March 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “What Effect Do Various Blood Types Have On Vampires?

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    1. There’s not much known about the effects dhampir, or demi-vampire blood, would have on a vampire. Most likely it would be like ingesting animal blood due to the dilution of the human blood, and would provide minimal maintenance of vampire powers if consumed in large quantities. It would also provide qualities similar to vampire blood and might enable a minimal psychic bond with the dhampir.

  2. What would virgin blood do? I have heard completely opposite mythos about it, mainly having to do with virgin women. Some mythos says it is extremely tasty, others poisonous.

    1. The blood of virgins has the same magic of innocence properties found in children’s blood. This is what makes it poisonous. With babies blood being the most poisonous, and potentially deadly of all. Blood imbued with innocence is beyond pleasant tasting to a vampire so they can easily be lured into a trap. Virgins blood can also be like a deadly poison to vampires. However that’s only if the virgin doesn’t give permission. If a virgin willingly gives herself to a vampire then he or she may partake of their blood free of any negatives side effects. In fact in that case it would provide more power than average human blood.

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