Do Humans Truly Possess Free Will?

Free Will In The After Life, And Beyond.  The Choice To Exist Or Not.

angel-devil-free-willYes recent revelations from ancient scrolls, including the word of top flight mystics, indicate humanity was created under the Heaven mandated “Free Will Accords” .  Outside of this temporal space we already exist in various forms in the higher dimensions looking back on our life since it’s already occurred in their, or our, eyes.  In this four dimensional Universe our three dimensional self is linked to our 4-D spirit, or soul that exists in the 5th dimension.  We come into existence in this particular Universe as that completed 4-D form, and our Guardian Angel asks us if we want to exist as we peruse all the memories of our life here.  If we say no then we are blinked out of existence.  There’s no alternative since deleting our life would leave us with no identity.  Although if a person asks they can have all memories, and knowledge of their life deleted.  They would then be left with a base programming as a four dimensional entity, and would have to find a way to navigate the 5th dimension to make an life for themselves since they would no longer have a Guardian Angel.  They would need to discover how to be free, and travel to any place, time, or dimension as a Traveler.  It’s unknown how many choose such an option.  Read The Rest Of The Article At Godhoodism.Com

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21 thoughts on “Do Humans Truly Possess Free Will?

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    • Those who please the God whose blood they posses generally ascend to Godhood, and end up in that Gods particular higher dimensional realm. In the case of Zeus you would end up a God on Mount Olympus. Not to be mistaken with the Mountain in Greece. If not pleased by your performance in life they can banish you to the Underworld in a variety of place including the dark void.

  2. Can you see my abilities in the future, Julia & Rebecca how did the Sabbath go? I was going to celebrate the Sabbath but I couldn’t do it due to a lot things that day. Xavier, do you have the same mark as I do, or better yet seen some people who might as well have the same mark?

    • It was a lovely ceremony deep in the forest at the witching hour with candles, and mystical lit flowers lighting the entire area. It was all women wearing nothing except for Father Tom who remained clothed clutching his Bible. Oh and I spotted Zack Powers, the teenage member of our team, lurking in the shadows. After the ceremony Father Tom greeted me while averting his eyes to the skies. As he walked away he splashed holy water about, and muttered,”God forgive me.”

      • You’re always making me out to be some kind of perv spying on naked women. I can’t help it if you, and your friends are into nudism, and I happen to be around. I was not lurking in the shadows. I was in bed sleeping after enjoying another action packed episode of Teen Wolf.

        • Then you must have recently acquired deeply advanced astral projection powers, or perhaps a shape shifter was impersonating you? Duanna saw you as well. Are you going to dispute the eyesight of a fourth generation vampire? She even picked up your scent! You were there, and you’ve appeared everywhere female nakedness lives in Woodland Springs. Just admit it…perv…LOL! 😉

          • Okay fine I was there! I knew minors weren’t invited, and I was deeply interested in the Wicca ways. I didn’t really notice the nudity.

          • Well you were sure staring at me below the neck a lot. I’m never naked in public but I wanted to partake of the ceremony. It was awkward enough with Father Tom there. At least he wasn’t leering at everyone…well not every second like you anyway. You were so busy checking me out that you didn’t even see me staring right at you behind that elm tree!

  3. Can you just wish yourself abilities along with Tychokinesis however? because I’ve heard that tychokinesis can grant wishes based on probability and such?

  4. there a wiki user who has the power of tychokinesis that wished himself more abilities, and he is a master at that ability? (located in Psi Wiki)

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