December 5, 2022

3 thoughts on “How To Eradicate A Ghostly Haunted Mirror?

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  2. That’s freaky. A man I know gave me his old lead mirror. He is very perverted. He tried to get me in the sack! I told him forget it! No Way! Anyhow, I put this mirror up on my bedroom wall. Every night I would see a shadow come out of the mirror and circle me in bed. Then after maybe a month of this. Yeah I tolerated it that long. lol

    I finally seen the man who gave me this mirror. It was him. I yelled at him in the astral. I said how dare you! Since he’d try to pull me out of my body and have sex with me against my will. He laughed. I said I’m not interested. So that morning I took the mirror into the garage. Not sure what to do with it. Maybe bury it or give it away to goodwill. I feel violated by this man. He’s very creepy. When I moved back to this house I had tenants that trashed my place. This man was a scrapper. So I told him he could have all the metal. He gladly took the metal for cash! I didn’t think much of him. He seemed nice enough to talk with. Then 4 months later he left his wife and started coming over here etc. I’m like leave! He gave me that mirror. Should I bury it?

    That’s not all. The scrapper men of this town offered to help me. Took the metal then fought over the money they got from it. Now one has the nerve to ask me for money saying I owe him. So I have two creepers from this nasty town who walk on my land and watch me. If I could move I would. Just can’t at the moment. 🙁 Some bad people here in this town. They take advantage of good people.

    1. It’s quite disturbing that this man has found a way to use a mirror as an astral projection conduit. Yes your best option would be to simply bury it at a cemetery so nobody else will fall prey to the geriatric pervert. However it wouldn’t surprise me if has other mirrors at his disposal.

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