The Secret Supernatural Safe Word To Exit Life

Does Free Will Allow Humans To Cancel Their Lives In Lieu Of Death?

Safe Word Of LifeAre there times in life you wish you could say, “Computer End Program!“, and just exit as they did on the virtual reality Holodeck in Star Trek: The Next Generation? It turns out human free will allows everyone to have a secret safeword to escape life without suicide! Enchanted evidence indicates there’s a mystical safe word that will prompt your Guardian Angel to instantly whisk you away to Heaven!😇 Since you chose to be here…yes I know from this perspective it’s hard to believe…you can return home again before death. Home being beyond this physical plane of reality where you first decided to download your soul a biological body in this particular Parallel Universe. Indeed you’ve existed in the higher dimensions above long before you ever existed in any physical realm! In fact, in this infinite reality, you have always existed in one form or another. The odds are astronomical this is the first time you’ve ever lived!

Your Higher Dimensional Self To The Rescue!

Your pre-birth higher dimensional self installed a safe word in your subconscious before you embarked on your physical journey from the metaphysical beyond. This is a humane measure to ensure an escape if things get too hellish to handle. The wondrous word is in Enochian Angel Language, and legend has it you will utter it instinctively at the exact moment this life becomes more than you can bear! However you only need to think of it just in case you can’t speak. Once it pops in your head the reality around you will spiral away into a warm white sparkling light. Then you will instantly find yourself in the lowest level of Heaven back where you started from before birth. In essence, this is the enchanted waiting room before your biological birth. This unique rescue from life is orchestrated by your Guardian Angel who is actually an incarnation of yourself in an even more advanced level of Heaven.

Leaving Life Behind WIthout Actually Dying?

This is technically not considered death even amid your entire physical body disappearing. Most likely under the assumption that you may decide to return to Earth at a safer time and/or location to finish off the rest of your life. It’s said that the physical body is deconstructed and stored as a metaphysical blueprint ready to be 3-D reprinted into reality at any time. Although if one chooses to cancel the rest of their life permanently it’s thought that the physical body simply dissipates into enchanted ethers. If one does return then the body returns in its original condition. In other words, no miraculous healing of injuries, or anti-aging will occur. You can’t alter your body’s blueprints.

What Happens If You Say The Safeword When People Are Watching?

Under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact, people aren’t allowed to see you disappear into thin air. This could easily be an issue if you were being held prisoner under constant surveillance. So if others are in the vicinity a Philosophical Zombie will temporarily take your place. This P-Zombie will look, and act exactly as you would to various environmental interactions. It’s made in the image of your body, and mind yet has no consciousness of its own. Once nobody is around the Philosophical Zombie body will wither away into extremely fine dust not easily seen by the human eye. It’s rumored this rare dust can be used in a potion, and accompanying spell, that allows anyone to teleport to where ever you are in the Heavenly realms. Perhaps someone who might want to convince you to return.

Those Who Have Vanished Without A Trace

It’s thought that at least 25% of people who have disappeared without body recovery did in fact use their safeword, and were not kidnapped. Especially those who vanish in the wilderness since this is where quite a few go to contemplate the depressing nature of their life. A last-ditch effort for Mother Nature to compel them to keep living.  Naturally, one’s disappearance isn’t a nice thing for their family, and friends to experience. Thankfully, once in the afterlife themselves, they are generally quite understanding that it was a last-ditch effort to avoid physical and/or mental torture in various forms. In the end, you and everyone you know, have used their safe word in one parallel Universe or another. So now you can rest assured that you will never have to face situations beyond what you can withstand on this Earth of many hellish hardships!

What About Just Taking A Break From Life?

Maybe you don’t want to end your life but just need one hell of a break. A beautiful break in a paranormal paradise you could never possibly experience in your human life. The Heavenly waiting room isn’t a bad place to rest up a bit but there is another supernatural safeword location granted by the very spirit of this planet. Goddess Gaia Mother Earth has gifted a potential fantastical vacation to any human that truly wants it! The magical temporary leave from life word has been implanted in the human subconsciousness via the evolution process.

If you utter or think that wonderous word then you will be transported to the Paradise Plane for one year of fulfilled fantasies. This includes easy access to all secret enchanted locations on Earth including North Pole City and Fantasy Island! Your return to life will be at the moment you left so nobody will know you were gone. You won’t have conscious memory of that year in paradise but it will remain in your subconscious. However, you will dream of it all the time in your serene slumber. All the rest of your days will leave you feeling at peace even amid stressful chaos. That is how amazing your dream vacation will be…if you can just access the code word hidden deep in your mind!

Another Non-Death Life Exit Method?

There’s another way to escape your life without dying. Although it is probably much more difficult than accessing your subconscious safe word. You have to actually remember where you were before you were born or more precisely before you were conceived! Even just a momentary memory flash of your pre-life will do. It requires you to go beyond the memories of your physical mind and access that of your soul directly. Certainly not an easy task but it is possible since your biological mind is connected to your soul. It can become more of a reality if you are able to acquire entry into the higher dimensional Akashic Records via deep meditation, directive Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection.

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  2. i just don’t know if you got the message across from me anyway i have to post it double from low white demon that i post it from comment message so here is the question is based on the Cartoon world is He-man and the Master of the Unverise real or not also not that because it have some occult symbol in it so write back Xavier

    • The Secret Word is deeply hidden in the sub-conscious mind. Some manner of intensive hypnotic therapy might reveal it. Heaven is a wide array of higher dimensional realms with a multitude of parallel dimensions within. There are a variety of afterlives just as there are a variety of parallel Universes. We are separate parallel beings constantly unifying until we are one being ready to be released from the Omniverse to become our own Omniverse Gods. The whole floating around the white light of God amid the swirl of clouds thing is probably something that happens near the end before leaving the Omniverse. Many afterlives in Heaven are paradises while others are for training, and tests. In some cases you will born into a physical 4-D, or higher dimensional reality without any knowledge you had lived before, and died in our 3-D Universe.

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