Are The Twilight Vampires Real?

Thank God the Twilight vampires are not real!  At least not in this particular Universe.  Vampires do exist but they are nothing like the silly sparkling suckers of blood brewing with emotional angst while fawning all over humans. If we had to conjecture what these brooding vampires are then we’d say they were a mating between a fairy and a vampire which isn’t possible in this reality as their supernatural DNA is incompatible. Also a vampire can’t turn a fairy into one of their own sanguine sucking kind or a Fairypire.🧛‍♀️

Fairy Vampires

The only possibility of getting something akin to Twilight would lie in the way First Generation Royal Vampires came into being. Vampires originally came into existence due to a demon completely possessing a human to the point of altering its DNA. Then they mated with a human to produce an offspring that was the first vampire of its bloodline. It’s possible in another reality a demon possessed a fairy who then mated with a human to create the first generation of fairy vampires. Yes indeed it is possible for Nature Deities like Fairies to mate with humans to create hybrids. A rare few Fairy-Human Hybrids walk among us!🧚‍♀️

Fairy Possession

As far as we know demons can’t possess Nature Deities, such as Fairies, anymore than said deities could possess a biological form demon. Possessing fellow higher dimensional beings and anyone of their related line is supposedly near impossible. It’s plausibly something to do with the connected enchanted energies that bind them together under their respective leaders. That being said there are dark fairies from the Underworld. Even those who end up being corrupted by demonic forces with the promises of more power than the Gods and Goddesses grant them. We also know there are equivalents to vampires in the nature deity realm. Dark Underworld Gods and Goddesses who possess humans down to the DNA level to mate and create various types of vampires.Their traits depend on their patron Gods purpose. Some crave wine while others could subsist off blood. Such creatures are rare due to the Gods finding such dilution of their holy lines an abomination! In addition, Fairies have never been known for their possession prowess. Something seriously lacking in entities like Fairies who are born in a physical form rather than non-corporeal. | Watch Twilight Online To See Vampires Sparkle… |✨

PS: It’s okay for an adult to pose as a teenager to get underage high school chicks even if they’re over 100 years old. All you need is to look like a teenager for it all to be morally legit…Oh and of course you must be a supernatural being beyond the long arm of the law!🙄