The Gypsy Death Mirror

The Tale Of Gypsies, Dracula, And A Romanian Princess!
Death MirrorThe fabled Mirror Of Death was recently unearthed in Romania by Paranormal Archaeologists. In fact, all the members of the excavation team are now dead!  It’s a mirror said to be cursed by gypsies in the late 1800’s. Unfortunate gypsies who were treated brutally by an exquisitely beautiful yet vain Romanian Princess named Ruxandra. From a young age, a darkness dwelled within her causing the locals to call her Copii Intuneric, or Dark Child, behind her back.  She was rather rude to everyone including those within her royal circles.  She had a cold persona most of the time, and only exuded warmth to a select few of her choosing for her own selfish reasons.

She had great disdain for the common citizen and visited exceptional hardships upon Gypsies via her henchmen. It’s said this began when a gypsy insulted her by merely refusing to kneel before her and bathe her feet. This reign of terror started at the young age of 11!  Naturally, this got the attention of the infamous Vampire Dracula in nearby Transylvania.  He’s always on the lookout for promising human candidates to join him in his eternal living dead journey of bloodlust! After silently observing her evil exploits he finally approached her when she was 13. The vile vamp immediately took her as one of his few human consorts he didn’t eventually kill!  He would wait for her to mature before bringing her across into the dark immortal shadows of his nefarious underworld!

Princess Ruxandra’s family became increasingly concerned about her behavior as she became more blatant in her brutality of the local villagers, and gypsies. They attempted to simply lock her in the castle but Dracula blasted in with his soldiers, and effectively threatened them to stand down!  As a vampire royal, he could not exterminate a human royal family without permission from first generation vampires.  Now Ruxandra’s terror was let loose free of human constraints with Dracula protecting her!  The gypsies attempted to use all manner of magic, and curses to stop her but Dracula was one of the few vampires who could repel and wield magic. He killed many gypsies, and held the village, including the royal family, hostage ensuring nobody could leave!  It was his personal playground of torturous delights!

A clever trio of gypsies came up with the idea of appealing to the Princesses vanity and fashioned a cursed mirror infused with the dark deathly metaphysical energies of their fallen brothers, and sisters.  This Afterlife connection gave it psychic abilities.  Anyone who looked into the mirror would see three visions. Their moment of death, what they’d look like 13 years after their death, and a fiery hellish vision of fallen gypsies that would initiate the Death Stare.  A supernatural curse that visits instant death via sending an overload of spiritual energy into the eyes aka the windows of the soul!  Fortunately, the Death Stare can’t harm true pure of heart innocents. This includes children, willing virgins, devout religious individuals, some of the mentally ill, various good supernatural beings, animals, etc.

Of course, some beings of the darkness are so powerful that they’d simply absorb the dark energies thereby yielding little to no side effects. Especially those without a soul!  Despite this, they will still see the vision of their death, and how they would look 13 years later!  Probably not a big deal for someone who dies of old age in their sleep, and is cremated to ashes!  Should you see such visions in a mirror we recommend running away from it ASAP! In addition, the mirror doesn’t work the same for true Gypsies who gaze into it. They can harmlessly communicate with fallen gypsies, and also absorb their metaphysical powers when willingly sent forth.

The mystical macabre mirror was delivered to the Princess not long after her 18th birthday when Dracula was out of town as it was faked to be a gift from him. His stationed soldiers he left behind accepted that it was from him as they weren’t privy to very much but his direct orders. Ruxandra eagerly opened it and had her servants hang it on the wall. In order for the mirror to work the victim had to face it head-on.  So her viewing it instantly at an angle resting on the floor did nothing.  Once hung she was left alone to gaze longingly at it as she was always in love with her own beauty.  Suddenly her heart palpitated wildly as she saw herself in the mirror with bloodied eyes but then the second vision from 13 years later was her looking more beautiful than ever. This calmed her a bit as she thought she must have imagined seeing the first horrifying vision. Then the third vision of the monstrous looking gypsies whose deaths she was responsible for. Their frail decayed ghostly arms literally extended from the mirror, and bright silver death rays shot directly into her enchanting eyes! She screamed in terror as blood streamed out of her now exploded eyes! She collapsed to the floor as soldiers, servants, and her family members raced in to see her dead on the floor!

Back at the gypsy encampment they saw Ruxandra’s downfall in a crystal ball and were elated their tormenter was finally dead.  They had a plan in place to kill Dracula as well since they had met with Vampire Slayers the day before.  All was looking up for them until Dracula burst into the room despite it being broad daylight. As a vampire who wielded magic, he could walk in sunlight.  He also had psychic visions like many vampires do.  Just hours earlier he saw Ruxandra’s death, and he literally flew across Romania as a vampire bat to get to her in time.  Dracula immediately cast everyone aside, and declared, “There is very little time left!”  He bit into her neck and was shocked that her blood was suddenly vile tasting when it had previously been sugar sweet.  He realized it was tainted with dark gypsy energies.  He fought through the disgust draining virtually all of Ruxandra’s blood despite it severely weakening him. He used his last ounce of energy to bite into his wrist and let his blood drip into her mouth.  He ordered his soldiers to place her on the bed, and draw the curtains as he crawled under the bed falling into a deep sleep.

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The gypsies had foreseen the possibility of Dracula attempting to save her but knew he’d be weakened by Ruxandra’s tainted blood.  That’s when the vampire slayers attacked hoping to take out Dracula, and what would be the new Vampire Ruxandra. The royal family helped the slayers get into the castle as they handily defeated Dracula’s soldiers and Ruxandra’s henchmen. They entered the dark room and ripped open the drapes causing sunlight to flood into the room. Ruxandra rested on the bed with her eyes closed. One male slayer opened her eyelids to see her eyes were completely healed. However, no distinctive ocular illumination was seen. This indicated she was still in a pre-vampire state. The rest of the vampire hunting team, which included one female, peered cautiously under the bed seeing a motionless form.  They slowly pushed the heavy bed to the side to reveal Dracula lying there looking dead as most vampires do when sleeping.

The female vampire slayer cautiously watched Ruxandra. They didn’t want to distract themselves with her until they knew Dracula was dead.  The rest began spraying Dracula with holy water while throwing small sharp silver crosses at him. They stuck to his skin like tiny daggers. He suddenly awoke screaming in agony as wisps of crimson fog rose forth from his skin. This is unusual since most vampires emit white, grey, or black steam like vapors when being burned by sunlight or holy artifacts. This was his body being deeply imbued with sanguine blood magics.

The slayers wielded their specially crafted pure silver stakes, and bent down to pierce Dracula’s heart, brain, and whatever else they could! Another slayer had a large holy blessed silver sword in hand ready to behead the powerful vampire.  They wildly struck him but the sharp implements were only piercing his skin barely drawing any blood as Dracula struggled to fight them off.  At that moment Ruxandra began emitting white vapors in the holy sunlight streaming through the window. Unfortunately, the slayer who was supposed to watch her was in terror over her fellow slayers seemingly making little progress to kill Dracula!

The lone slayer started to walk toward the fight to aid in their quest to quell Dracula but Ruxandra sprung from the bed at light speed with eyes glowing red and bit into the slayer draining her of blood very quickly. Ruxandra, now dripping with blood, ripped her own dress, and corset off to reveal her complete bare nakedness while smiling seductively at the slayers. The distraction was enough for Dracula to pounce on the slayers as she joined in as well. Once he got some slayer blood in his system he exponentially grew in strength. The blood not consumed by the living dead duo was splattered on the walls! The royal guards had been instructed not to enter but the commotion was too much, and they became apart of the body count as well.  Some of the royal family escaped but the rest became vampire dinners! The gypsies witnessed the terror in their crystal ball and fled the village under a cloaking spell.  To this day Dracula, and the Vampire Ruxandra torment, and hunt down the gypsies descendants with bloody glee! Ultimately Princess Ruxandra was shamefully erased from the history books along with this horrifying incident in Romanian royal history!

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The Vampire Ruxandra is one of the top lieutenants of Dracula and has been given the royal vampire title of Princess. She is a powerful third generation vampire since Dracula is second generation. She doesn’t have the power to wield magic but her insane beauty does grant her extra hypnotic powers. It’s said she can compel any man, woman, or supernatural being to do her bidding!  She is also responsible for a plethora of Vampire Hunter slayings around the world!  It’s even been rumored that she had a brief affair with the Devil himself a few years ago!  Dracula was all too happy to curry more favor with the Emperor Of Darkness!

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The Mirror Of Death was coated with blood during the vampire carnage, and was temporarily forgotten about amid Dracula and Ruxandra’s fevered feeding frenzy!  Later they assumed it was destroyed since the castle was accidentally lit blaze near the end of their bloody rampage! The late sunset blaze in front of which they made love on the cobblestone streets according to eyewitness accounts! Rumors of the mirrors deadly appearance surfaced every so often but only recently was its existence verified as real! The Romanian Death Mirror now lies safely in a supernatural research vault deep underground in Paris, France. A private paranormal facility run by trusted members of the European supernatural community!  The world-renowned Sorcerer Ian McTavish, Headmaster of a powerful Scottish Magic School, has requested the dangerous mirror be handed over to him since only powerful magicians can truly handle it without worry of death.  We think that would be the best place for it to rest since it seems the mirror is indestructible! [Twitter]

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How To Eradicate A Ghostly Haunted Mirror?

Ghostly MirrorSpirits sometimes get trapped in mirrors when a human dies anywhere their reflection is mirrored. The persons soul is trapped by the natural mystical properties of mirror reflection and they’re unable to cross over to the afterlife. They are temporarily freed near the Witching Hour, aka Midnight, due to it being a natural time for paranormal activity. A time when metaphysical energies are deeply heightened thereby allowing a soul to leave it’s glassy confines. For this haunting to occur the mirror must be supernaturally grounded and uncovered.  A grounded mirror is one properly hung upright upon a wall with nails, screws, or anything penetrating the wall. Utilization of glues, cements, or any other sticky materials that affix it to a wall will deeply stunt or prevent a haunting. Ceiling mirrors tend to reject spirits which almost makes it seem like gravity is in play. Mirrors lying on the floor tend to not be much of a haunting risk.

Mirror bound ghosts usually aren’t dangerous because their interaction with our physical plane of reality is only auditory and visual in nature. This usually goes for spirits other than human which may include Demons, and Poltergeists! However if there happens to be an unusual supernatural surge then possible dangerous telekinetic interactions with the environment may occur. Thankfully hauntings outside the mirror will end at the Devil’s Hour before resuming Midnight the next day. Unfortunately spotting the spirit in the mirror can occur at any time during the day or night! Certainly this can be a deeply disturbing sight!

The one thing you don’t want to do is shatter the mirror because that will cause extreme bad luck for 13 years! When a spirit is imbued within the mirror this causes the usual 7 years of dark luck to head on up to unlucky thirteen!  Most of the time these spirits are angry due to being trapped whether they’re evil or not. Being a spirit is the epitome of freedom, and forced confinement is beyond anything a human could experience on Earth! Even if stuffed into a tiny box! Only rarely are they tranquil and at peace with their mirrored fate.

The Solution To A Possessed Mirror
During the day, preferably at high noon, bathe the mirror glass in holy water. You get such wondrous waters at any Catholic Church or plausibly another religious institution. You may also have any holy man, or witch, bless some tap water. After wiping down the glass in holy water remove the mirror from the wall and cover it with a cloth, blanket, or plastic to avoid any reflective interaction. Take care to use something that can’t be seen through! Promptly take the haunted mirror to holy ground which would be a cemetery or church grounds. Despite it being broad daylight you will need to bury it within the holy consecrated soil.Then leave it behind forever. Disposing of it in any other way has the risk of the spirit supernaturally sling shooting back to your home into another mirror. This is because your soul has linked to the spirits when you presumably looked into the mirror! In some cases a possession of your body might take place! And that’s not including the bad luck if you happen to shatter the mirror!  This is also why simply moving to a new home, or abandoning the mirror isn’t an option. It may haunt new occupants but it will always have a link to your soul which is a bad thing!

If you perform the holy burial there’s a chance someone will find it and be haunted themselves. So take care to bury it deep! It might be tempting to place it in an open burial plot or in a coffin with someone but this can cause a whole world of trouble. This could include damming the deceased to limbo between life, and death along with possible resurrection as a possessed sapient ghost zombie!  The only way to destroy the mirror without any consequences is by using holy flames which is fire blessed by a priest, or witch. Ideally the mirror would be doused in holy oil to initiate the fire. A church incinerator would be convenient but unfortunately it probably on burns to 1800 degrees fahrenheit. In order for glass to melt it needs to be 2800 degrees fahrenheit. The melting is essential for the true eradication of the mirror, and it’s ghostly presence dwelling within. Shattering it won’t be enough as there’s a chance the spirit could hold on. Thankfully there is no bad luck if shattered among holy flames, and the spirit will be trapped in said fire of grace. Your best bet is an industrial incinerator, or access to a practitioner of magic who can superheat the thing!

If faced with a possessed mirror it’s always best to seek out a paranormal professional, ghost buster, powerful priest, or practitioner of magic! We wish you the best on your dark reflective journey through the paranormal perils of your terrifying reality!

Can Vampires See Their Reflection In Mirrors?

Do Vampires Have A Reflection?
Vampiress No ReflectionVampires do cast a reflection since light is absorbed, and reflected by everything in our physical reality in the same general manner.  The only exceptions are those employing magic, or PSI powers to bend light to their will.  There are also rare paranormal creatures who might naturally alter light, or be invisible to a great many people.  For those supernatural beings who can be seen the photons that compose light are sometimes transformed.  Especially the living dead ones that include vampires.  When these altered photons come in contact with certain reactive substances there can be paranormal incidents.  Silver being one of these substances is a potentially deadly element repellant to vampires!

In the case of mirrors they were all virtually made of silver coated glass before the advent of aluminum manufacturing in the 20th century.  Now most mirrors are made using cheaper aluminum rather than silver.  However silver is still used in some expensive mirrors, and exists in antique mirrors.  The myth of a vampire having no reflection came from the many centuries when mirrors were almost exclusively made with silver.  So vampires do have reflections in general but not when the photons of light that bounced off them end up cascading on to a silver mirror.  Needless to say many vampires were relieved when the widespread use of the silver mirror came to an end.  Unfortunately vampires who travel in wealthy elite circles will end up at social engagements in mansions that still employ silver mirrors.  A dangerous dead give away to any Vampire Slayers in vicinity!

When it comes to holy light, aka sunlight, reflecting off vampires on to silver mirrors what you would see is a distorted image.  The reflection is somewhat cast in a hideous manner thanks to the holy nature of the sunny photons. It neutralizes the unknown demonic element that prevents silver reflection.  Most vampires will begin displaying properties of combustion in holy light making the mirror a moot point.  Those with some level of sunlight tolerance, magical countermeasures, or consume substances such as Gnomes blood will still find their mutated reflection will give them away as a member of the nocturnal sanguine suckers club.

The exact alteration of the photons is unknown as further study is required by paranormal quantum physicists.  One theory is that photons, being the source of electromagnetism, are somehow changed by the special EM field various supernatural beings radiate. The same electromagnetic field that makes certain paranormal creatures appear distorted in photos, and videos.  Another theory is that photons absorb some aspect of the vampires demonic DNA since all demonic beings have some level of aversion to silver.  The DNA may contain a dark energy which is infused into the photon upon contact with the vampire.  Dark energy that is repelled by the silver, and never makes it to the actual surface of the mirror.  The contaminated photon could also simply be affected by the dark energy aura that is found around various demonic beings which radiates from the aforementioned demon genes.  Of course this doesn’t always mean the beings themselves are evil since there are some good vampires who fight on the side of righteousness.  Vampires such as myself who battle against the dark denizens of injustice on this Earth!