August 8, 2022

4 thoughts on “The Secret Supernatural Safe Word To Exit Life

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  2. i just don’t know if you got the message across from me anyway i have to post it double from low white demon that i post it from comment message so here is the question is based on the Cartoon world is He-man and the Master of the Unverise real or not also not that because it have some occult symbol in it so write back Xavier

    1. The Secret Word is deeply hidden in the sub-conscious mind. Some manner of intensive hypnotic therapy might reveal it. Heaven is a wide array of higher dimensional realms with a multitude of parallel dimensions within. There are a variety of afterlives just as there are a variety of parallel Universes. We are separate parallel beings constantly unifying until we are one being ready to be released from the Omniverse to become our own Omniverse Gods. The whole floating around the white light of God amid the swirl of clouds thing is probably something that happens near the end before leaving the Omniverse. Many afterlives in Heaven are paradises while others are for training, and tests. In some cases you will born into a physical 4-D, or higher dimensional reality without any knowledge you had lived before, and died in our 3-D Universe.

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