I get side tracked. I post in many areas of this site. lol Then sift through to make sure I checked all. This one slipped by. I know it was in March. Now May. Is Duanna okay now? I can’t hardly blame her for seeking revenge upon the witches. Some people in this world are so demented and wicked. Not even the justice system can catch all of them. And why should they sit in jail.. Eating away more of the working class tax payers money.

    Thank you so much for the protection spell against the greys. They weren’t violent towards me. More Intellectual and asked for permission. I just don’t want them using my dna against the good of all here on Earth. I told them this.. only if it was for the good of all. He didn’t say anything so I don’t know. Please let Julia know I am very thankful as well. I know about the lizards. Some are very good and others not so good. I had a vision they were sending there military ship here to take us over. They want to make us slaves and take the planet over. Not sure it it was true or false. All of a sudden I seen the brutality how cruel they are to humans. I saw the leader of the Lizards son. He was albino.. And he was very good.

    He didn’t agree with the brutality. I had to make a choice! Slam a meteorite into there ship destroying all of them including the one good son. Or allowing them to take us over. I decided to destroy them. In this vision I had great power. I saw the ship and then willed the star like planets to smash into them. I woke in a sweat. Not sure what happened. I will always defend our planet our race. Humans are the weakest races. Yet I admire them the most! For there courage and strong will to fight for there lives. Sad they are the pawns between many super races. Not to mention the gods and goddesses.

    1. We miss a lot of posts as well. The WordPress format isn’t exactly an ideal forum format. We’re thinking of adding a message board which would make it more easy to keep track of numerous posts, and replies.

      Duanna is doing great! On the way back from India we stopped at her palace in Turkey where she rules as Princess Enheduanna of the Akkadian Empire which is apart of the global royal vampire kingdom. When we arrived her servant told us she was in the great bathing hall. We all enter this giant marble hall with a huge thin pool in it. Duanna emerges from the calm waters naked, and Zack Powers blurts out,”Oh yeah baby!” Everyone started laughing. It’s a shame Father Tom wasn’t there. He would have been on his knees praying to the Lord for thinking unsavory thoughts. We spent a day there before heading home to Colorado. She informed us that the Illuminati, and the vampire royalty is deeply concerned about the growing power of Dimitri. Duanna said she thinks they invited him to Bilderberg as a trap to finally get him. Although I don’t think he’s dumb enough to fall for it, or maybe he’ll be prepared for a trap.

  8. Drake I have always wanted to visit Turkey. I don’t know why.. But I’ve always been drawn there and Egypt. I love the UK as well.. that entire area intrigues me. -(As you do!) 🙂

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