January 30, 2023

14 thoughts on “Does Everyone Have A Guardian Angel?

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  2. 🙂 Hello… Well to be honest! My guardian angel must be a cat… since I have 9 lives.’ meow”.. or Roar..!! I do believe in guardians. I’ve almost have died more than 7 times. If u wanna know. But I do strongly believe in Angela. They come in animal or human form or no form at all… Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs Rebecca, Xavier & Drake!!!!!! Stay sweet… heading back to my jacuzzi. 🙂

    1. Humans are apart of the Omniversal Gods plan, and he assigns Guardian Angels to watch over us who are in fact us in a higher dimensional form. I suppose if we left Heaven to become an Earthly God then we would be watching over ourselves as a God. Otherwise if some random God shows up wanting to watch over us it would have some kind of confrontation with the Guardian Angel.

  3. Highest to Lowest:

    Is this the correct hierarchy of Angels? Anything you can add on, that I won’t find on any where else on the internet?

    1. That is correct. However the Archangels are the highest Seraphim who not only speak directly to God but also act in the capacity of Archangels within the hierarchy you mentioned. This somewhat like God micromanaging by having his top managers be directly over his lowest employees as it were. Above the Seraphim are the Sons, and Daughters of God which include his first born Jesus Christ. The exact number is unknown. This includes spontaneous births such as Gaia, the Goddess Of Earth which is soul born of the complex biosphere of this planet. God adopted her as his daughter to watch over the Earth. It’s said she could someday bridge the divide between the Angels, and the Earthly Gods. Of course all beings are children of God but more accurately they’d be Grandchildren of God.

      Humans appear to be lowest in the Omniversal equation but they ultimately ascend to Godhood giving them the simultaneous status of Grandchildren of God, and Brothers & Sisters of God since we become equal to the Omniverse God, and we all come from the Macroverse God.

  4. That makes me think… when I nearly died, I saw one with gentle white wings and golden armor lift me away from death himself…I awoke and though since then on that i must have a guardian angel.. and turns out that must have been me… Yet, as I awoke I also dealt with what I believe to be a demon following me around… or a set of twin girls.. I’ll post about this later.

  5. Is our guardian angel allowed to communicate with us in any way so that we can understand them and ask them questions? Or would that be a breach of the SSP?

  6. Also, is there any way for someone’s archangel self to avoid complete oblivion in the the end after being judged neither good or bad? For example, do we have a choice to follow our own path instead of serving under God or the devil?

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