How To Reverse A Voodoo Doll Curse?

What Is A Voodoo Doll & How Is It Created?

A Voodoo Doll is an enchanted effigy of a person that can be linked to their very body, mind, and soul through a Curse. This is the specialty of advanced Voodoo Witch Doctors. The process of creating such a doll can vary between Voodoo practitioners but more or less bodily fluids, and personal items from the victim are essential in crafting it. For maximum effectiveness, it must also resemble the cursed individual in question. Once the doll is complete it can then be manipulated to cause equivalent effects in the victim’s body. Nefarious needles, and even flames, are employed to cause pain, Illness, mental distress, handicaps, disfigurements, and even death!

Take Back Your Life & Claim Your Voodoo Doll!

It is imperative you get ahold of the Voodoo doll that is cursing you! Linking a curse to a physical object can be a strength and a weakness. It all depends on the victim gaining possession of it. A master of Voodoo black magic can seriously mess you up both physically, and mentally with such a dastardly doll. A frightening figure intertwined with your well being. You really have nothing to lose by attempting to pilfer the doll of damnation since doing nothing will surely lead to your ultimate doom!  Secretly observing the Voodoo practitioner’s daily routine from afar is the first step before pouncing once they leave their home, or base of operations. Often they will keep it in the room they practice their dark craft within. Sometimes it is hidden behind a secret panel or bookcase. You will probably find it within a wood box with odd etchings upon it. If this type of mission is beyond your skill set, or you’re in bad shape, then we recommend hiring a paranormal investigator, or even a practitioner of magic to aid you. If you can find a powerful enough witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer they can attempt to defend you from the ill effects of the voodoo doll. However, at some point, you must acquire the doll, and destroy it with extreme prejudice!

Turn The One Who Cursed You Into The Victim!

You can even turn the tables on your terrifying tormenter.  Voodoo practitioners must first make a Voodoo Doll representing themselves as the first step down the dark road of diabolical doll creation. That Doll is almost always used as a part of their curses.  Even if it isn’t they generally keep it and utilize it in a positive way to strengthen themselves. Their private doll is a Charm for them. They can use it to channel your metaphysical energy through your doll, and then transferring it to theirs. This in turn grants them more power at your expense! Voodoo Witch Doctors are notorious for hiding their own doll in an extremely secure location for their own protection. If you feel you have time before the Voodoo Master returns then by all means attempt to search for the doll. It will be even more hidden than your doll. Check under carpets and behind baseboards for hidden compartments. If you manage to find it you could very well choose to immediately burn it! Such complete incineration would eradicate your Voodoo torturer from the very face of this Earth! Of course, that is the very reason you shouldn’t burn your own doll immediately! If you have access to a decent practitioner of magic, especially another person practicing Voodoo, they may be able to use the evil Voodoo practitioner’s doll to restore any damage to your body or health in general!

The Safe Way To Destroy Your Voodoo Doll!

Once you get the doll in your possession don’t remove any pins or other items penetrating or affixed to the doll. You could do more damage by removing them depending on the spell used to curse it and the format it was created. Generally, the victim can’t affect an injury through independent manipulation of the damned doll. Still, don’t risk it unless your situation is immediately dire! Carefully place the doll in a sturdy box for transport, and submerge it in holy water blessed by a priest of any religion. Since the human collective conscious plays a strong role in the power of any given religion it is best to choose a popular one. So it seems Catholic holy water is usually the most powerful due to so many people believing in the religion. Make a quick run to your local church, and give your Voodoo doll a baptism in holy water. This will immediately stop its ill effects in most cases. Only then can you safely remove the needles, and anything else attached to the doll. Your body will then begin to naturally heal itself as it normally would. Of course, serious damage like a removed limb will not grow back! Too many pinpricks to vital organs like the heart or brain may leave permanent physical damage! See a physician immediately for a complete exam! You may also require psychological assistance if the Voodoo Witch Doctor messed with your mind.

Voodoo Doll Destruction Can End Your Nightmare!

You could theoretically store your Voodoo doll in a bottle of holy water forever to keep it neutralized. Sadly, there is a real danger of the deeply angered Voodoo Master stealing it back! In most cases destroying it prevents them from creating a duplicate doll. Especially if they still have your bodily fluids or personal items. It’s always smart to search for these items as well while on the mission to retrieve your doll. Luckily, cursing someone twice is no easy task in the grand scheme of magical affairs for a variety of reasons.

Cleanse The Doll Before Incineration

A complete holy cleansing and incineration are best to ensure you’re completely cut off from the doll’s curse along with the Voodoo Master being unable to ever curse you with another doll ever again. Clearly, the holy water is an excellent start but next, you will need holy oil. There are a variety of formulations but we’ve found that an olive oil base with fair amounts of myrrh, and frankincense oil is the best way to go. Then have that oil blessed by a priest. It would probably be even better if the priest would actually give you his own holy oil. Regrettably, they tend to be stingy about giving that away even for a fee!

The Final Step To Destroy Your Voodoo Doll

Allow the Voodoo Doll to dry out a bit from the holy water before submerging it in the holy oil. Let it sit in the sainted oil for an hour before removing it, and placing it somewhere safe to light a fire. Then feel free to light that bastard up! Let the flames fly free to encapsulate, and eradicate the doll completely! If there’s some way for a priest to bless the fire holy that would be best. A church incinerator would be ideal for this. Although, it’s not essential. Once the doll is nothing but ash release it as dust in the wind. Mother Nature, Goddess Gaia, will meld the ashes into the environment thereby granting you some much needed good luck. In this case, it’s particularly helpful to release the holy dust into a rural area. The laws of Karma and other factors will mostly prevent another doll from being effective against you ever again!

What If I Can’t Get My Voodoo Doll?

If you cannot gain access to the Voodoo doll then you need to find your own Voodoo witch doctor and have them make an Anti-Voodoo Doll which is imbued with strength, and good luck by the witch. It will need to be a deeply Charmed object.  As a further step, we recommend having the doll blessed by a Priest. It won’t be easy to find a mainstream Christian Priest who will do this. If not then try a holy person of another religion. This Anti-Doll should neutralize the bad doll that’s cursing you. Of course, there’s no guarantee.  If your Voodoo Master is powerful enough then perhaps they can be persuaded to do battle with the evil one in order to force them to hand over your doll! Or you could open up negotiations directly as well. Maybe find out if in fact they were hired by someone to curse you since odds are slim that you offended a Voodoo practitioner. Lawyers specializing in supernatural law might be ideal for such negotiations. As of the writing of this article, no court of law recognizes supernatural laws. You must obtain the cursed doll to destroy it in a proper fashion. If the Voodoo Witch Doctor is unyielding then you might have to hire paranormal crimefighters, a powerful witch, wizard, or even a sorcerer to deal with the Voodoo terrorist, and exact justice so you can get your life back! If you’re currently the victim of a Voodoo doll curse may God have mercy on your soul during your dark plight!

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