Can Vampires Build Muscles?

Yes indeed Vampires can build muscles but not in the same way humans do. A human turned into a male vampire will have a perfect physique with all muscles moderately developed complete with six pack abs. Females are extremely fit but not to the point of displaying noticeably unfeminine musculature. Despite a difference in muscle build both sexes would have equal strength if brought across at about the same time by the same vampire sire. If vampires consume a consistent moderate amount of blood, or satisfy their basic hungers, they will remain looking like a well toned supermodel for all eternity. If for whatever reason they start to deny themselves blood then they will lose muscle mass, and eventually appear quite boney.

Are There Any Massively Muscular Bodybuilding Vampires?

Vampires who want to look like a pumped up bodybuilder won’t achieve it by bench pressing cars, or Mack trucks all day long. They would need to consistently consume massive amounts of high quality blood beyond their normal hunger over a period of time. Normally a few months will do. If the female vampires do this they will display male like muscles as well. A vampire can theoretically consume an infinite amount of blood without getting fat because it only increases their power. The type of blood matters as well. Human blood is ideal while animal blood is inferior. Rare Superhuman blood is even better!  A vampire only consuming animal blood would probably have to gorge for at least double the time to achieve a gargantuan body.  Animal blood is often the way to go since it can be difficult to get large enough quantities of human blood without drawing unwanted attention from Vampire Slayers or the government.  Although a vampire must be prepared to do nothing but drink away all day!

The Blood Of The Supernatural Can Net Monster Muscles!

Monster muscles can be attained much faster with lower quantities by drinking the blood of various supernatural beings. The quickest bulk up can happen in less than 24 hours by drinking hard to acquire pure demons blood. Some say drinking the Devils blood would yield bodybuilder status in less than an hour. Anti-Christ blood might pump up the muscle mass within a few hours. Of course the evil in a vampire would be magnified many times along with them becoming a slave of the demon whose blood they partook of. Demi-Demon blood is the second best for building fast muscle but again you have similar side effects. First Generation Royal Vampire blood is the third best to demons and can seriously power up vampires of all generations. There’s also the unusual Yeti, aka Abominable Snowman, blood that has a steroid rage like side effect. Also the vampire requires cold temperatures until the blood fades from their supernatural system.

Some Vamps Are Naturally More Muscular Than Others

In general, higher generation vampires are more muscular than the lower. Also the longer any vampire lives the more power they acquire with consistent blood consumption. First Generation Royal Vampires are the most muscular, and can grow large the quickest by consuming crazy amounts of blood. Their personal body guards, and foot soldiers who enforce royal vampire law about the Earth are called Enforcers. Often they are made Knights of the royal sanguine court. These Enforcers are drawn from a pool of psychically detected vampires who are naturally stronger than others of their generation. They are then made Enforcers in an unholy ceremony in which they consume pure demon blood.

Vampire Enforcers Often Have The Most Gargantuan Muscles!

These insanely jacked Enforcers are always angry, and have monster muscles as if they were hopped up on steroids. When not performing their enforcement duties they spend most of their time hunting down superhuman victims to keep their muscle mass a peak performance. Often Vampire Slayers are their favorite prey! They also have access to a big supply of quality blood via caged humans and various supernatural beings. There’s also a collection of vintage blood from their royal vampire masters. They usually carry vials of various blood concoctions infused with magic spells to create a super strength surge for emergencies. It’s plausible there are times when Enforcers are far stronger than First Generation Vampires! However royal vamps have other powers to compensate for this. Exercise caution the next time you see a bulked up individual at the gym who isn’t actually exercising. They could very well be an Enforcer eyeing you as their next meal!

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