All We Are Is Dust In The Wind?

Eventually you, everyone you know, everything you own, and everything you know will literally be dust in the wind! The only exception are the rare Amortals in this reality. Even the most famous people will eventually be forgotten as enough time passes and the pages of history exponentially grow. You won’t be remembered. It will be as if you never existed! This is the brief speck of time you exist in this Universe. In 5 billion years the Earth will be dust in the solar winds and trillions of years from now even the Universe will be dust in the Multiverse maelstrom! Space will stretch to infinity and beyond ripping apart every fiber of sub-atomic matter into nothingness! Literally, everything will be deleted from existence! It will be like the entire Universe never existed! Was it all for nothing?

Is There Any Hope In Existing?

Firstly, 4-D time is made up of eternal frozen bubbles of 3-D space in which we will exist forever! It’s merely the future 3-D bubbles that degrade and give the appearance of the Universes end. The argument that the past doesn’t exist due The Second Law Of Thermodynamics doesn’t apply to the static 3-D realities. In addition, it’s plausible that we live in an infinite time loop thus further preserving everything. At some point in the distant future a supposed second Big Bang occurs that is actually the original Big Bang that we believe created our Universe. In other words, everything keeps repeating itself forever since time is a complete circle. The Past is the Future and Future is The Past…

Future Humans Could Create Heaven Even If It Didn’t Already Exist!

Secondly, a future advanced civilization, including humans, will ascend to higher dimensional Godhood status via advanced technology. They will then set about collecting the consciousness of every sentient being who ever died and bringing them to their newly created Heaven. This outside of any such construct that previously existed in even higher planes of existence. It is only the physical world that dies. Once entering the metaphysical and non-corporeal dimensions nothing ever has to end! Thirdly, in an infinite Universe you had to always exist in some form or another. Technically you were never born nor never died. Ultimately, you are Amortal! You’re eternal in the consciousness that is a non-corporeal energy matrix created outside our biological brains. The Omniverse and Macroverse live on for eternity!