Differences Between Demons, Poltergeists, And Ghosts

Graveyard GhostGhosts are almost exclusively dead humans who have not passed across to the afterlife due to unresolved issues or a violent death. They are usually confused and not purposely evil although they can be if the person was nefarious while alive. Ghosts generally manifest themselves in a visual and auditory manner. Sometimes their presence causes rooms to get colder and they can even invoke pleasant & unpleasant aroma’s in the air. Rarely do they engage in physical interaction in our plane of reality due to the difficulty of reaching across the 5th dimension in which they exist as 4-D metaphysical energy beings along with poltergeists and demons. Although there is rarely any interaction between ghosts, poltergeist, and demons. A ghost usually is looking for a resolution to their situation and wants to move on. On rare occasions they are dead humans of such strong will that they refuse to accept death. Interestingly the most evil ghosts known as poltergeists are often demons, or some other higher dimensional entity of evil, rather than human in origin. However poltergeists can also be a human who was particularly evil, had a deeply hellish life, or died in a deeply disturbing manner.

Poltergeists are extremely angry and violent non-corporeal entities who have the power to lash out from the higher dimension above and physically interact with our environment. They can cause objects to fly about, produce noxious sulfuric stinks, and perform other actions to scare & anger people since they feed off the emotions of humans just as demons do.

Fallen Angels are the most abundant source of demons although on rare occasions they are lower Gods that people no longer believe in or worship. On even rarer occasions evil humans die and become demons rather than being blinked from existence for all eternity. The allure of near God like power goes to some Angels head especially if they were former humans. They seek to strike out on their own which often leads to them becoming evil. Since everyone is free an Angel may go off on his own and the ones who remain good often become Travelers. A demon isn’t out for any resolution to an issue but rather pure malicious evil as it feeds off the emotional energy of fear and anger. It lives for chaos and creating hell on Earth under the guidance of the dark master known as Lucifer who was the first angel to fall and the only Archangel to fall from God’s grace as well. A demonic haunting of a home or an individual is often labeled as poltergeist activity. Such poltergeists would be the most violent and powerful of all. They have the power to interact physically with our 3-D environment which ghosts usually don’t.

In addition unlike a ghost, or a standard poltergeist, a demon can possess a human to varying degrees. A rare few to the point of altering DNA which is how the first vampires were formed when they mated with a human. In rare cases demons can directly translate their non-corporeal form into our plane of reality as a supernatural biological being. A living physical demon. In rare cases these monstrosities have mated with humans to create the supernatural being known as a Demi-Demon (Demidemon). Legend has it that the Anti-Christ will be a Demi-Demon. Luckily Angels work to thwart DNA alterations, demons in the flesh, and demonic matings with humans.

In some cases just as ancient Earthly Gods were created by the collective consciousness of human will so to are manifestations of evil formed. Some ghosts and poltergeists can actually be created by human thought since the power of pure thought is the foundation of our reality and real power behind all magic.  These are called Tulpa Ghosts Or Poltergeists.

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